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Avatar n tn Is there a web site that may have info about taking Antibiotics while on Pegasys/Copegus? No one I've contacted seems to know. I have contracted a terrible sinus infection and first called Pegasys. They have no research data about antibiotics in combination with their tx. How bizarre is that? Yet, they told me my GI should be able to advise. I called them. They won't advise about any other problem not directly related to my liver. So...
Avatar n tn It has been like this now for about 2 weeks. I have not been sick for a least 5 months, No sinus infections or colds. Not swollen or red just feels like needles when I squeeze it or press on it. What the heck is it. Please let me know.
Avatar n tn My questions are is there another safe OTC pain reliever that I can take to relieve the fever and headache or is Aspirin ok? Should I be tested for Lyme disease again? If I have a tooth infection will the Leviquin help with that or is it the wrong type of antibiotic?
Avatar f tn Thank you for your comments. I've just posted an update in this forum ... still fighting this thing. The levaquin made me panicky at night and caused major sleeplessness, so I was taken off of it. I'm now trying the Augmentin again but am concerned about potential swelling and high bp (it was 185 the last time on it). After your additional info about the levaquin I'm glad to be off it even more now.
Avatar f tn 3 courses of penicillin for the tooth infection, plus extraction, didn't cure the sinus infection. Now I'm on Levaquin and waiting for the ENT office to call me back for an appointment.
242516 tn?1368227505 When do I need antibiotics for a cold, as an adult? Never. Are you sick with a runny nose, sore throat, cough, possibly even goey green and brown stuff coming out? Well, you're not alone, you've got a cold like millions of other adults right now around the world. Colds are upper respiratory infections that are almost always caused by viruses in adults. They typically get better after a week to ten days.
Avatar f tn I would recommend that a referral to a kidney specialist (nephrologist) or urinary surgeon (urologist) for an evaluation to determine if urologic abnormalities may be causing your infections. Kidney infection typically occurs when bacteria enter your urinary tract through the urethra and begin to multiply. However, bacteria from an infection elsewhere in your body also can spread through your bloodstream to your kidneys. Take care and do update us.
Avatar f tn An initial root canal had been too shallow, had left some of the infected root in the tooth, and allowed the infection to progress into a nearby tooth, into my jaw, and all over my head. I became extremely ill for months (bedridden with the most severe flu-like illness). Both affected teeth have now been removed - under one the oral surgeon found a bone infection, he said the bone was mushy and he had to remove some of it.
Avatar n tn In October of 3008, the tooth again abcessed requiring a procedure called an Apicoectomy. SO--that was two oral surgeries for that tooth. (It had previously -- years ago, had two different root canals and crowns) After the Apicoectomy, I continued to have a foul taste in my mouth that would not clear up even with antibiotics and it appeared to be coming from the tooth. The oral surgeon determined that the tooth was healthy at this point and sent me to see an ENT surgeon.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I don't know whats wrong with me, it feels like I've been sick for the most of the last 4 months! Now it feels like things are starting to get worse again. Does anyone know anything that can help me? thanks!!!
Avatar f tn Returning to the doctor, she then prescribed me Flonase and Levaquin. Three days into the Levaquin cycle I felt immense body aches all over. The doctor considered my aches to be a (common) adverse reaction to Levaquin. She put me in twice-a-day Ceftin for five days. The only side effect of Ceftin was a metallic aftertaste. Ceftin worked for a while, but the ear popping resumed shortly after.
Avatar n tn actually, the other point that sticks out - is your tooth infection.... teeth and infections can cause pretty severe heart problems... was the infected tooth removed or root canal??
Avatar n tn I was also, just before the test, on a run of antibiotics, Levaquin, for seven days, which turned out to not have been necessary. Three days before my test, I was given pre-op testing, for surgery on a urehtral stricture (a surgery which I now deem unnecessary) and I was cleared for surgery (I assume this means my immune system was find and should be able to make antibodies, but what do I know).
Avatar n tn I go to the Ent tommorrow, i have a staph infection and levaquin 500mg for 3 weeks did not work does anyone have any other medicines to suggest that i can suggest to the doc. or any other natural herbs? because i dont want turbinate surgery but i cant sleep and breathe because they are swelling so bad and im getting worse cause my muscles,joints are achy. thanks in advance. any advice greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn The latter was found via an MRI and symptoms were Pseudonomas infection for almost 1 year with 5 fungi infections during the last 3 months. Had round of oral antibiotics and 3 months (I believe) of Levaquin via a PIC line....after removal, infection resumed in 1 week. Now I have had Pseudonomas since April and again am on oral Levaquin. The infection is isolated in the Ethmoid sinuses. When taken off antibiotics, infection resumes in 5 to 10 days.
Avatar n tn abscessed, outer ear infection I'm told outer is unusual) upper respiratory brought on by flowering plants, while on vacation) Asthma under control for years, ended up with pneumonia,A tooth with 3 previous root canals which ended up being retreated. I felt the tooth was bothering me again when I developed the next infection. My latest was in my nose. Started out as a small deal, which I ignored. Two days later, my lip was swollen twice it's size and the nostril was basically swollen shut.
721523 tn?1331585402 I had chronic sinus infections for years until I had sinus surgery abut nine years ago. Since then I have maybe one a year compared to ten a year. Every MRI I have had reveals a Thornwaldt Cyst. I don't know if that helps at all but I thought I would chime in with my experience. I also use a sinus rinse the second I start feeling sick. I also take a Claritin every night during allergy time. Hope some of that help you after you get over this bout. It just some maintenance advice.
Avatar m tn As you can see by the hundreds of comments, the Flip-Turn Sinus Flush works extremely well for chronic bacterial infections of the upper sinuses, replacing antibiotics and surgery in most instances. For infections of the lower sinuses, I recommend the Neilmed Sinus Rinse--available at most pharmacies--as it requires less effort and risk.
Avatar m tn Hello there cmor6855. I am sorry to hear of your misery. I'm certain this situation is terrifying and I'd like to see you get the help you need. But I think you may be barking up the wrong tree when it comes to the source of your mysterious side effects. I know it started in what American drill instructors used to euphemistically call your "gun" and you still have symptoms, but I'd like you to explore another avenue. Now, let's get this part clear. I'm not a physician.
544292 tn?1268886268 there's room for all!
Avatar f tn I was also on 3 rounds of antibiotics earlier this year due to other Sinus Infections. They were Amoxycillan, Levaquin and again Clyndamyacin. I can imagine my GI track is VERY confused and messed up at this point. Could there be permanent damage to it? I was having stomach in between this time, where I'd have pain in my stomach and the left side under my rib cage. This seemed to get MUCH worse if I used an enema and still does.
Avatar n tn To summarize I would recommend a lumbar puncture to evaluate for BIH/ chronic infections and an MRA/MRV. I hope this has been helpful.
535089 tn?1400677119 Vicks Formula 44M containing Dextromethorphan, and Primatene-M containing perylamine as well as the pain reliever Demerol, and prescription anti-depressant Elavil test positive for opiates up to three days. Even Quinine water can also cause a positive reading for opiates. Poppy Seeds such as the ones on a bagel from your favorite deli, etc. The journal of Clinical Chemistry Vol.33 No.
Avatar n tn I have been on Levaquin for 15 days for a sinus infection. I just hate it. Anxiety, lightheadness, thrush. I first was put on Avelox for 7 days prior for the infection and it also gave me the anxiety, plus hyperventiation. It was a mess. My doctor wanted me to tough it out with the Avelox by taking xanax to counteract the anxiety/hypervention. I stopped it at 7 days and got on Levaquin. No hyperventilation with that, but yes with the anxiety. etc.
Avatar n tn I have had chronic bacterial infections in my sinuses, tonsels and throat for the past two months and have been on many rounds of antibiotics, my infections are gone but I was left with a strong deep cough and now phlegm and swelling in my throat. No doctors have been able to tell me what it could be, my ear nose throat specialist said it was most likely acid reflux disease, but I don't buy that.
Avatar n tn Blessed be the lord all mighty ive been suffering with this for someok a quite a while how embarrasses and deppres i had become over this extreme hairlos and scalp pain head ache and so on and on and on timewent by probably making it worse sufferd with tooth pain for a while no money to go to the dendiist bust spend my last lil pennies and dimes for some hair joo lo and behold i doin so much better hair and scap are returning to normal i felt such relief wash over me after i read this post Oh
Avatar n tn I did go to an ENT last week and he gave me an antibiotic for the soreness inside my nose and levaquin(antibiotic for bacterial infections). It has helped a bit but tomorrow I will go for another sinus scan. I do know in the past that the medradose pac (not sure of spelling) a steroid has helped in the past with sore swollen nose but they aren't good to stay on as they weaken the immune system. There are answers for this I know. Let me know how you are doing with your problem.
Avatar f tn The decision to remove the implant has been postponed for now. He numbed the area and then used some instruments to scrape under the tooth abutment and put some medication (tetracycline) in the area. Right now it does feel better, though it does not explain the other systemic issues that have been ongoing. Also, what he did was something I asked for, as he does not see any sign of irritation or infection in the implant area.
Avatar n tn I believe that during this general period and the preceding year I took one or more unusual antibiotics - for abdominal pain (suspected infection/PID) and a tooth abscess. Three months later whilst on an outdoor education camp my big toes went numb. A week later my right arm started stinging, a week after that both legs went numb up to the knees and my right hand went numb down one side. Then came muscle weakness and fatigue that came in great black waves.