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Avatar f tn I have peripheral neurpathy, horrible anxiety, deppression, nausea, weight loss. I took Levaquin for a UTI infection in November 2009 and didn't have symptoms then. I also had a susequent yeast infection. Do anybody have any idea what could be causing thIs? Thank you and God Bless.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed six 500mg Levaquin tablets to treat Strep Throat and a potential sinus infection. I only took 4 of the 6 pills since the side effects were getting to much to handle. I started on 3/12/2010 to 3/15/2010. Here were the side effects: -nausea -no appetite -headaches -dizziness -diarrhea -anxiety attacks -confusion, like you don't feel like yourself After I stopped taking it, my nausea and appetite returned gradually in the following two days.
Avatar n tn I have had headaches since about Jan 15 2004 and I still have them. I went to ER as headaches was really bad. they did a spinal tap and also a CT those results came back fine I ended up going to see my Dr he had me do a x-ray of head for sinus infection. came back negitive. So he had me do a MRI that test came back saying that I had a sinus infection or fluid on the brain is what I was told from a different Dr. well the one Dr put me on Flonase, and Levaquin.
Avatar f tn extreme fatigue ( unlike anything you can imagine unless you experience it), pain 24/7 all over my body ( my muscles burn and cramp like I have been lifting too many weights for too long), I have continouse muscle spasms all over my body, I have numbness that feels like the dentist has deadened my mouth but this is in my body and it can effect my arms, my legs or anything else at anytime it wants too, I am hyper sensitive to light, sound, tempatures, and the muscles in my body quiver under my s
Avatar f tn By 9/14 I was still really bad. but rather then sore face and headaches I had sore throat. coughing. Was so bad I thought i had strep. went to dr again. she called me ENT dr and they decided 14 days of Levaquin. Did ok for 2 days. But then since 9/16 I was sick. drainage I assume now in lungs. can't breath. can't move and cough so bad that my body hurts even when i am not coughing. Do I need to go back to dr?
Avatar n tn I was suffering an allergic (or now known as normal) reaction to Levaquin. He called the ER for me and found that it was Levaquin in the IV I was given. Sorry for the long story, but the bottom line is I still have horrible leg and joint pain. I have been to Ortopaedic MD's who belive it must be a pinched nerve, been taken off certain cholesterol lowering meds, etc. All to no avail. The pain never goes away. It is like having a 24/7 flu in my legs. I do not know what recourse I have.
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy and it was normal. The Dr. said I have severe anxiety and that could be causing the headaches. I took Paxil for 10 years and went off it in September of this year. I had withdrawal symptoms for a couple weeks but headaches was not one of them. All the pain seemed to have coincided with the Levaquin use but the doctors don't believe me they just think I am a hypochondriac.
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy and it was normal. The Dr. said I have severe anxiety and that could be causing the headaches. I took Paxil for 10 years and went off it in September of this year. I had withdrawal symptoms for a couple weeks but headaches was not one of them. All the pain seemed to have coincided with the Levaquin use but the doctors don't believe me they just think I am a hypochondriac.
Avatar n tn I let that go on for about a week, and then I went to my IM. He said that it was probably my sinuses, and gave me Levaquin and Mucinex. I hadn't been to the dentist in quite awhile, so I went had my teeth cleaned and x-rayed, and no problems there. I also was up for my eye exam with regards to contacts, and my vision and eye health was good. My Levaquin was done this past Sunday, and I still take Mucinex. My symptoms are still there during the day at times.
Avatar f tn I've been having sharp bone pains in every single bone and joint for 7 months now. Sharp pains in my head too. I also get dull aches and dull headaches as well. I've been depressed and don't know if that's relevant or not. Recently.. for the past 3 weeks I've had a persistent low grade fever. Some days it's not there though. I thought it was because of a UTI but the antibotics didn't take it away and then I tried allergy meds and it didn't take it away. Tylenol does drop it.
Avatar f tn At about age 25 my mother started having bad headaches/migraines and was fainting. My mother is now 49 and just lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor. Her doctor told her she may have a circulation problem and that she needs to move her legs around before she stands up. I just mention this because this is the age that my symptoms started too. She never had any neck pain though. Another weird thing about me is that my pupils are always big and don't respond to light.
Avatar n tn Less common causes like Thiamine deficiency like Wernicke's encephalopathy can also cause similar symptoms like signs of meningismus, headaches, tingling among others. I think you should reconsider a neurologist and take a fresh opinion. Hope this helps. Bye.
Avatar n tn constant and loud tinnitus; fog brain; lightheadedness, dizziness, and swooning; headaches; and an overall pressure or tight feeling in my head. I feel depressed and only want to sit when having these symptoms. I look forward to going to bed at night to escape living with this. Recently, I've begun to get up with a stiff neck. Some days it will wear off and some days it stays with me. I started these symptoms when I was in my mid 40's. It started with dizziness.
Avatar m tn This has been tough but the days leading up to my sinus headaches and inflamed eyelids/mild pink eyes I used to have episodes of tearing eyes (usually one eye would be affected and bloodshot red) in the middle of the night. This happened when I visited my parents and stayed at their home for 6 months. During those months there home had water leakage from several water pipes underground, shower valves, drip irrigation systems, etc.
Avatar f tn In the past 2-3 years I have started getting different headaches that I assumed and was often told by physicians were from sinus infections. I assumed this since the headaches were centered near my sinus area of the forehead, they would go on for days and I would have to constantly blow my nose. Sometimes my nose would be bleeding lightly too, but no discharge. My neurologist said it's all migraine, which I'm not convinced of. ENT says it's sinus infection.
Avatar m tn So my question is I feel like I have leakage or drainage in my brain and only on my left side and i still have headaches but I take ibprofen before it starts hurting so bad. If anyone knows anything about this because it is really freaking me out never had this feeling and its freaking me out!!!. Thnks.
Avatar n tn My neurologist says he can't find anything wrong, and I have taken a LOT of various anti-biotics including Levaquin and ketek with absolutely no relief.
Avatar n tn ) I've taken Doxycycline (100mg for 14 days), Levaquin (500mg for 11 days), and just took Zithromax (1g yesterday.) One thing that's really bothering me, is I've been getting this weird feeling in my urethra, like a feather tickling me. He said it could be the "prostate cleaning itself out." I asked my doc if it could be trichomonas, but he said men would rarely ever have any recognizable symptoms. Tested negative for herpes (HerpesSelect at 8 weeks, is this reliable?
Avatar m tn She said the fluid was gone for me to give the Levaquin about 3 days to get out of my body. 3 days and the Levaquin left and felt energetic again. The lightheadedness went away but not while I was driving which would leave me feeling terribly ill as soon as I exited the car and took hours to subside. The motion was worsening it. The Dr. then thought BPPV or Vestibular infections. Went through all their tests and everything was again fine.
Avatar n tn If your symptoms get worse when you take an antibiotic, specially some that are quite toxic...Why can't it be a sign of an adverse reaction instead of a "herx" reaction?
Avatar n tn 5 (EIA hiv test) months from a low risk exposure where a stripper was giving me manual stimulation (first, last and only encounter of this degree) and then I thought she tried to infect me after she touched the end of my penis with her finger and possible fluids (symtoms began 9 hours after possible exposure with thigh pain next day anal pain, headaches and over thought of risk made me feel like I was nauseas) - I also had a slight abrasion on my penis head from self stimulation few hours earli
Avatar n tn (I am also a runner 5-10 miles runs and 25miles/week) took anti inflammatories then levaquin for pain and possible soft prostate - from uroligist ) then after a fall running (dont think I hit my head by definetly fell on both my hands and kicked a piece of ice with my right big toe) I had head neuralgia eye pain and tonge pain 1st PCF thought I had herpes and prescribed Valtrex -but I may have pushed for that diagnosis (I have been very scared I had herpes then with buring hands and feet I thou
Avatar f tn Can you please tell me how your headaches were, where and how often before the surgery? I have frontal and occipital headaches and constant brain fog. Would really like to hear more and would like to contact you via email if possible.
Avatar n tn ) I feel like I can hear and feel movement in my head of what I feel is mucous, as I move and turn my head and the pain is like a pressure band around the lower back side of my head, up the sides above the ears and across my forehead and behind my eyes (and sometimes down into my teeth. I feel like I am rarely without this dull throbbing pain, it just gets milder at times and I have learned to live with it. I am beginning to wonder if it is just my sinuses or if something else is involved.
Avatar f tn Who knows? I also have extreme fatigue alot,headaches and heart palpitations,and alot of stomach issues. I also pass kidney stones frequently(not sure that is related). I could probably name 50 more if I could remember them all at once.LOL! I wish you the best in your journey to good mental and physical health.
Avatar n tn The numbness and tingling started in lower arms and legs and has progressively spread to entire arms and legs. Also I feel tingling on the top of my head and sometimes the sides of my face. A couple of days ago the left side of my face including left nostril went numb for a few minutes like I was getting a cavity filled. This happed twice in the same day. When I sneeze I feel tingling all over. Sometimes the tingling feels like electric shocks and pins and needles.
Avatar n tn I have taken every drug under the sun, multiple times (Prednisone, medrol, tegretol, xanax, voltaren, fluticasone, neurontin, depakote, and augmentin and levaquin as antibiotics). I have done saline rinses uses netipots. Still, 9-mos after surgery I get daily pressure along the cheekbone area and no one knows why. The only thing that sort of helps is klonapin, which I take under doctor's supervision. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to know.
Avatar n tn I'm an 18 year old female and for about 6 months now I've been twitching. It's getting worse and worse as time progresses. I twitch everywhere: nose, palms,feet,legs,toes,abdomen,thighs,buttox, fingers,shoulders,back,side,eyes,lips--everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. And when I am alone, I just cry. I feel like my body is in constant motion. It feels like the blood is not following properly. In addition, I have "spasms".
Avatar n tn I had a full neuro workup including blood work (including lyme and B12), MRI of brain and cervical spine, EMG and spinal tap. Everything came back normal. Physical exams by two respected NYU neuros were normal. Prior to 2001, I had a history of headaches on right side of head and eye pain. Eye exams were normal Symptoms persisted for six months and then resolved spontaneously.