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Avatar m tn t expect it ever will be soon. That said, I have been diagnosed conclusively with GERD and so I am on lansoprazole 30mg. I don't know when most of the LPR damage is occuring but I am inclined to think it is during the night since without being on my PPI's I woke up in the morning with a burning feeling of saliva in the back of the throat.
Avatar m tn Think it might be because i forgot to take lansoprazole that day. Have taken tablet today and symptoms have settled a little.
1171710 tn?1263404185 Hi there, I tested positive for H Pylori in May 2009 and was treated straight away. My doctor didn't keep me on proton pump inhibitors, however, following treatment and my new doctor has told me that my stomach didn't get the chance to heal. I've been on lansoprazole for a fortnight and then omeprazole (lansoprazole caused hypoglycaemia so I changed) for another fortnight, but for the past 5 days have gotten a lot worse.
Avatar f tn Can you take lansoprazole prior to the morning meal and evening meal and then take Gaviscon Advance following the meal in the morning and evening - these have been prescribed by my doctor
Avatar n tn The doctors said I probably have an ulcer, so upped my dose of lansoprazole (to 60mg daily) and told me to take Gaviscon too (yuk!) I know I haven't got the h.pylori bacteria as I was tested for that when I had the endoscopy to determine GERD. None of this has helped after being diagnosed with MS in July. It doesn't help that most of my MS pain is on the left too - I can't help worrying that this is all related somehow (like some dreadful circulatory problem).
Avatar m tn I saw ENT last year, had a scope, they saw some redness of the vocal chords and gave me Lansoprazole which helped for two weeks but nothing beyond this. However I notice the acid when I come off lansoprazole. I also take Gaviscon Advance to keep acid and food down. I've had a barium swallow, every is normal. I have another appointment with ENT for a Laryngoscopy.
954999 tn?1356748422 Took extra lansoprazole and 2 Remegels.
Avatar f tn I was gunna go doctors to get some gaviscon or anything peppermint on prescription but I m not sure now weather you are allowed it during pregnancy? I haven't had any yet.....?
Avatar f tn I have been using PPI medication Omeprazole until early this year where I got switched to Lansoprazole which I also got diagnosed with silent reflux (LPR) due to loosing my voice. I also take Gaviscon Advanced 3-4 times a day for the acid and heartburn. My lifestyle changed due to these diagnoses I eat more healthily and exercise more to try and keep the weight healthy. I am to have my three year check up due to the Barrett's of the Oesophagus.
Avatar f tn Is anyone else struggling with acid reflux? I am on medication, gaviscon and rennie given to me by my obstetrician but still not much improvement. How is everyone else coping?
954999 tn?1356748422 Really bad heartburn in night. Took extra lansoprazole and two Remegels. Panicked.
Avatar m tn No AM stomach pain apparent, but gave gaviscon along with the naproxen - queesy and nausous in late evening - pepcid 2x and additional gaviscon w/ naproxen - pm - carafete @ 10pm Obviously stiff and sore upon waking - heat - am naproxen w/gaviscon after eating - stiffness lasted approximately 30 minutes -periodic complaines of pain in evening -up several times at night with back pain- pm naproxen w/gaviscon, heat, aspercreme, tylenol eyes - dots - no floaters - decreased sensativity to light
Avatar f tn Woke during the night and took Gaviscon, otherwise Slept well.
Avatar f tn Doctor gave me prenisolone and antibiotics to check it wasnt an infection but all that happened was my stomach felt like it had been kicked by a horse, I had a horrible taste in my mouth and major acidy feeling. The doc eventually suggested I went back on lansoprazole and after about 3 weeks I felt back to normal. When I was feeling better I was scheduled in for an endoscopy and the results were bile and acid reflux, esophogisits and gastritis.
Avatar m tn The medication I am taking is Lansoprazole, Gaviscon and nasonex spray.
Avatar f tn Awake off and on all night. Acid Reflux approx. 1 AM.
Avatar n tn Hi, lansoprazole and omeprazole are widely used proton pump inhibitors for the management of gastro-oesophageal reflux. Studies were done to compare the efficacy of lansoprazole and omeprazole in the abolition of abnormal reflux as assessed by esophageal pH monitoring. It concluded that at the currently marketed doses of lansoprazole and omeprazole, normalization of esophageal acid exposure in patients is accomplished more easily with lansoprazole. Regards.
746512 tn?1388807580 m on so we are stopping the advair, pantaloc and gaviscon.
Avatar n tn This is because lansoprazole and other proton pump inhibitors weaken the bones and have been linked to the development of osteosteoporosis. People who are at higher risk for sustaining such injuries are those who take higher doses of this medication and those who take this medication for one year or longer. Also, people who are 50 years of age and older are also at risk of sustaining similar injuries.
Avatar m tn m back on Ranitidine as the side affects of Lansoprazole were unpleasant and just as bad or worse as the GERD. When I stopped taking Lansoprazole I had bad symptoms for a few days but they subsided. However since then my Acid Reflux / GERD has been more or less what it was before starting Lansoprazole. Some days its worse than others. I've also read about the negative side effects of PPI drugs.
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Avatar f tn Woke several times during the night.
Hero The drug is still an approved drug and contains the labeled amount of the active ingredient Lansoprazole in an orally dissolving form, but it may have some variability in the rate at which it is delivered to your body in comparison to Prevacid Solutabs. Even as a generic, it is still somewhat costly, but I would discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist, or call your insurance company and ask them what your price would be for the Lansoprazole ODT.