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Avatar n tn My doctor put me on Lamotrigine, a mood stabilizer normally used to treat epilepsy, seizures. I've experienced a little bit of blurred vision every now and then from it but wonder why I'm having a small trace of vaginal bleeding every once in a while. I'm on Portia as a birth control method and I haven't had my period for a while now. Also, there is no research on whether or not this medication can affect the effectiveness of my birth control.
574118 tn?1305138884 My daughters experience with the Lamictal is she HAS to take it at night because it makes her so sleepy. She currently takes 100mg.. has been as high as 200mg... Talk to the PDOC about how to adjust the time you take it. I would think that all in the morning would not be an issue- unless you can't tolerate it.
Avatar n tn Hi I was wondering if anyone has ever has an adverse reaction to Lamotrigine i.e. breaking out in rash, very itchy, red patches all over skin? I'm afraid to try other drugs due to this? Any suggestions? Thanks!
6681951 tn?1383711222 I am 24 years old, after severe depression/mania/psychosis from age 12-20 I tried many Antidepressants/mood stabilizers/anti psychotics and even ECT(with no effect), I finally got the right balance of 225mg of Venlafaxine in the morning(8am) and 300mg of Lamotrigine at night(8pm). I have been stable with limited mania/depression and no psychotic features for 6 years now.
Avatar m tn 50mg lamotrigine and 75mg Wellbutrin (bupropion extended release) 10PM: 50mg lamotrigine These medicines worked for me well for 8 months or so till the passing away of a family member. I didn't think I was in mourning but I guess it did affect me. And now either medicines/times are either not good enough or are contributing to my anxiety.
Avatar m tn With both high blood (BP) pressure and a high heart rate (HR) I think you should immediately be put on a beta blocker, e.g., Metoprolol is a lower cost generic that I take. I think you high HR needs to be brought down as soon as possible, and I suppose the same for your BP. This accomplished you may find your anxiety will also go down. Ask your doctor, but I think it also a good idea to take a full strength (325 mg) aspirin once a day with a full meal.
6827092 tn?1389388419 ' so we can go to twice a day 50mg', ' we can't, I don't want a rash. I want to go in 12,5 mg steps rather that to blow it'. He:, we usually increase in 25 mg. We even don't have 12,5 mg tablets'. Me: ' I will cut them in half!'. 'Ok'. So I will see you in two months and call me when you need your meds! Uhh, ohhh lol Lucky me as I am well now. Don't think he would fancy me unwell. Have you got such experience?
Avatar f tn The transient high TSH levels may have been secondardy to the seizure activity. Doubtful (with otherwise consistently normal thyroid levels) that thyroid caused the seizure.
Avatar f tn I am taking lamotrigine serquol and celexa. I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated inside me about 8 times all durinf my ovulation time. What are my chances of being preagnant?
Avatar f tn Following the removal of a benign meningioma (which rested on the motor strip) I spent three weeks in rehab (Oct. 2006) and regained most of the strength in my left side (sometimes off balance). I take lamotrigine & carbatrol. However, since the surgery I have , "what I refer to as tourniquets", and the bands (the pressure varies from very tight to very light) occur at four different places on my left arm and on the upper left thigh.
1756969 tn?1332440763 Borderline Personality Disorder is primarily relationship problems with high drama, fear of abandonment and mood fluxuations. Bipolar is a mood stabilization disorder with mania or hypomania (lower level mania) alternating with depression. Lamictal is a antiseizure med that is also a mood stabilizer that is primarily used for bipolar and seizure disorders. Some pdocs give lamictal to people with BPD to help with the mood fluxuations (lower mood changes than with bipolar).
Avatar m tn I had about 10 depressive episodes in 2-3 years and they stopped completely when I started lamotrigine (well, apart from the one, but it was work related). You probably already know lamotrigine (Lamictal) works better for the depression side more than the manic side.
733437 tn?1232185623 Ive been on lamotrigine, lithium (high doses) etc.. and so recently I have made a promise to a certain special someone that I would quit and try to get off pills (Rx) completely. And everyone (doctors, people, psychos) knows that when a type BP2 stops there med.s they have manic attacks, but I have survived it so far, I have experienced one or two but I am fine, I didn't have to do what my therapist told me(call 911, or take the extra dose) I just talked to my special friend.
925572 tn?1246543631 My experience with the meds in general, whether xanax, lamictal (tried the infantile dosage only), you name it, is that you can't in general lower your dose suddenly or even smoothly, you will eventually have to increase it as you proceed, I compare this with trying to reach the land while swimming, you will meet the high tide then low one, then high etc... , in fact airoplanes do the same, they only keep landing - i.e.
Avatar f tn Although there are other mood stablizers out there such as Depakote and Lamotrigine. I take lamotrigine. Fairly low side effect profile, fairly weight neutral, although my understanding is it is better for bipolar depression and Lithium is better at controlling manias. I don't know much about Depakote. I don't think it is used as much now. If you don't see a psychiatrist I'd get a referral to one when you see your GP on Monday.
Avatar n tn I'm currently on Prozac, Klonopin and Lamotrigine. My cholesterol is borderline high and so is my blood sugar level. Doctor says I need to exercise and loose about 15 lbs (I'm 5'7" and weigh 180). Because of my cronic fatigue and the mental health meds, I have no energy to exercise. I get tired very easily. I also feel my meds aren't working for me becaue I still suffer with all of this. What would be your advice on medications? Thank you so much!
Avatar n tn Although i have had seizures as a child this was never looked into. I am currently taking Lamotrigine 200mg morn and 200mg night. my seizures have been well controlled until recently when i have started having really bad body jerking. It doesn't happen when i am relaxed its as i am walking around. Its mainly my mouth and head that jerk. i have seen my doctor about this and he has put it down to anxiety as i had a baby last november who has been really sick.
Avatar f tn In the research I've done lamotrigine seems to be the med with the least serious side effects. Mainly an increase in cleft palat which is at least fixable with surgery. If you are not already taking it, check with your pharmacist or doctor first of course, omega oils (fish oil) has been proven to help with the symptoms of bipolar disorder. I take 2000mg a day and find I notice when I forget.
Avatar f tn At first with the lamotrigine when I was getting the dose right I had it quite high at some point and I started having tremor problems with similarities to the muscle rigidity I had some time ago. Also I had problems being clumsy, out of balance and forgetful (lamotrigine side effects). They have to do with the dose as well as the person's metabolism.
Avatar n tn However, there are side effects such as tremor, and if too much is taken, there are toxic side effects. Other alternatives include Valproic acid and lamotrigine. There are no specific treatments for fibromyalgia, as the very nature of the syndrome is poorly understood.
Avatar m tn I'm a 21 year old female. I've been taking Lamotrigine since January 2011 and right now I take 200mg a day. I have multiple questions so I'll try to write it in the easiest way. I went to the beach from Thursday to Sunday. On both Thursday and Saturday we were so busy enjoying vacation that I forgot to take my meds on both those days. Yesterday (Wednesday) I spent a large part of the day crying and had a hard time pin pointing why I was so upset.
Avatar m tn Your son has what is called as West syndrome. Valproate is a good drug, but it will be needed in high doses, and there is a risk of liver damage (Hepatotoxicity) with it. Vigabatrin is a first line drug for West syndrome. Only when Vigabatrin does not work, do we generally give Sodium Valproate. But please do not get confused with this. Continue Valproate and see the response. The other two medicines (Nitrazepam and Lamotrigine) are suitable. Expect some amount of developmental delay.
Avatar m tn Depression Welbutrin 300mg Invega 6mg Lamotrigine 200mg Zoloft 100mg I've been taking Zoloft 100mg for some time now. It started a month ago, but every day I would get a nasty, nervy feeling about two hours after taking my zoloft. The feeling would just be icky all over, as if the body was just "not right" It wasn't a depression, it was a physical thing. Oh yes, and yawning is very frequent and very unpleasant. Recently, It has gotten worse.
7773352 tn?1394069174 Latuda should be weight neutral, and I think Geodon tends to be pretty good in that department.. Lamotrigine definitely is (unless you're REALLY special). I think most of the anticonvulsants are, with depakote being the exception rather than the rule. I think some people take metformin (a diabetes drug) with atypical antipsychotics, and it might help with the weight gain. I think it's an off label use though. Abilify is weight neutral for most people though.
202665 tn?1248810333 * In the category of moods, you have 'concentration' with the ability to select Low/High...but further down in the list you again list 'Low Concentration' should remove the latter. Appreciate any changes you can make.
Avatar f tn My understanding is lithium helps more with the mania than lamotrigine does. Lamotrigine is really good for bipolar depression. On a side note. It may be very odd to do so but buying your daughter something like a vibrator may keep her out of trouble. She can't control the hypersexuality urges and if she doesn't have an outlet that is safe she'll go to the unsafe ones. It may also be a good idea to take her to a planned parenthood advisor so they can teach her about safe sex.
Avatar m tn due to your anti-seizure medications, phenytoin (or Dilantin) and lamotrigine (Lamictal). One of the side effects of anti-seizure medications, or anti-convulsants, is fatigue. When patients take combination therapies of anti-convulsants, the side effects can further increase due to additive effects. Research have shown that phenytoin can cross semen and breast milk. However, I don't believe the semen level is clinically significant enough to transfer phenytoin to your wife during intercourse.
Avatar m tn additional, Levomepromazine 50mg,Lamotrigine 200mg,Aripiprazole 6mg etc... Is clonazepam 4.5mg/day dosage is have problem? in Japan,Clonazepam is administration for only treatment of epilepsy. dosage is up to 6mg/day. But.actually, clonazepam is using anxiety(as Panic Disorder),Bipolar Disorder,insomnia etc. like other benzodiazepines. According to equivalent table, Clonazepam is very high potency.
Avatar f tn I didn't notice any immediate difference when I started on lamotrigine. The way I understand it, mood stabilisers work much faster than anti-depressants, but they still take at least a week to build up properly. I've been on lithium, epilim and lamotrigine and none of them worked straight away. But that may just be me. My mother found that her mood stabiliser worked straight away.
1576249 tn?1296090802 I am a 21 year old female..I was diagnosed with panic disorder in high school and took all sorts of anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants with no relief. About a year ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism caused by graves disease(which causes metabolic problems, mood, anxiousness, insomnia, fast heart rate), in the last few months my thyroid is in remission so I was taken off anti-thyroid medications.