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Avatar n tn Since how many months you are taking Lamotrigine and has the drug been prescribed by a doctor who is regularly following you up? Is this drug helping you in controlling your seizures? Every drug has some or other side effect, so compare the effectiveness of the drug in controlling the symptoms vs side effects. During your follow-up visit you can discuss with your attending physician regarding the same. For more info on the drug, you can go through this link http://www.rxlist.
1756969 tn?1332440763 hi everyone, i was just given a rx for this drug listed above for supposingly my borderline personality disorder but as i am researching it says its for bi polar disorder or seizures etc.. can someone who is licensed or qualified tell me what this drug is and what it helps for. I have wide mood swings up and down, not bi polar state but i get irritable quite intensely but never know when they will hit. and than can you also tell me if this drug causes weight gain and increased appetite.
Avatar n tn There can be few minor drug interactions between varenicline and lamotrigine.Few minor drug interactions may not be clinically relevant and a drug is usually prescribed only if the benefits outweigh the risks. In case you are experiencing any side effects it is best to contact your healthcare provider. He may adjust the dosage or suggest some alternative drug. I hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
1114269 tn?1258684512 I was diagnosed as bipolar type 2 back in June 2005, and since then have been on Lamotrigine (Lamictal) on an increasing dosage. I have been at the max dosage that my doctor said is allowed (350 mg/day). So that means over 4 years that I've been taking this drug. I have found that since taking lamictal, my depression has all but vanished, but it does not control my manic behavior at all. So as an anti-depressant, I think it's very effective for me.
Avatar f tn Havent been in the sun. Ive been taking lamotrigine for about 2 weeks and I know its associated with some serious rashes. Went to GP when the rash wasnt this bad and she said its probably something viral and possibly the medication, talk to the person who prescribed the lamotrgine. Finally got a hold of prescribing nurse practioner who, over the phone, said to stop taking it and just take benedryl, it will be gone by this weekend. Benedryl is putting me to sleep but not doing anything.
Avatar n tn Would you elaborate on association / incidence of vitiligo in patients using lamotrigine? In addition, this particular patient is also using lithium. Thanks Dr. K This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240339'>Drug Induced Vitiligo</a>.
Avatar f tn I want to start ttc, has anyone had any experience of pregnancy whilst taking this particular drug? Apparently there is a very low risk of side effects. Any advice? I'm 27.
Avatar f tn I was also on epilim and was taken off because of the weight gain, im now on lamotrigine, at the begining I found this to really lift my mood but then it wasnt enough so I was added some other medication, cant remember the name, I was ok for months but now for some reason I have started to cycle again.
Avatar f tn I have just been to see the neurologist and she has supplied me the names of these two medications Lamotrigine or topiramate, which i am to decide which one to use. I have done some research on these two medications mainly on there side effects. A decision will be made on this once I have been to have an EEG.
Avatar n tn I was reading back through a few questions I had asked here over the past several months or so. Lamotrigine was mentioned as an antiepileptic which is sometimes given for Movement disorders. Since I have both a seizure disorder and Movement disorder, could this help both? "Killing two birds with one stone", so to speak! Could you tell me a little bit about this drug.
Avatar n tn I was reading back through a few questions I had asked here over the past several months or so. Lamotrigine was mentioned as an antiepileptic which is sometimes given for Movement disorders. Since I have both a seizure disorder and Movement disorder, could this help both? "Killing two birds with one stone", so to speak! Could you tell me a little bit about this drug.
Avatar f tn the use of this drug for my situation. It is a drug used for bi-polar disorder and seizures. I thought that Atavan would be the drug of choice, and after reading more about Lamotrigine, I have become actually quite shocked about this recommendation. Has anyone else been given such advice for the use of Lamotrigine. I show no signs of bi-polar disorder whatsoever. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, I know it's different for everyone, but I'd appreciate your general opinion. Which drug is more prone to giving one lethargy? Lamotrigine or fluoxetine?
Avatar n tn is it safe to take lamotrigine when u have hepatitis c? My psychiatrist just started me on 25 it safe for my liver..I'm not being treated for my hep c..any info will help..
Avatar n tn Dr Rockoff I found a site that helped me to find out a possible answer to what the spots on my face and chest could be. The picture (along with a suggestion from another Doctor) of the Drug Induced Vitiligo looks exactly like what is on my face. Two questions: What "drugs" induce this condition. . I am on Adderal for ADD I also go to a Tanning Booth (shame) and these started about a year or two after that. . could that have something to do with it? Any suggestions . . .
Avatar n tn There is no drug-drug interaction between the HCV therapy drug Incivek and the bi-polar drug lamicta.(below) Drug Interactions Results Drug interactions for the following 3 drug(s): SaveNew list Unsaved Drug List interferon alfa-2a The interactions information for this drug may not be up to date. More...
Avatar n tn She experiences myoclonic jerks only...many of them! She was controlled for a time on Sodium Valproate and Lamotrigine. The former, however, worsening an existing tremor.She was seizure free for 11 months and began to get jerks back,since then has not been controlled (almost 2yrs). She continues to take Lamotrigine. She has tried Clobazam (which stopped her tremor but not the jerks)and now Topiramate. What other drugs should we expect could be tried for this condition?
Avatar f tn Has anyone got any experience with bleeding while on Lamotrigine? I have been on these Meds as a Mood-Stabiliser for 3 years. EVERY time I miss a dose, I will start bleeding the next morning. I will even feel like I am getting my Period on that evening and by the morning I bleed. It is NOT my period, just random bleeding until I take the Tablets again.
535089 tn?1400677119 It seems that many members are often having "bad" drug screens so again, here is some information on why your Test may be wrong. Medications & Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.
202665 tn?1248810333 Pdoc has stopped Lamotrigine, Cymbalta (Duloxetine) and Topomax (Topiramate). Because I remember being so physically sick when starting Cymbalta many years ago, and I know there is a risk of withdrawal, I asked her to prescribe enough to do a draw down. It's only been a few days and the headaches are a killer, I feel tired and I am having a really tough time trying to maintain any focus. I'm wondering if anyone else has had success in this type of approach.
Avatar m tn What are your experiences with the following drugs? I want to start with the drug that I have the best chance of maintaining my intellect, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and personalty.
Avatar f tn the doctor put me on a low dose (100) of Lamotrigine and needs to increase it now since I've had 2 more seizures. My concern though is with my kidney. I've always had kidney problems and lost one already. So is Lamotrigine processed through the liver or kidney? Which anti-seizure meds are not processed through the kidney and therefore safer for me?
Avatar f tn Hello, The normal reference ranges for lamotrigine are 2 – 20 ug/mL during chronic therapy. Detecting drug levels in the blood help in proper seizure control and reduction of side effects of the drug. It helps us in identifying whether the drug is in a therapeutic range or not. The decision of dosage adjustments depends on the doctor’s discretion and varies person to person. Do write to us again with more information. Take care and good luck!
Avatar f tn I am currently taking Lamotrigine, Prazosin, and Quetiapine. I have also been diagnosed with H. Pylori, I was wondering if I could take Prevacid with these other medications? I have tried everything else and this would be a last resort.
Avatar f tn Hi, Lamotrigine, sodium valproate, carbamazepine, and lithium are some mood satbilisers used in bipolar disorder. These are considered the basic drugs in the treatment of this condition. Switching to any one of these, even for a short while, would give a chance to settle the bladder as well as evaluate the progression of your condition.
1246883 tn?1285551573 I understand that the drug Lamictal is given to children who have seizures. I received this FDA warning today. Those of you who are taking Lamictal should know that the FDA has linked Lamictal with aseptic MENINGITIS. Here is the link to the warning I received. or if you can't get the web page above, info is on drugs.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately the long term ocular side effects are still unkown for this drug. So for now the drug does have FDA approval for appropriate use. I wish I could answer your question - but I don't think anyone knows. Michael J.
Avatar n tn Hello, Any drug is usually prescribed if the benefits outweigh the risks .If your antiepileptic are causing kidney damage you may need dose titration or an alternative drug. It is important to know your detailed medical history, history of seizures and drug dosage and test results before advising you. It is advisable to consult your attending neurologist and discuss your concerns. Do write to me again on how you are doing. Best wishes and regards!
552012 tn?1272859591 Why are the prices on Lamictal (lamotrigine) so expensive in the US? I'll tell you why. Drug companies! My daughter is waiting for her health insurance to kick in from her job and was running low. She got 2 weeks filled at $5 a pill!!!! This is WALMART and GENERIC!!!! $5 a freaking pill!!!! I got them from a pharmacy in Canada for her for $1.05 a pill ! 60 for 105 dollars!!!!! Those of you worried about Obama being socialistic...tell me...what has capitalism done for you lately???