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Avatar m tn 50mg lamotrigine and 75mg Wellbutrin (bupropion extended release) 10PM: 50mg lamotrigine These medicines worked for me well for 8 months or so till the passing away of a family member. I didn't think I was in mourning but I guess it did affect me. And now either medicines/times are either not good enough or are contributing to my anxiety.
1310468 tn?1274867525 my dreams are EPIC. It's kind of awesome. I usually remember my dreams every night, and these ones are particularly cinematic. They might soon inspire me to write some H.P.Lovecraftian short stories in the future. So far, I haven't had too many other side effects. I do sometimes feel "flu like symptoms" when my dose is changed, but that eventually goes away after my body readjusts.
Avatar f tn Since being on lamotrigine I have had broken sleep and weird dreams- anyone else had this? ALso at the moment I'm waking in early hours with tingling/itching in my feet. I have tried alsorts to relive it- the best I have found is to get and ice pack from the freezer and put that on. I hope freezing my feet doesn't do any harm! I think I'm going to gradually come off the lamotrigine cos it hasn't made any difference to my symptoms anyway. I spoke to my neuro on phone earlier this week.
Avatar f tn I have been taking lamotrigine now for 2 months gradually titrating the dose. It hasn't made any noticeable difference to my symptoms only giving me wierd dreams and broken sleep. Spoke to my neuro earlier this week he says if meds didn't work then my symptoms can't be related to seizure activity! I haven't had an EEG tho so don't know how he can tell this. I have had 2 MRI scans which have both been reported raising the possibility of a ganglioglioma.
Avatar n tn Husband takes Adviar, ProAir FHA, Simvastavin, bisoprolol, lisinopril, lamotrigine, luvox, pramipexole DI-HCL, amantadine, Cerefolin Nac; he is sleepy all the time and still no diagnosis for strange symptoms including poor memory, visual hallucinations (small animals), feeling of having extra body parts. MRIs negative. Could some of the medications be interacting w/ each other or by themselves, be causing these symptoms?
Avatar m tn Two nights later I had trouble sleeping, and every night since--can't fall asleep right away, can't stay asleep, wake up multiple times throughout the night, and have very stressful dreams (one where I kicked the bedpost so hard it woke me up and hurt my foot a bit). Anyone heard of this? I don't see it listed as a possible side effect of lithium. I have been taking a lorazepam to sleep for many months now and it used to work great. I also take fluoxetine, lamotrigine and singulair daily.
Avatar m tn The right meds just make you stable, which is a wonderful wonderful place to be. You get your dreams back, but actually have a hope of meeting them because you aren't derailed by an episode of depression or hypomania where you say something you regret or do something impulsive. All meds have side effects. And side effects aren't pleasant. But I would rather the side effects of medications than the side effects of uncontrolled bipolar disorder. I was on my way to death.
483818 tn?1232688372 Something that makes your dreams so evil and feel so real has to be saying something about the medication itself. Yet my doctors told me the dreams were not connected with the pills. Weird how the dreams started when I started taking those pills, and went away when I stopped taking the pills... I never remembered my dreams before the pills, and never remembered them after those pills.
483818 tn?1232688372 Something that makes your dreams so evil and feel so real has to be saying something about the medication itself. Yet my doctors told me the dreams were not connected with the pills. Weird how the dreams started when I started taking those pills, and went away when I stopped taking the pills... I never remembered my dreams before the pills, and never remembered them after those pills.
Avatar f tn The bleeding caused my arms to go cold to my biceps and my legs to go cold at mid-thigh; ice cold. I had bad dreams, reliving the emergency room, that caused my to wake-up every night for about a year. From the emergency room event, my personality took on new traits: increased startle response, easy irritability, sever concentration problems, flashbacks, seathing rage. The sleep problems continued which did not help the curing of the new traits.
Avatar m tn If can save your life, but more than that give you a quality of life back. So that you want to live out your dreams and aren't trapped in a mind committed to killing itself. Things can and do get better, but you have to reach out. You can't do this one alone. Chances are also strong that you wouldn't be put on lithium. Its fallen out of favour as a first line treatment. You may be put on something like Abilify or Ziprexa, or something like Lamotrigine.
1355570 tn?1277290529 I was RIFed from my job last August, after which I spiraled into a depression so low that I didn't know such a state could exist. It was then that I was diagnosed and prescribed Lamotrigine and Buproprion. It is working well-so far. Currently, I am one of the millions whose Unemployment Benefits are about to end. I am stressed and anxious at the prospect of losing my home, my car and my grip on sanity.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking Lamotrigine and Sertraline for Bipolar disorder. I have been experiencing terrible symptoms for a couple of months or so.
2196504 tn?1351395795 I moved and got a new pdoc who took me off the antidepressant (which can cause or make rapid cycling worse), and tried some new meds (Trazodone, Zeldox (Geodone), and lamotrigine). That took me part of the way there. Then we tried a different med instead of the Zeldox because I was having big time fatigue issues and switched to Abilify. For me its been a godsend. I have to figure out what it is like to be stable again. Its put me into a bit of a personality crisis.
Avatar f tn sodium valporate (depakine/depakote), cabamepazine (tegretol) and lithium those are the 3 main MS for ages but even this school although in their books/guides recommend these 3 they started to switch to the american school lamotrigine (lamictal) which is very good with less side effects except 1/1000 of people getting rash, as to an AP the abilify. Now for the sweating it's from the seroquel but you will be accustomed to it.
1218509 tn?1267494523 I don't know what meds you're on, but I was just put on Seroquel (half a 200mg pill to start) in addition to my Lamotrigine. Last night was my first night on it, and while I fell asleep much faster and slept like a log, I feel very groggy today. My dr. said that should go away within a week, though. I also used to take Melatonin as an easy OTC way of helping me sleep, and it worked at first, but quickly got to the point where it did nothing for me. Of course, it's different for everyone.
Avatar f tn I have so much energy now that I spend most of my time walking around the city, smoking, and more alarmingly, dreaming. These day-dreams could be a reason for, not to mention a result of, my elevated mood. I imagine myself as thinner, beautiful, funny, smart and talented, with many friends and admirers. These day-dreams are getting so seriously ingrained in my mind that I find myself drifting into them even when I am in the company of other people.
Avatar n tn 1-Lamotrigine can be used as monotherapy 2-There is insufficient evidence to recommend gabapentin, levetiracetam (Kepra), tiagabine, zonisamide, or pregabalin as monotherapy for refractory partial epilepsy.
574118 tn?1305138884 I like the clear thougtht patterns, most of the time and dreams that don't wake me scared or annoyed. Please take it, it is a natural element and that is why the pharmacy companies don't push it. Best for me hope you find it's centering affect.
5509652 tn?1391232415 Since you're pregnant, it'll be harder to track your weight gain to see if it's normal or too much, so try to stick to a good diet. I've heard it can affect dreams, but usually not in a bad way, and that it helps you sleep. After you have the baby, breastfeeding is the best way to lose weight. You'll need to make sure that the meds are safe with that, but pumping and discarding is better than nothing, because you will be literally sucking calories out of your body in liquid form.
Avatar m tn Second was Risperadol (which caused lactation) What is working for me is Zeldox (Geodone in the US), Lamotrigine, and Melatonin (suppliment not med) at night. I have to watch my stress levels. I am only working part time because of fatigue which is in part the sedation for the Zeldox but other health conditions as well. The Zeldox also causes me some agitation. Wellbutrin royally screwed me up and I think made the rapid cycling much worse. Any antidepressant with a rapid cycler is a bad idea.
Avatar f tn A couple had vivid disturbing dreams or went through extreme anxiety when they tried to analyze their own minds, nearly to obsession because they sensed a change but couldn't figure it out or leave it alone, but it dissipated in a few weeks during the later treatments in the series. The 2 people who I saw went through that, I saw years later, and you would never know they had ECT or bad episodes like that.
1687184 tn?1307482192 I am on Lamotrigine/lamictal and it has worked wonders for my mood. Very few side effects too. Side effects of drugs scare me too. I do a LOT of research as well. I've decided I like me on meds better than I like me off meds. I take an antipyschotic too (Geodone). That is scary crap. Took me a long time to start taking that pill. I was pretty desperate though. It helped a lot. I like me when I take these two meds. I am scared of what I become (an ultra rapid cycling mess) without them.
606584 tn?1224853036 First things first. Lithium has less severe side effects than Lamictal in fact Lamotrigine prescribing information has a black box warning about life threatening skin reactions, including Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and its side effects also include (Commonly) headaches, dizziness and insomnia.
1064938 tn?1255285919 I can never take another drink for the rest of my life. I got medicine for Bi-polar, Lamotrigine, and medicine (I call it medicine because Alcoholism is a disease) and for Alcoholism I use AA as medicine. It wasn't easy and I was fearfull of how the new me and my new life would be but I found out I HAVE FEEDOM from the clutches of drugs and alcohol. I will never go back to where I was because I am happy and content now. Anyway I'm just rambling on now.
Avatar n tn I make poor and whimsical financial purchases because they feel good. My dreams at night are vivid, and I feel like they are creeping into my days now. I could go one, but I think I have made the point. Recently I have had a few notably bizarre episodes: About 2 months ago I made a very poor attempt at suicide - I couldn't break the surface with the knife on my wrist (and didn't really want to do it anyways I think).
989689 tn?1333552120 But now, with the sleep paralysis dreams that won't let me sleep. I don't know what to think, part of me thinks he hates me and is pushing me to end it, part of me now doesn't believe he exist. I have been seeing a well known psychiatrist who has tried me on a few different things in the last 3 months. First ones were Prostiq, which didn't help. He also game me klonopin for sleeping which does help me sleep.
Avatar m tn I had energy but everything was pissing me off. I had a lot of anxiety. I couldn't stop my thoughts and my dreams became very vivid. The depressions were crushing. I felt like I had no worth. I felt broken. I ached. I didn't shower and many days didn't get out of bed or watched TV all day. They tried a lot of different medications during this time and nothing was seeming to help, or had dangerous side effects.
1323357 tn?1274826939 In fact, DP is very much an example of a condition that features what psychologists call state-specific learning, and refers to any type of experience that is difficult to remember emotionally (dreams etc). That means that what you feel when you have DP - all the fear, anxiety etc - is very difficult to recall once you get out of it.