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Avatar m tn I had intercourse before 2 months , condom broke , now i have like knee ( joint ) pain and wrest on my hand , pain in tge side of my neck , please advice as my knee having like burning sesation Thanks
Avatar m tn I went to my PCP the second day for Xrays and they were fine, and the fourth day I had an MRI of my knee which was fine too. By the end of the 4th day, all pain left as suddenly as it came, thank God! I've experience natural childbirth without any medications at all, but I told my husband and Dr. that this was the absolute most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life! My doc is thinking nerve pain since there was no inflammation, injury, or joint pain.
Avatar f tn Long story short, I've had knee pain since the end of last oct. I had a mri that showed a meniscus tear, a bakers cyst and some fluid. My dr. said they could all be normal and to do pt. in the end my knee never got better. and later got worse. I had a new mri which i have pics up. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. btw. my symptoms are sharp stabbing pain on the left side of my right knee.
Avatar n tn After 8 weeks I noticed that my left back knee is swollen. I also felt a burning sensation in back knee. A few days later my whole knee started to pain, specially when I took long walks. Although the swelling was just in the left knee, I felt this pain in both legs. I had knee problems before, but that was caused by long runs and occured in the outer side of the patella. The pain disappeared after 2 weeks, but 1 week later it all started again.
Avatar f tn i am scared and terrified because her symptoms are simlilar to mine and i want to get pregnant but now im scared of trying! but if look at my symptoms those are the symptoms my friend was diagnosed with, she felt pelvic right and left pain that went down to her leg and knee to the back and numbed her legs! also when she was on her period the pain was horrible..
Avatar f tn ve slowly been getting weaker and weaker, probably every month to two months ill have a couple of days that I have bad joint pain, arms elbow shoulder wrist fingers, leg knee feet and sometimes my neck! The pain usually starts in one place such as my wrist, then after an hour will travel to my wrist and elbow and then my fingers! Same thing happens with my leg area the pain travels and becomes more wide spread! There's no noticeable swelling nor red spots?
Avatar f tn I have moderate knee pain most of the time, especially when I sit. The knee is swollen and looks as if it has a lot of fluid in it. My orthopedic surgeon has said that I will definetly have to have a total knee replacement but the time to do it is up to me. I am 67 years old and don't know if it would be better to do it before I get older. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn I was advised with some physiotherapy exercise and the physiotherapist told that the noise in knee was due to weakening of knee muscles. But even after one year the noise in the knee and pain was not reduced. Noise and pain especially while raising the leg in sitting position and considerably less during waling. Now the normal left knee is also started pain. Please let me know the noise and pain the affected knee is sign for arthritis?
Avatar f tn I am a 54-year old, admittedly overweight woman. My pain is just out of control. I have severe arthritis in my knees and lower back. The knees are at the stage where my doctor says the only option is knee replacement surgery, and that I should let him know when the pain is too bad to tolerate. So, any walking is painful, as is driving, getting out of a chair, etc. Even worse is the lower back pain.
Avatar f tn The pain will come with walking, sometimes very quickly and sometimes not much at all. When the pain comes, I have a swelling on the outside of the knee joint about the size of half a golf ball. When I rest the swelling and pain go away within 10 or 20 minutes. This doesn't sound like arthritis to me. A two-fold question, would these symptoms be consistent with AO? Or do these symptoms sound more like damage to the meniscus? Also...
1850203 tn?1325253608 the pain of the knee is at the side of the knee cap. sometimes it (the bump) will pop out -- whenever I get up from a chair. I pop it back in by sitting down again and raising the lower leg. this might be from an injury when I was 4 when thrown down from a stool and landing on knees several times. thank you.
Avatar m tn Back in December 2012 I began experiencing intermittent sharp pain in my knee (backside of leg where the knee buckles) and it would last only a few seconds and then go away as if nothing happened. It happened at complete random, all detective work led nowhere, for all I knew someone could have been shoving a needle in a voodoo doll of me. After about 4 months it stopped happening for a good while, but this month it's starting to happen again, only worse.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have pain in the tibia of my left leg, which I think is below the knee cap. The pain started when I was 18, after I got an injury during a basketball game. Now I'm 20 and I still feel the pain only when I engage in physical activity. What's wrong with me. Could these by osgood schlatters disease?
Avatar f tn I have just started having a dull aching pain in and around my left knee. It has started waking me up at night. I am already on Celebrex 200 twice a day. Could this still be arthritis?
Avatar f tn Standing up/stretching causes great pain. At times, shooting pain in front of lower leg and down sides of foot. Had Ultrasound blockages, no cyst, no clot. inflammation of tissues/unknown origin. This has been going on for a month now. Doctor gave me Celebrex-antianflamatory, leg exercises to stretch and recommended wrap around cold compresses. Your post was a year ago....I hope you are not still suffering-let me know. I'm counting on being normal soon!
Avatar m tn I was putting in padded flooring in my home gym for about 4 hours. Since then I've had pain in my right knee only when kneeling on my right knee (like when tying shoes). It's to the side of the knee and feels like something is being stretched laterally at first, before I get a sharp pain that feels like it's stinging/tingly. It is not completely on the side of my knee, but in the softer area to the side of my knee cap.
Avatar f tn However with your symptoms, the presence of loose bodies and internal knee injuries may need to be ruled out. You may also require a knee brace to stabilize the patella if suggested. At this stage I would advise seeing an orthopedician and after an evaluation a management plan can be drafted accordingly. Hope this is useful. Take care!
Avatar n tn Now unable to put full weight on Lt leg.No swelling behind knee/light swelling above front of knee cap.Pain when bending knee /more pain when bending with Lt toes pointed toward the outside.The snap seemed to come from behind and to the left end of the joint.Soreness/tightness remain. What could be happening?
Avatar f tn m feeling. The most aggrivating one recently is muscle knee pain so intense sometimes I need help getting up. Both knees have been replaced many years ago and the hardware has been declared flawless. What's up? I'm constantly dizzy. Is that the MS or the Meniere's?
Avatar n tn I have excruciating electric shock like pain at the back of my knee..left comes without any warning, so severe that i scream...sometimes it doesn't come for few days then it comes 10 times a bizarre..going to do a mri today..the pain lasts only few seconds..once the pain is gone, there is no ache or pain at the knee at pain when i walk or run..nothing, Ultrsound ruled out any clot..there is no swelling, redness either..if anybody has any answers please let me know.
Avatar n tn i have pain under both kneecaps and is painful to walk on but there is no pain when i bend either knee I have suffered no injury that would cause this and pain was in right knee first and now its both
Avatar f tn Pellegrini-Stieda Syndrome, a condition of pain at the origin of the medial collateral ligament on the end of the thigh bone, usually occurs when there is pain over a calcium deposit seen in this area. It is best that you discus the results with your attending physician for proper evaluation. Additional diagnostic tests such as MRI may indeed help. Take care and do keep us posted.
3201003 tn?1345349318 my 6 yr old cries every night with knee pain but the knee dr and regular dr says she is ok she has been hurting since she was able to walk about 10 months old i dont know wat to do can you help me please
Avatar n tn I have pain behind my knee and my leg is swollen in the calf. I was checked for blood clot and it was negative. I feel heat coming out of my knee when I place an ice pack on it. It warms the ice pack quickly. My thigh is swollen too, but all the pain is in my knee. It hurts to touch the bones in my knee. My ankles are a little swollen and also the calf on the other leg. I have had a meniscus tear and arthritis in one knee and baker's cyst in the other.
Avatar f tn Past 2 days i am having knee pain while sitting time only. I felt my knees getting very strife also.