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3177740 tn?1374678957 has any of your MS specialists said what is a recommended level of Vitamin D and B12? My first Vitamin D test I had my levels were at 24..........My B12 was 400 something.
1500366 tn?1289229298 Do you think its possible Kidney Stones are coming back? I have had tingling in my back near my right kidney. With everything else thats going on I get confused at what is where.
Avatar f tn Your vitamin B12 level is not that high. Excess amounts of Vitamin B12 from food or supplements have not been associated with adverse effects. A Tolerable Upper Intake Level has not been determined due to the low toxicity of the vitamin. Doses do range from 2 to 1000µg. Recommended daily allowance for men and women is 2.4µg.
Avatar m tn Women who do not have enough vitamin B12 in their blood before and after conception have a greater chance of having a baby with brain or spinal cord defects, a new study says. Most at risk may be vegans and vegetarians, since B12 is far more common in meat and animal-based foods, noted an American and Irish research team whose findings were published in the March issue of Pediatrics.. According to the study, women with low levels of B12 had at least 2.
Avatar n tn 0 (normal range = 30 - 100) Vitamin B12 = 878 (normal range = 232 - 1245) After the December 2017 blood tests, everything (Synthroid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Selenium) stayed the same. In late October 2018, I had some blood tests, and these were the results: FT4 = 1.00 (normal range = 0.82 - 1.77) FT3 = 3.0 (normal range = 2.0 - 4.4) TSH = 3.010 (normal range = 0.450 - 4.500) Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy = 17.
Avatar f tn Liver is an excellent source of vitamin B12. The absorption of vitamin B12 is a complex process. B12 must be cleaved from its protein carriers by an acidic pH of the stomach. If you take antacids or use any acid-blocking medications, such as Nexium, Prilosec, AcipHex, or Zantac, you will not free vitamin B12 for absorption. Also, a protein, called intrinsic factor, must be produced in the stomach to bind with vitamin B12 to aid in its absorption.
Avatar f tn i been suffrering for years with what i thought was just a nervous stomach,but after a miscarriage there started the pain and another 3 miscarriages later and still in pain being told by my doctor it was just that i was unfit, i gave up until recently when i couldnt go to the gym as every time i go on the cardio machines i set the alarms off with a very high pulse rate, the pain in my abdominal area was so bad i was doubled up after eating certain things and had tiredeness, feeling low a lot of
Avatar f tn b12 taking 500 twice a day feel a little better hemotologist told me not b12 def... but anemic yes. i told neurologist and she thinks this is all vitamin deficient.. get another mri with and withou contrast in 6 weeks if the lesions are still there i get a spinal tap.. i can barely function with walking and balance issues. she said there may be a underlying cause like cancer but for now no ms.. i am really confused that a low b12 would cause such damage i am at 300 level now any help???
Avatar n tn I'm just wondering if the vitamin B12 is the culprit. I have no rash just the prickly itchy feeling.
Avatar m tn First the liver must convert vitamin D to 25-hydroxy vitamin D. The second conversion takes place in the kidney when the 25-hydroxy form is further converted to 1-25-hydroxy vitamin D. THIS is the active form. I am not surprised those with Hep C, a disease that affects the liver, are so prone to low 25-hydroxy vitamin D. In these people the liver is not at it's best so is it any surprise to the first step of the vitamin's conversion to be reduced??
Avatar n tn ” There are more symptoms that are associated with this phenomenon such as calcium oxalate kidney stones, calcified nodules found in the thyroid gland and in other soft tissue organs and glands. Many elevated B6 sufferers also experience thyroid hormonal issues, as well as heart murmur type arrhythmias, and para-thyroid hormone deficiency. I assure you it appears that all these issues are related.
Avatar n tn I asked the nurse at the Mayo clinic why I would be B12 and Vitamin D deficient and she said that a lot of people of Vitamin D deficient. I'm waiting on the doctor's recommendation for the Mayo Clinic...should be getting that any day...I just went there in September. Was frustrated at the doctors here because we couldn't find anything and I felt I was missing out in life. I have two children, this happened after my second child was born, about 8 months after. Thanks for listening!
1216899 tn?1288573925 Pinched nerve in lumbar spine, damaged leg muscle Endocrine findings on blood tests: Vitamin D deficiency (level:20), chromium deficiency MRI Findings Brain MRI for possible MS: UBOs (history of migraines, 60 years old); neurologist concludes "although you can never rule out MS, your symptoms and MRI make it unlikely." Cervical spine MRI: One area of mild spinal stenosis, mild spondylosis.
Avatar f tn I had to push to get a Vitamin screen. Turns out two vitamins were low to extremely low. Vitamin b12 and Vitamin D. I hope the medical community gets educated quicker than you mentioned. I am starting the Vitamin D at 50,000IU weekly. I cross my fingers that this helps the symptoms.
1341923 tn?1276130446 4. Treating any concurrent disease to help maintain the immune system. 5. B complex and Vitamin B12 injections twice weekly or more often. B vitamins can be placed in acupuncture points as a form of acupuncture called: Aqua-puncture. 6. Abdominal X-Rays can assess the size and shape of the kidney's and urinary bladder and to see if either contains stones. Stones can act as a nidus for infection and interfere with function.
1522652 tn?1291241954 I know that there is a link beginning with my chronic uti's as a child, to my severe pms as an adolecent into adulthood, and then on to my chronic kidney stones and infections as an adult, and then the loss of my kidney, as well as the problems I'm experiencing now. My question is what specific tests do I need to request to accurately check my thyroid, parathyroid, and my calcium levels? Also, are there any specific questions that I need to ask.
Avatar f tn vitamin b12: 612 (200-1100) folate, serum: 23.2 I will take your advice and ask for additional tests as well. Strangely, every doctor I've seen always asks if I'm anemic. I was checked for it when I went to the ER, but everything came out fine...I wonder if they did a full iron test panel though? Looking at my CBC, it doesn't look like I have anemia because my hemoglobin looks fine so maybe they only checked that :s But anyways, thanks so much for your help!!
Avatar f tn I also had low vitamin D with Lyme and then low B12 and hypothyroid all from the Lyme. I also take 2000 per day vitamin D as a supplement.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Higher than normal potassium is not very unusual in kidney disease, but it is important to discount other potential causes - including kidney or urinary tract stones. An ultra-sound and white blood cell (WBC) count will help identify if stones are a problem. Phosphorus is also too high. Dogs acquire phosphorus directly from food, and normally (in healthy dogs) any excess is excreted through the kidneys.
3065262 tn?1342126161 I had myoclonic jerks (limbs suddenly jerk) with severe vitamin B12 deficiency and full body myclonic seizures (as if hit by a single jolt of electricity) due to magnesium deficiency. From your description it sounds like you are suffering from myclonic seizures. *** Excerpt from HerbProf: Magnesium - One of the Most Deficient Minerals in the American Diet...
Avatar f tn Specifically, Vitamin D and Magnesium? I am on 25 mg once a day for migraines.
Avatar f tn I also want to mention that I've got an elevated B12 as well, it's elevated and rising at 1093, despite stopping all multi vitamin supplements. Being referred to a hematologist. And I also have kidney stones and hypocitraturia, being referred to a nephrologist for that issue.
Avatar f tn Diverticulitis, spleen enlargement or infection, hiatial hernia, gastritis, pancreatitis, kidney stones or infection, constipation and other. If you consider its slow progressing presentation, you can zero in the most likely, which could be diverticulitis, spleen enlargement, gastritis, hiatal hernia, kidney stones or other. Without any testing it is very difficult to establish anything concrete.
Avatar n tn The pain in the lower back can be due to compression of the nerves or due to kidney infections or stones in kidney(nephrolithiasis).I think that getting an ultrasound abdomen or CT abdomen will help in confirming the diagnosis. Are you a diabetic or do you take alcohol?Numbness and tingling are common in alcoholics and metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypothyroidism, and hypoparathyroidismThey can also be due to peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency or malnutrition.
Avatar n tn Come to find out she has no vitamin B12 in her system at all. This was let go for so long she also now has kidney problems. You need to see a doctor and get your vitamin B12 levels checked. Everything she ate went directly thru her system. What I couldn't understand was, she is a fairly heavy set girl and this chronic diarrhea was not causing a weight loss, this is what triggered me that something was definitely not right.
Avatar f tn however, you can be at risk for toxicity (weak muscles, weak bones, excessive bleeding, and kidney stones). Vitamin D is available through our foods - Fortified milk, breakfast cereals, egg yolks, fatty fish, fish oils, and the sun. Sit at a window with the sun shining in for about 1/2 hour (few times a week) and that will help you get enough Vitamin D.
Avatar n tn she did a lot of different blood tests on me. They called me back, and said that my B12 was very low, my Vitamin D was low, and also the calcium level in my blood was high. (They did not say HOW high) I went back in, and they did an ionized calcium test, which I just found out came back as "normal". I am doing daily shots of B12, take 50,000 IU's of Vitamin D weekly for 8 weeks for those 2 issues... but I still feel extremely exhausted. I can't function normally.
Avatar n tn Therefore should I worry that I might form kidney stones or have other bad results from too much calcium. I am 74 years old. My bone density was tested at the hospital and found to be in the range of a 30 to 40 year old.
Avatar f tn I take a daily vitamin and prenatals and my dr has not said to stop
219609 tn?1210351714 This is getting worse. I'm eating well but my vitamin D is still low and with my kidney stone problems still, and I cant seem to handle the water pills any more since I work here in the desert, The sunlight is not recommended by the doctor during the treatment on this med..Im in a area were doctors and good hospitals are short and not very good. Maybe a multi vitamin of sorts is at hand here.