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Avatar f tn I also have hypothyroidism (hashimotos). I take synthroid 100mg since 1995, Victoza injection, januvia, and hazaar and b12 2000 mg sublingual, b9, and biotin for the last year. I went to a dentist and a salivary gland specialist and they don't think it's a big deal! The ent prescribed rubinol to dry up the saliva which I haven't taken yet. I have even thought about making my front 6 teeth longer to keep from spitting on people when I talk!
Avatar n tn hi i am presently living in the Philippines and i have run out of my janumet 50mg/500mg tablets and they are not available here in Philippines the only diabetic tablets available where i live are Metformin 500 tablets, can i substitute these for the janumet ?
Avatar f tn Consequently I've lost eight pounds I saw my doctor for the first time yesterday since having diabetic symptoms and was diagnosed with diabetes. (Surprise! LOL) She said she wanted to start meds slowly, so put me on 500mg metformin and 100mg Januvia and gave me an 1800 calorie diet. And she told me that if my blood sugar should end up over 400 and I was feeling really bad, to go to the emergency room.