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Avatar n tn Hello, Itchy palms with out any rash can be due to contact dermatitis, fungal infections, excessive sweating or eczema. Take some Benadryl or Claritin for the itching and apply some calamine lotion on the rash. Also wear cotton-lined gloves when doing housework such as dishes and laundry and use a good moisturizing cream to nourish the hands and feet at night. If the symptoms persist then topical steroids may be needed and systemic diseases which can cause itchy palms need to be ruled out.
Avatar n tn Since the outbreak I have had itchy palms and occasionally itchy ankles and feet, but my only outbreak of DH is on my elbows. Celiac Sprue or an allergy to wheat can be very silent and difficult to diagnose without the proper blood tests or biopsy of the small intestine. I'm hoping that following a gluten free diet will resolve my DH and itchy hands and feet, not to mention my chronic anemia.
Avatar f tn all itchy arm sufferers....please look into brachioradial pruritus. My arms, and only my arms, have itched for 10 years. no rashes, no psiorias, excema etc. The creams, allergery list is extensive as to what I have tried but nothing worked. ---------------The only thing that helps are ice packs.
Avatar f tn OK, I'm 36, and I've had the same itchy leg problem since I was in elementary school. It only comes up when I walk or jog in COOL weather, not in the heat of Summer. It happened again this morning and I hate it! It can definitely drive someone completely insane! I'm not sold on the 'rise in body temperature' theory b/c I'm able to exercise when it's hot - and we also have a hot tub that has never given me a problem... I'm so tired of not knowing why!
Avatar n tn Interested to read your post I have also just started to get an itchy 'burning' itch on my palms and feet, and I have also been pregnant recently (like yourself I also had a miscarriageand itching remains). Co-incidence? I have no useful tips unfortunately I was online looking for help myself!
Avatar f tn I became pregnant in early April and have since started getting these itchy red bumps on a much greater scale. They started again showing only in the morning and growing to be slightly larger than the end of a pencil eraser. Now, they start all throughout the day, i get small red blotchy spots that do not itch at all. They turn into nickel size swollen intensely itchy bumps that last weeks. They started on my right upper arm, then my left upper arm was attached.
Avatar f tn My mom thought it was caused by nerves as it appeared that I would break out when upset or mad. Also, at the time my older sister started school and my parents were divorcing. Then while in grade school for 3 yrs or so, I broke out with a fine red, raised rash only on my face and it itched miserably. This rash would occur around the time we were doing achievement testing at school and would last a few days then go away.
Avatar n tn I suffered from all the debilitating itchy leg symptoms described here, primarily on Sunday mornings when I was extra stressed trying to get the family out the door in time to teach Sunday school. Since I always change the sheets on Saturday, my husband suggested that it might be the detergent/fabric softener. Switching to unscented, hypo-allergenic products did help to alleviate the problem, and today I am symptom free.
Avatar n tn I have the same situation. It started a little while after I gave birth. It is only an itchy inner labia. No other side affects. I was tested for a yeast and bacteria infections. My ob-gyn has no clue (I went to 2). It comes and goes and is itchy!! I can not figure this out!!!
665881 tn?1248930597 I have been experiencing these Itchy-bee-sting like sensations all over my body, and when I say all over my body, I don't mean all at the one time, it's more of a periodic type of sensation that just 'pops' up in different places around my body, for example; I just had one on my leg, then 5 seconds later I got one on my stomach, and then my foot. These prickle/stings that I feel do not have any visual symptoms, such as bumps rash, etc.
Avatar n tn i have had a itchy scalp for 2 months and now i have a rash on back of neck and is itchy.i just went to my doctor today and she said i had head lice WRONG!!! if i had head lice i would be infested with them and so wouldn't my family.i have tried t-gel,head and shoulders,scalpacin and taking benadryl.i do have a little bit of dandruff and the tops of my ears itch.
Avatar n tn Hi: I know itchy skin doesn't sound like a big problem, but my legs and arms itch like they were about to fall off everytime I take a shower. I don't have dry skin and I use Aveeno body lotion everyday to make sure I get enough moisture. The itching is like an intense tingling only on my arms and legs (mostly on my legs) and it's so bad that sometimes I just want to run yelling into the street.
1706625 tn?1343065313 Okay i have never ever had this symptoms before,,,,,,but i have been extremely irritable, mad, gassy, itchy all over, loss of appetite and REALLY bad mood swings~~~it is driving me crazzzzzyyyyyyyyy!!! :(( All i wanna do is C R Y!!! i do not feel comfortable at all!!! And frickin DF is being a .......a.......i dont know he getting on my nerves and dont seem to care how i am feeling grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
Avatar n tn Recently, I could feel the nerves in my palms tingling, andmy palms would become very itchy. The itching was driving me nuts, and the tingling was bothersome! What can I do to calm the itchy, and get rid of the tingling?
Avatar f tn red mosquito like welts on stomach. all are extremely itchy. especially on palms but not on feet. nothing on my face.
666921 tn?1254994218 Yes me aswell ....rashes, itchy skin, itchy scalp, itchy eyes, you name it.... and it itches.....feet , fingers. not all the time sometimes, but rash aroung my neck on and off each day also tops of my arms.
Avatar n tn When I run my hands under cold water they really tingle to the point of it nearly being painful. Also in the evenings I have been getting itchy palms. Does anyone know what is causing this?
Avatar n tn Dear none: My best guess is that you have dyshidrosis, a common, inscrutable, and minor skin affliction which produces little blisters on the palms and/or soles. It isn't fungal, nor are "nerves" likely to be onvolved. (Not that we have a clue as to what else might cause it.) The condition comes and goes. Topical steroids (like Diprolene) help a bit, if the symptoms are worth the trouble.
Avatar n tn It kept the infection from spreading but did not cure it. My GP put me back on clindamycin..for 2 weeks. Into the second week I woke up with very itchy palms and fingers and swollen hands. The swelling persisted for several days. I am now finished the latest batch of clindamycin but my palms and fingers are peeling like crazy and I am beginning to itch on my lower forearms. The infection, incidently, is taking over again with swelling from above the tooth up to my nose (so far).
Avatar f tn But all that said, if you're talking about a rash on your feet and palms that is itchy, it doesn't sound like herpes and doesn't even sound like atypical herpes. That said, I really do think anything is possible with HSV2--just that in your case it really is very unlikely. The HSV2 has to travel the network of nerves from the primary site of infection. What doctors tend to underestimate is that HSV2 really can travel up and down the body even if it was acquired in the genital region.
Avatar n tn I have had pinhead blisters on my feet (bottom and arch) which has recently spread to the top of my toes along with on my hands which started on the palm and now has worked it's why to the top of my hands and fingers. these blisters are extrememly itchy and irritating. sometimes i will pop them with a needle but that seems to make them itch even more. it is extrememly uncomfortable and I would really like to figure out what is going on.
Avatar n tn There are tiny, fluid filled blisters and it is very itchy. The rash has spread to my palms and tops of my fingers, and on the inner sides of my feet. There are some tiny bumps at my facial hairline also, but those are not itchy. I called the doctor at reproductive medicine and they told me they'd "never heard" of such a reaction to the drugs I was given and said it must not be related to that. (note: I have no vaginal/genital itching or redness, so it seems unlikely the prog.
Avatar n tn They usually pop up in the same areas, my palms, my fingers, my knuckles, anywhere on my hands. I had have some individual bumps scattered on my body that are they same, but somewhat larger and not as itchy, but still a pain. The biggest issues are my hands, Its horrific and driving me to insanity. Since a child ive had issues with my nerves and anxiety and was always very sensitive to my surroundings. Now, I just moved into this house and since then theeeese bumps have appeared.
999891 tn?1407279676 Hi I get this rash on my hands and on my back, the best way I can describe it is it looks like sun burn on the palms of my hands and across my shoulders and down the center of my back. It is painless but there is numbness in the area where the rash is....It is going on for months now and comes and goes. Anyone experience this?
Avatar n tn My skin also feels like its burning when i touch it. My scalp has been very itchy and more of my hair has been falling out than usual. About 2 months ago small pus filled spots that arise in lines appeared again on the soles of my feet. They have begun to fade and flake off recently. Now though small bumps that are not colored have appeared in patches on my arms and are itchy. What is this? I can not find anything about this condition on the web.
Avatar f tn I had hives and itching---it all started with red itchy palms--kinda felt like I had athletes foot on my palms--the itch was crazy itch--you know how they say itchy palms mean you will come into money? Well mine itched so bad I should have come into millions-lol.
Avatar n tn I think it has to do w/ blood pressure and/or nerves. I also get cholinergic urticaria which is hivelike symptoms....after exercise, but some people get that in the shower if the water is too hot. I agree w/ using cooler water. It may be a help, good luck.
Avatar m tn I developed a rash on my hands and feet palms and soles red with white dots ans swell but if I raise my hands above my head I can shake it off .my hands do peel though this is new stuff for me so a week after I had a full panel done every thing came back negative except herpes witch i must of recieved from my wife 10 or more years ago she has it to.
Avatar m tn -Tingling, massage-like tickle above both ears all around the circumference of the head, lasting about 30 minutes -Sweaty palms and vibrating sensation throughout the body along with above, lessening in intensity -Tingling in head becomes numb and causes minor vision disturbance. It feels like anesthesia applied to the head and upper face. All feels tight. -Foggy ears, constant -my teeth are chattering a bit with some tingling in the teeth and gums.
Avatar n tn I have been wondering for several years why I was itching intensely on my palms and feet primarily. Palms get bright red and somewhat swollen but no visible rash or hives. I have been taking the antihistamine Zyrtec for other allergies which stops the itching. In thinking about it ...the itching started after switching from Prozac to Paxil. I have searched the internet for information on what was going on and now maybe I have found the reason.