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Avatar n tn my inner labia gets very itchy, especially when wiping after using the washroom and a week before my period. At first i thought it was an allergy to the toilet paper so i switched brands, that helped but then continued back.
Avatar n tn Hi all, My inner labia has been itchy for about 4 months on and off. Last month I had it really bad....this time not as bad. I'm on the pill and my problem occures on the 3rd/4th day of taking the pill....Sometimes it starts after sex, sometimes it has started after using certain soaps which maybe has dried it out and I used to trim down there but now have stop because i thought i was trimming too close to the labia. Before my boyfriend has had red dots appear on himself....
Avatar n tn I started 3 days before period and stopped while I had my period as soon as the period stopped the itching started again. I thought it might be a yeast infection (even though there was no discharge) took 3 day treatment no itching and when treatment was over it came right back. The itching happens through the day off and on. I can go a day or two with no itching and then it comes back. I went to the Doctor and she found nothing.
Avatar n tn Then, after intercourse, I would feel so uncomfortable - itchy, burny, just not right, but the most alarming thing was that my labia minora (especically one side) would turn bright red and swell up like a balloon. Very hard, and swollen and would take several hours for the swelling to subside. This only happens during sex - other than that, no symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi, During my period I always get itchiness on the inside of my labia majora, around the top near my clitoris. It ocurrs just before my period and stays with me throughout. It is now the 8th day of my period and my period has since stopped. I still have some itchiness so I went to check the area with a hand held mirror. I noticed that there is a red spot there.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 14 y/o and about 8 months ago my vagina became very itchy and I noticed my labia on my left side become VERY swollen and small, white, itchy, spots appeared on it and on my inner left lip. My labia stays swollen all the time , it hasn't been back to normal size since i first noticed it. Nothing is painful at all just very itchy. I told my mom and she wants to get me in to see a doctor but I just don't think I'd feel comfortable with someone looking down there.
Avatar n tn you are desccribing what i get every now and then (esp before my period) is called a bartholins (sp) cyst. its a bump, mine began purplish and HURT! if its white then its (pus) most likely ready to come out. dont squeeze it. just put a warm-hot cloth on it as much as you can to draw it out.
Avatar f tn Mine is always worse before my period which leads me to believe it's hormonal, but what can I do about that. I'm on the pill. One other thought I had is maybe it's itchy scar tissue from tearing when birthing my child. I had two areas that had to be stitched. sometimes stretch marks itch, so MAYBE that could too..... but seriously I have yet to find permanent relief from this. I wish I could get answers but my docs look at me like I'm crazy because they don't see anything.
Avatar n tn Also, I had gained some weight and was stuffing myself into my jeans so I thought it had something to do with tight clothing. It was especially itchy after hot baths and after my period it itched intensely in my hair, near the waist line. I scratched so hard it bleed and my skin dried out. Then in December 2006, I got what looked like a pimple on the inside of my labia minora. I squeezed it and it popped out blood. It wasn't painful, but it did grow in size.
Avatar m tn i have kind of dry, itchy vagina, not inside, just the labia and the opening of my vagina, I am almost at the end of my birth control pills and close to my period again! i wonder if it has anything to do with that again! I am trying to not eat anything sugary and drink plenty of water to hopefully make it go away! i am so scared this will stay like this forever! i am about to get married and i really don't want to have this condition forever!
Avatar n tn make an appointment with your doctor, and tell them that you know it is normal that labia minor can be longer than labia majora, but i want just want to make sure that everything is healthy and normal with me. you will feel so much better.
Avatar n tn Here it is: About a week ago, (just before my period which started today) my vaginal area was rather irritated and itchy--not swollen, but just irritated (should I mention that the weather was unusally hot?) I decided to take an in-depth look and noticed two small, reddish bumps near my vaginal opening. They dont have a white head and are not secreting anything. I no longer have any sort of pain, but the bumps are still there, though not quite as raised as before.
Avatar n tn About three months ago Inoticed something that looked exactly like a skin tag on my labia minora maybe a centimeter next to my clitoris. I had a regular doctors appointment the week after I noticed it so I figured I would wait and ask her. She told me that you cannot get a skin tag on a mucus membrane and that it had to be genital warts. I left the office all upset especially being that I am married for almost 5 years.
Avatar n tn Concerned about red bumps on my labia! I have about 8 of these small, raised bumps. They're smaller than a pea, look like mosquito bites, and are itchy and sore. The entrace to my vagina is swollen and sore. The glands where my hip bones meet my vagina are also swollen and sore. I'm also having a more liquidy discharge than normal, but no odors. I used a condom with the spermicide Nonoxynol-9 for the first time this past Friday and within an hour these bumps started forming.
Avatar f tn I honestly think that the swollen labia is caused by the fact that u werent as wet as usual, i had that before , i woke in the morning after having sex the night before with a swollen labia, i went straight to the walk in clinic they put me on a antibiotic, and said the swelling was from the friction, but also did u use a condom cause if u did, it might be an allergic reaction, i hope this helps
Avatar n tn ) I will say it is about the size of a nickel in diameter and length. It is my labia!!! It is hard to say if it is a cyst!! However before an onset, my glands swell or lymph nodes in my inner groin area. What is up with this? I have no clue. I also didn't realize so many experience this discomfort and it just gives me another thing to pray for. Besides, we are in this thing together and I hate to think anyone is experiencing the discomfort when urinating and just walking in general.
Avatar f tn i have small white bumps on my labia that are very itchy and very painful, i am 18 and i have an irregular period and i have never had any kind of sex. i went to the clinic and got the regular single dose meds from the doctor that i usually take for a yeast infection, but it didnt work, i still have bumps and its VERY painful.
Avatar f tn I too have experienced this itchy and swollen inner labia problem, just within the last two months. I went to my gyn because I did have some discharge which was white and kind of weird in consistency. He cultured it and sent me home with Metrozinale (sp?). That cleared up fine. He called to say the culture showed no signs of infection. The itch has been off and on for quite some time...seeming to get worse right before and during my period, and also if I did some shaving.
Avatar f tn So I recently had my period everything was fine until one day i woke up and I felt my "lips" were burning. So I shaved that same morning and I noticed my skin was irritated so I figured it was due to the pad I wore because I was already half way through and I did not have this before.
Avatar f tn i have noticed recently, that my inner thighs have taken on a tan look which is odd because I am ghostly pale and my legs never see the light of day, and it's only in a small are near my vagina. Also, my inner labia have turned from their normal pink to brown and feel bruised. My outer labia has taken on a more red tone.... I'm scared. I cannot go to the doctor anytime soon because they have a waiting list for annuals... Oh and also, haven't had sex in two months.
Avatar n tn thrush can also cause small cuts on your labia, which can be painfull when you wee and even more itchy. before i knew about garlic i was using canesten cream morning and night.
1038861 tn?1254323161 About a year ago I started to experience an itchy labia minora along with white clumpy liquid discharge. At my anual I was told it wasn't yeast. Any movement will make it start to itch, at night sometimes when I am asleep I scratch and in the morning, I'm bleeding because I've scratched so much. During the day I have to wash and change my underwear 3-4 times a day if not more.
Avatar n tn The same thing is happening to me, I have had this problem once before where your labia feels swollen, burning, hurts when you pee snot like discharge. My ex I had to stay at his house and I broke up with him when he cheated and I got it and no one can say what it is "Bacteria" so treatment with flagyl helps temporarily then it comes back. It took three treatments of Erythromycin, along with treated three times for C &G and then once for syphilious.
Avatar n tn I am 7 days out before my next period and the itching started about 10 days before. It is the right side as well, never the left. I even grew my hair back thinking this would help and it did until it got closer to my period. So I too am breaking this down to some sort of hormone thing. I have not tried the cream yet either, plan on calling my gyn. I am 45 almost 46, I have been dealing with this for almost 2 years. I am diabectic and I also am questioning sugar intake?
Avatar f tn new sexual partner for 6 weeks. I have sores on the inner labia near the clitoris that actually look like popped blisters with the skin rubbed off. Since having 3 kids my labia habe gotten "saggy" and the one side hangs low and protrudes out of the outer labia. I thought it was from rough sex, he does the Jack hammer thing once in a while. then thought it was from my undies or clothes rubbing on my skin there. i have hpv, no warts or anything ever.
Avatar f tn I THINK HAVE HAD YEAST INFECTIONS,BUT I HAVE HAD BOILS IN THE LABIA BEFORE DUE TO CRHONS Do you experience pain/irritation/sensitivity with the clitoris, inner labia or outer labis (or all) ? I DO EXPRIENCE PAIN AFTER SEX IN THE CLITORIS.