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Avatar f tn I have these weird bumps in my lower area of my labia majora. They itch and become irritatied after scratching. It's been an on and off thing for the pass 7 months but this time around there are also things that look like skin tags. Please help me figure out what's going on with me.
Avatar n tn I have bumbs on my left labia that are itchy they stay for months and go away and they've come back. The only symptom I have is that their itchy. What can I expect HPV or herpies?
Avatar n tn So I've never posted before, I'm 17. I have small white bumps on my labia around my vagina, they're very itchy and painful to touch. I've tried googling but nothing is helpful, I know it's not an STI because I've never had sex. Has anyone experienced this before or have any idea what it could be?
Avatar f tn Hi I've had red itchy bumps on labia majora for a couple months now. I developed an itchy rash in the crease between thigh and vulva and used anti fungal cream. That part has seemed to clear up for the most part but the red itchy bumps on my labia majora are still there. They do not hurt, and they have not blistered they just itch on and off.
Avatar n tn i have some itchy small bumps that appear every couple months on the outer part of the labia. i have been tested 2 times for herpes (specifically) and other stds and have been negative. my gyn even swabbed the sore for the herpes test and it was negative. anyone ever had a problem like this? the area around it seems to feel tender also. i tend to rule out ingrown hairs as they appear too often it would seem. my doctor tells me not to worry, but doesn't really have an answer as to what they are..
Avatar f tn over the past few years, as I have gained some weight also, my external genitalia has become irritated, sometimes bumpy (bumps under the skin), and usually itchy. The odor has changed somewhat also, and not for the better. Oh, and also discolored, maybe from friction? Is there any relief for this situation? I have a love/hate relationship with my vulva! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/414905'>Im at my wits end....please help</a>.
Avatar m tn I tested positive for Chlamydia and then took the antibiotics to get better but a couple weeks later started experiencing these itchy bumps on my inner labia. They resemble fordyce spots a bit and that is what my doctor keeps telling me, but fordyce spots do not itch. I was tested for herpes 2 weeks and then 9 weeks after possible exposure and it has still come up negative.
Avatar f tn jpg It look like a clear bumps range on my inner labia . I don't know what it is.. I am 25 years old and I am sexually active past 2 week. Normally it is safe sex until a week before the itch appear .. it wasn't anything crazy.. it was more like just a few second to see how it like. but yah, a week later it start to itch.. it'd been like this for 4 days.
Avatar m tn i have noticed small flesh colored bumps on the lower part of my inner labia near the vaginal opening that are itchy when i urinate and whipe. they come and go sometimes they are small and sometimes they are a little larger. they dont look like warts or herpes but i am very concerned thats what it is. please if you know anything about this i could use the help. i am a little to embarrassed to go see a doctor because i have never had a doctor look down there and am to uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn I recently noticed small bumps on my labia minora. They're very tiny, and there's a larger area of them on the right side than the left. The bumps look almost like swollen tastebuds that I've had on my tongue in the past and are the same color as the rest of my labia minora. They're slightly itchy, and I'm stupid and decided to pop one of them - there was no pus, only blood. Does anyone have a clue as to what this is? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated...thanks.
Avatar f tn Well i never use to but i started using it after i noticed i was getting these bumps.. Its never more than one or two bumps and they arent ever clustered or by each other.. and they disappear after a few days when i use neosporin.
1949068 tn?1449632119 I have two bumps on my right upper Labia (Vagina lip). It start this start with itching. Then by Friday I have two little itchy bumps there.
Avatar n tn About a week later, 2 red bumps (the size of mosquito bites) showed up on my labia majoris. They weren't too itchy, but sore to the touch. There weren't any hair follicles, and when you squeezed them, nothing came out. After about a week, one of them went away but the other stayed in the same condition. After another week, it wasn't sore but there was clearly a lump under the skin. I was so scared, and on the verge of tears, but I decided to go to the doctor.
Avatar n tn Doctor said that I have cervicitis when she did the colposcopy. After a few days, I noticed a couple of bumps on my outer labia (vulva)and they are itchy (size of pimple). Is this related to my hpv? Or is it possibly yeast infection due to the antibiotic that she applied during colposcopy? Or is this early symptoms of vulvar cancer? I am so worried.
Avatar n tn Hello I have noticed 2 small bumps on my labia minora, they are side by side one another. They dont hurt at all but they are SOOOOOOO itchy. I made them bleed by itching them and now they have white inside which I assume is the skin trying to heal itself because when I rub it with my finger the white comes off and it is an indented raw red color.(sort of like when you pick a scab) As far as I know, genital warts spread when opened up. (that is true right?
Avatar m tn Hi I have recently noticed a couple of small bumps on my left labia. At first they were itchy but when i scratched them i broke the skin and now they're sore. They are not ***** or anything like that just itchy. I am sexually active but i have only slept with the one person and as far as i know he is only sleeping with me. I do shave and thought it was an ingrown hair at first but i'm quite sure it's not. Please help i'm freaking out. I had a pap smear 2 months ago and was clear.
Avatar n tn i have experienced these itchy red bumps on my outer labia which are so itchy, that when excessively scratched bleed. there is no discharge or nothing just itchiness please help.They are about 1 milimeter in diameter and there is about 4 to five on each side. There is no burning sensation and i have been married for 5 years and we both have no history of stds so what other thing could this be.. thanks for the help it is appreciated This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I have tiny itchy bumps on my inner labia. I'm a virgin, so i don't think it's an STD. The itching seems to get worse around and during my period. I'm freaking out, please help!
Avatar f tn I checked and the right side of my Labia Major and Labia Minor are extremely swollen and red with little red bumps everywhere. The bumps aren't really on the outside though, they're more part of it? Over the past hour the swelling has gone down a little and I can now see that where there was swelling there is a tiny little circular open sore, not white or anything, just a little circle, same color as everything else. I don't know if the stinging was the soap and this or what.
Avatar n tn I no longer have any sort of pain, but the bumps are still there, though not quite as raised as before. The bumps dont hurt, per say, except MENTALLY because Im freaking out as to what they could be. The same sort of itchy irriation occured in May, but with no visible bumps. Again, the weather was unusually hot, it was just before my period.... The last time I had sex was two monthes ago (protected!), which makes me wonder why this is occuring NOW.
Avatar n tn I have a cluster of these strange oblong-tastebud-like bumps in my inner labia, only on the left side, very close to the vaginal opening. They are more long than wide, and they are thin and very clustered (it's really gross). They were also really itchy last night but not anymore, although they are still there. I got the same thing about a year ago. They would go away on their. f That happened a few times and not recently since then.
Avatar f tn I'm 17 and Ive been getting these painful swollen bumps on my labia majora and they get ripe and sometimes ooze pus and blood. My labia also gets rly itchy sometimes too. I've had this off and on for the past year or so. I'm a virgin. I've never had anykind of sexual contact at ALL!!!!! Help please.
Avatar f tn Recently I've noticed that both my labia minoras are slightly swollen, my left more than right, and its itchy, but not too bad. I have discovered bumps on the inside of my vagina, only on one side, and they aren't painful. I have been having thick, oderless discharge. I don't want to tell my mom to take me to the doctor because she does not know that I'm sexually active.
Avatar n tn Concerned about red bumps on my labia! I have about 8 of these small, raised bumps. They're smaller than a pea, look like mosquito bites, and are itchy and sore. The entrace to my vagina is swollen and sore. The glands where my hip bones meet my vagina are also swollen and sore. I'm also having a more liquidy discharge than normal, but no odors. I used a condom with the spermicide Nonoxynol-9 for the first time this past Friday and within an hour these bumps started forming.