Swollen itchy labia with discharge

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Avatar f tn I have resurched type 2 and the only symtom I have that goes with type 2 is the itchyness. A few weeks ago My right labia was swollen and I had a small cut like thing on the outside of the labia in the crees. It was painful. The swelling went down the same day and the cut was gone by the next day. I had had sex the night before so I just thought it was from having sex cuz my doc said that your skin is thinned out from having a baby.
Avatar f tn I recently shaved and now my labia are severely swollen and a bit itchy. This hasn't happened to me before. Is this normal irritation or could it be something else? I have no discharge or burning, only swelling and an itch.
Avatar n tn I have had a bladder infection for about 2 weeks, I havent seen a doctor because I have medicine and I have had enought UTIs that I just wait them out. The swollen labia isnt huge or anything but its quite painful and itchy but when I itch it hurts as well. And my sex life is basically on hold because the pain is horrible. Also, i have been very... wet since this started, a kind of constant discharge, not a lot, but noticable.
Avatar f tn What it doesn't tell me is how to (deal, cope, minimize, OR HELP) For the past few days now my labias are both swollen and itchy at times. I am very clean and wipe front to back. I wear cotton underware with a liner now because of some discharge. I was just hoping someone out there has a few tips or tricks on how to survive !! I am 26 weeks now and I pray rhis doesn't last the rest of my pregnancy! !!!
Avatar f tn I checked and the right side of my Labia Major and Labia Minor are extremely swollen and red with little red bumps everywhere. The bumps aren't really on the outside though, they're more part of it? Over the past hour the swelling has gone down a little and I can now see that where there was swelling there is a tiny little circular open sore, not white or anything, just a little circle, same color as everything else. I don't know if the stinging was the soap and this or what.
Avatar f tn Last night I was slightly itchy with a little more discharge than usual, but nothing very concerning. This morning when I woke up I had much more discharge on my liner than usual and it was slightly discolored, almost the same way it is at the beginning or end of a period. However I had some serious discomfort walking and when I looked at myself, my left labia was incredibly swollen and red and my right was only beginning to swell.
Avatar n tn My labia minora is very itchy and is now red and slightly swollen, probably from scratching so much. I've never had a yeast infection before, but I was recently prescribed a cream to deal with a fungal infection of my eczema on my arm. The little research I've done seems to indicate the fungal infection and the yeast infection share similar sources. It is really itchy but no discharge or any other symptoms. Is it a yeast infection?
Avatar f tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Itchy swollen labia and yellow vaginal discharge is seen in cervicits (inflammation of cervix). Vulvovaginitis (inflammation of vulva and vagina) and STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia. Agreed condoms form a protective layer, but they may tear or form holes during sex making both partners vulnerable to STDs. Do consult your gynecologist and get a complete STD panel done. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.
Avatar n tn Hi, i recently had sex with my partner of 3 and a half years about 3 days in a row. Nothing different from usual however, i now am suffering with swollen labia minora which is also quite red. Its not particularly itchy, no unusual discharge or smell but i have no idea how to reduce the swelling until it subsides as it can be a little paiful to touch too.
Avatar n tn i know, it's the most frustrating thing ever. do you ever have an internal itching/burning or is it just the swollen labia and discharge? one thing that i'm learning is that if they take a sample when symptoms are not there, it's not going to show anything. Have they done a culture? That might help figure out exactly what it is that they are not seeing on the slides. Perhaps it is something that you are using in that area that is irritating you like scented soaps, thongs, etc.
Avatar n tn I am 19 years old, and I too have this symptom... the itchy labia, though mine are the labia minora; and no discharge, smell, or burning... unless I scratch it. When it first started itching, I was able to resist scratching and I expected it to burn something awful when I urinated, because I suspected a UTI; however, it didn't burn like a UTI, so it wasn't that. It's been itching on and off for three days, so I decided to google it to see if I could find any sort of help.
Avatar f tn While it sounds simple enough, and not too complicated, your swollen labia being red and itchy doesn't in effect sound too bad. When there is discolouration, discharge, puss or spread of rash, often signals more concern. But what you describe can also lead to those more serious symptoms. So you do need to keep an eye out, and of course, seek medical advice and attention if there is no change or it gets worse.
Avatar n tn The inside of my vagina, or my labia becomes so itchy when I lie down to go to sleep/nap. When I am up during the day it doesnt bother me at all, but at night I feel like Im losing my mind. I have tried taking showers before I go to sleep and making sure the area is kept clean and let to breathe, but its just not helping. It itches so bad that I have to scratch and my labia is very red and irritated. I have no unusual discharge or odor changes, just the absolutely uncontrollable itch.
Avatar f tn After sex I noticed that my labia (or lips) have become extremely swollen, mostly on one side, but both are still pretty swollen. I feel no burning at all even when I use the restroom, itching, pain or discolored discharge, but just the simple fact that I am swollen after intercourse. And I feel that its extremely swollen, not just a little swelling. I feel that this is not normal concidering the fact that this is not an everyday thing...
Avatar f tn In the last 2 days my clit and labia have been slightly itchy,  almost like the itch pink eye gives you, but down there.and my clit and labia have been slightly swollen, protuding just slightly between my outer lips. not sure if it's swollen because of a bit of scrathing. It is going into winter here so the weather is dry, not sure if this could cause the dry irrataion that caused the itch or if it's linked to my sexual activity?
Avatar f tn Recently I've noticed that both my labia minoras are slightly swollen, my left more than right, and its itchy, but not too bad. I have discovered bumps on the inside of my vagina, only on one side, and they aren't painful. I have been having thick, oderless discharge. I don't want to tell my mom to take me to the doctor because she does not know that I'm sexually active.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Itchy swollen labia are seen in cervicits (inflammation of cervix). Vulvovaginitis (inflammation of vulva and vagina) and STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia. Take a swab test for STD and see. The other possibility is contact dermatitis causing an allergic reaction to soap, powders, lotions, garments etc. Please check if you have changed any in recent past. If you used condoms, it could also be allergy to latex of condoms.
Avatar n tn the next morning the swelling went down but still continues to be very itchy. Now the other side of my outside labia is swollen, red, and feels hard. There is also some discharge, which has become to look like the discharge from a yeast infection. I have read places that spermicides cause yeast infections, but have never had one this bad!! any idea whats going on???
Avatar n tn I had a yeast infection 2 times for the past 6 months treated with fungistat and vagitrol, but did not share that information with my partner, I have been with him only but living in different cities. Two months ago I had a burning sensation in my inner labia and had like two white pimples near my anus and the begining of my vagina, I got acyclovir oral, and they went away.
Avatar n tn Yet for about 2 months the right side of my Labia minora has been swollen. Unlike what I've read in other forums, It is not red, nor is it painful and itchy. I do have a discharge. Yet Ive had that for about 2 years. And it is said to be normal. -Unfortunately now, I dont have insurance and am not able to go see the doctor. I am also ashamed to go to my mother and explain what is happening if you have any idea what this is and how i can fix this it would be very helpful. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I tested positive for Chlamydia and then took the antibiotics to get better but a couple weeks later started experiencing these itchy bumps on my inner labia. They resemble fordyce spots a bit and that is what my doctor keeps telling me, but fordyce spots do not itch. I was tested for herpes 2 weeks and then 9 weeks after possible exposure and it has still come up negative.