Is tobradex used for styes

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Avatar m tn By Wednesday it was worse so I went to opthamologist who disgnosed Chalazion and prescribed warm/hot compresses several tmes a day and TOBRADEX eye drops 4 x a day + TOBRADEX ointment at night. It is now Saturday, six days later, with eye worse. Does this seem like good advice? Is it usual that a Chalazion will get worse after initial appearance and after treatment has started I am away from home for work which makes me less secure about medical care.
Avatar n tn Would these problems cause loss of eyelashes? Is Tobradex used for blepharitis, and if so, help eyelashes grow back? Thank you _________ Blepharitis is an inflammatory condition of the eyelids usually caused by a low grade, chronic infection. It is a common condition. It is commonly seen in people with oily skin, dry eyes or those with a condition called acne rosacea. People with blepharitis are more likely to get styes or chalazions.
Avatar n tn Hi, my name is Diana I have a 2 yr old daughter, who has chalazia in both eyes, she got 2 in the right eye and one in the left one, one of the chalazion in the right eye just ruptured last week and Im fine with it because is smaller now and it looks like starting to heal, but the other one in the same eye just got the white head and it seems like it started to rupture but this time is inside the eye, so im little concerned about it, is this dangerous for her?
Avatar n tn My lids are permanently wrinkly. Some is due to my age , 49, some, in my opinion is due to the skin issue and the medications I've used to combat the condition. Oh, I'm female and yeah, I'm pretty unhappy about it. My eyes have aged greatly since my problem and disproportionality so to the rest of my face. I have excess skin and one lid drooped because of it.