Is acyclovir safe in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn the dose for acyclovir for the last month of pregnancy is 400mg 3x/day as you already know. acyclovir is not the cheaper generic form of valtrex. Valtrex is an acyclovir prodrug which greatly simplified means that you swallow valtrex but your body converts it into acyclovir inside your body. Because of that unique delivery method, you get more active acyclovir in your body so therefore you don't have to take valtrex as often as you do acyclovir.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if anyone knows if taking acyclovir during your first trimester or anytime in your pregnancy can cause your baby to have any birth defects or problems. I am not sure if the acyclovir crosses the placenta into the baby. Everyone tells me not to worry, but I just can't help thinking I may have done something wrong. Has anyone taken valtrex or acyclovir during there first trimester?
Avatar n tn also no risk in not treating it either. your baby is safe inside you and protected from your herpes since this isn't a newly acquired infection for you.
Avatar m tn The medicines are considered very safe in pregnancy, and the protocol is that women with HSV 2 infection, with or without symptoms, get suppressed, not just women with symptoms. If I were you and your wife, I would insist on daily therapy because everything you have read says you can shed the virus without symptoms and you want the most protection possible.
Avatar f tn There are two reasons for anti-herpes therapy the last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy in women with histories of genital herpes. First is to prevent a recurrent outbreak that would increase the chance of HSV transmission to the baby and would force an otherwise unnecessary cesarean section. The second is to lower the chance of transmission of HSV to the baby. This has not actually been studied, but it's a reasonable assumption that it does further reduce the very low risk of such transmission.
Avatar m tn Hi! I'm not sure I can be of as much help here as some others can, since I'm new to the forum, and come here for advice myself. However, I am currently just over 34 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby, and only recently (within the last month or so) learned of the dangers of neonatal herpes. To say it has had me concerned is an understatement!
Avatar f tn Hi Grace I have never taken any pills so far, neither had I any infections in my recent tests and now I feel is not the time to worry about that issue immensely. And it is not always dry too. At times it is normal also. As u said it right, it definitely is not any fun being female when you are not even able to decide on your own whether you can go about having a kid in your life. I never ever thought that this can be so complicated. Wish me all the best for my present task!!!
Avatar f tn Also, baking soda on a warm wet washcloth helps with shrinking it. The change in your body is what is bringing this on. With even the smallest lesion you will have a c-section and make sure you talk to your doctor about this as if you deliver vaginally with open lesions your baby will suffer for a lifetime. My first pregnancy ended up with a c-section, just like you are describing. I was young and terrified.
Avatar m tn I didnt contact him anymore, although i still need to know about many issues that trouble my mind, and the question I posted here is one of those infoes that I am in deadly need to know about. Many thanks in advance for you kind help. I need it .
1097215 tn?1317323435 also you and your bf should look into getting type specific herpes igg blood tests to see who has what. confirming your herpes status at this point in your pregnancy is very important so that you and your obgyn can decide what precautions to take nearer to the time of delivery.
Avatar n tn Neonatal herpes is treated with IV acyclovir. It is REALLY safe for infants, but it does have risks. It can crystalize in the kidneys and it can cause the nutrifil (white blood cell that fights off bacterial infections) to drop in SOME patients. They don't want to risk that in infants. One of my boys' nutrifil count got down to 200, it should be 1500. I wouldn't want a healthy baby's immune system compromised like unless we really suspected herpes.
Avatar n tn A registry of over 1000 pregnant women who were exposed to acyclovir during early pregnancy suggests that acyclovir is probably safe as there were no increases in birth defects.
Avatar n tn Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I have soaked in a bath and taken advil, but it is still hurting to walk or sit in certain positions. Thanks!
101028 tn?1419606604 cookieSet=1 It addresses why long term use of valtrex is thought to be just as safe as long term use of acyclovir ( acyclovir has been on the market way longer than valtrex though valtrex is an acyclovir prodrug ). It's an excellent article if you've never taken the time to read it before. Also be aware that there's no need for any bloodwork to be done either if you are on antivirals long term. They do not damage your kidney's or your liver.
Avatar n tn Since my last visit I've had 3 more pop up one in which is really big and another is more like a painful knot on my vagina lip. I'm only 19 and have only had sex with my boyfriend who I know is clean. On top of it all I'm about a month late for my period and I've been having pregnancy symptoms as well as a stuffy nose and wet cough. Any ideas or advice?
Avatar f tn Yes I have and it is completely safe. I got them a lot more while I was pregnant. Nothing ever happened to baby they came out completely healthy.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks pregnant and just started to take generic valtrex for suppression for delivery just to be extra safe and cautious. What is the earliest time I can stop taking it so I can start breastfeeding my newborn? I do not want him to drink valtrex! Also, is it completely necessary to take it since I have not seen any recurrent outbreaks?
Avatar f tn I've had cold sores almost my whole pregnancy my doctor prescribed me valtrex and it helps somewhat but I also use abriva.
Avatar f tn Thank you for the answer.In our case , is it safe for me to receive receive oral sex from him? He doest have cold sores.
Avatar f tn sometimes a boosted dose is all that's necessary to overcome that problem. Acyclovir is entirely safe for a fetus, so no concerns there. As perhaps my comments suggest, I know what I'm talking about when it comes to herpes diagnosis and management. You might consider printing out this thread and discussing these ideas with your doctor. Good luck with it!
Avatar f tn I have been searching for answers about this without success. Does anyone know the absolute minimum amount of time needed to safely have a vaginal delivery after a GHSV outbreak? Also, taking a "1 in 100 chance" of infecting my newborn baby with this is not considered "safe" to me. (A 1 in 100 chance of giving my baby permanent blindness, mental retardation, deformities, other brain and/or spinal injuries, is not safe).
Avatar f tn I am a little worried with using pills for obvious reasons (ive even been avoiding tums for my morning sickness) so is there a safe treatment for this or the acyclovir safe? Could really ise some imput as im havin an outbreak and mine typically run 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. Info to help also.. almost 8 weeks along, 25 years old, no way to see a doc, couldnt find info online. Thank you!
1561437 tn?1318838027 Has your provider recommended starting you on daily suppressive therapy in the pregnancy doses for the last month of pregnancy to help reduce the odds that you'd have an active lesion at the time of delivery so you can avoid a c section? no obvious lesions at the time of delivery and the risk of transmitting herpes to your baby is less than 1%. The odds that you have herpes on your breasts are incredibly low. No reason not to breast feed your baby.
Avatar f tn Anyway, im 10+ weeks and having an outbreak. Is it safe to take my acyclovir? I have a dr. app Monday, but I'd like to take it sooner as it's very uncomfortable. Does anyone have experience or know? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have had it for 10 years and am now 7 weeks pregnant. My doctor has said it is fine to take acyclovir (the anti-viral used to treat it) during pregnancy and that many times they will have the woman take it a couple weeks before her due date prophylacticly to decrease the chance of having an outbreak during labor and delivery. They will do a cesarean if you have active lesions during delivery because it can cause blindness in the baby.
Avatar f tn I myself have never had any symptoms then is my internal exam necessary or just an IgG would suffice? 5. Is acyclovir in both our systems safe when trying to conceive? PLease help me!
Avatar n tn You absolutely have done nothing wrong by not treating the ob's you've had during pregnancy. the baby is safe inside you and having ob's not is not an issue. It's only an issue at the time of delivery. Because you had hsv2 ( I assume ) before you were pregnant, no obvious lesions at the time of delivery and the risk of transmitting the virus to the baby during delivery is less than 1%. It's a concern but not a huge one.
Avatar f tn Many providers do allow daily suppressive therapy throughout pregnancy. we have no info to show that it's not safe ( though no studies that say that it is - clear as mud? ). the valtrex/acyclovir and pregnancy registeries show less incidence of birth defects than the average rate ( which is 3% ). A study done fairly recently showed that suppressive therapy in the last month of pregnancy is safe for mom and baby.
Avatar f tn We don't have any studies confirming the safety for suppressive therapy earlier than that in pregnancy. the herpes antivirals are in the same pregnancy category as tylenol as.