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Avatar m tn i am 40 years old, female, since 1month i started having a tremor in right index finger, it started off as very prominent tremor, i had lot of stress and muscle fatigue at the time, now the intensity is decreased but still present, waxes and wanes, i was working a lot, writing, and using my fingers and hands alot in the last 4 months, i delivered a baby in december, i have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome with numbness in the first 31/2 fingers in the night while sleeping, relieved when i wake
Avatar n tn I notice that occasionally when I eat something bad (chips, hamburger, etc) my right index finger will start to go slightly numb and go back to normal maybe 30 minutes later. This has been going on for at least a year if not years. Is it possible that all my years of bad eating and my current potato chip vice has caused this? That would be horrible as I'm trying to live a very healthy lifestyle and to have something this stupid derail that is bothering me. Please help!
Avatar m tn I have no problem doing this with my right hand, but on my left hand, unless I push down on the first joint of my middle, ring, or pinky fingers, they remain curved. My index finger works OK but is weak. I'd like to know exactly which muscles aren't working, and which nerves are involved. Any suggestions on therapy to regain function would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn She believes I have a pinched nerve that is causing the numb index finger and muscle loss in my right arm. I have no tricep muscle. I can lift things low, but nothing heavy out in front of me. Also my forearm sometimes is hard to control. The left shoulder blade pain is where it all began 3 weeks ago. I had severe pain in that area, along with the numb finger.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been having painless twitching between my thumb and index finger for over 30 days. I can see it clearly under the skin. I am very concerned. I have convinced myself I have ALS. I do not think I am experiencing muscle weakness. My right hand for years has been a little sore that does seem to getting worse. For example, was sore while tying my son's skates at hockey.
1090905 tn?1256858903 All of a sudden a few hours ago my arm, wrist, thumb and three of four fingers went numb and tingly and I can't really make a fist or hold a glass. (Index finger is fine??) And NOw in the last hour or so the left Index and Middle fingers are going the same way...that arm has had the Ulnar Nerve transposed 8 yrs ago ...
Avatar m tn The pain in my upper back/lower neck came back really bad, as did the numbness in my index finger and tip of my right thumb. Turning my head does not seem to help. Doctor prescribed Vicodin and muscle relaxers, plus physical therapy. Since this is an HMO (Kaiser), Physical therapy was 6 weeks out. I went to a Chiropactor while waiting on PT. The Chiropractor took xrays and said my disc at one level (lower C or upper T?) was very narrow and told me there was nothing he could do.
Avatar m tn The major problem is weakness in my right index finger and pinky. I can barely lift them. Can I expect to regain full movement in my fingers. What can I do to regain the finger strength and movement? .
Avatar m tn The pain is almost gone but I remain with weakness in my right thumb, index finger and pinky. I can barely lift them. I was told that I had a pinched nerve in the C6 area either from the disk or more likely from contraction of the right pectoralis minor or scalene muscles. Should I expect the strength in my fingers to return? What can I told to speed up the process?
Avatar m tn The pain is gone but I remain with weakness in my right thumb, index finger and pinky. I can barely lift them. I did an EMG, which revealed chronic reinervation changes in all tested muscles, more severe in the right arm. Prior to the attack on the right side, I had also experienced occasional mild numbness from my face to my left hand and mild weakness in my left forearm. This has not returned since the attack on my right side.
Avatar f tn Ok so for years now my left hand has been in a strange condition. I have been to a few doctors and the conclusion was that I had nerve damage somewhere up my left arm leading this strange weakness/pain in my left hand. I can grip/squeeze things just fine but trying to pull something back doesn't work. If I lay my hand down on a flat surface I can ONLY raise my pinky finger. The rest have no muscle function to raise up.
Avatar m tn heavy feeling, knees 'pop' / 'crack' (can still walk) Perceived weakness in right arm (hand shakes and index finger twitches sometimes when using a computer mouse) Twitches in legs and arms Cheers!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosised with MS several years ago - I''ve developed a strange symptom the last 3 days where my just the tops of my index, middle and ring fingers are in excuriating swelling, no redness - nothing....just pain...I feel I'm on the verge of a relapse - where my legs and face are getting painful, etc., but not full fledge yet. Could this be attributed to my MS ?
Avatar f tn Since that time, I have had severe, debilitating neck pain, left leg weakness, facial numbness and drooping on the left side, left eye blurriness, left arm pain, and left hand shaking with index finger jerking. My GP did an MRI of the brain and cervical spine and the only notable issue was disk degeneration. I have since seen my surgeon (Ortho specializing in spine and neck surgery). In his office, he put 2 Trigger point injections around C6. This did not help at all.
Avatar n tn well i haven't been doing anything wrong i'm going to school working and all that but about 24 hours ago i've been having a twitch in my index finger it's the only finger that's twitching but i also have been having a pain in my opposite fore arm and weakness in the middle finger of that arm....
Avatar f tn After seeing numerous docs had MRI and c5/6 (7) disc is buldged? lost use to bend thumb about 2 months ago and also index finger (unable to bend at second knuckle, the one closest to the nail) my forearm is numb and coordination in my left hand is starting to get weak and have pain in my thumb like the tendons are getting shorter and its being pulled into my had, with random sharp shooting pains!! has anyone had/head of this not being able to use my thumb!?
Avatar n tn She mainly notices the weakness in her pointer finger and thumb. It has not improved but nor has it gotten any worse. It is difficult to use nail clippers or hold onto something tightly. She also notices a difference playing the piano. She has no other symptoms and is very healthy and fit otherwise. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn However I will try to provide you with some useful information about different neuropathies of the hand. A cause of numbness of the index finger and middle finger is carpal tunnel syndrome. It usually also has sensory changes of the palm at the thumb, index and middle fingers, and the ring finger on the side near the middle finger. I am not sure if you have these other features or not, but carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression/entrapment syndrome of the median nerve at the wrist.
Avatar f tn Today i couldnt use my left arm as it was so heavy tired. i have a very swollen index finger its been there for 3 weeks. i cant lean on my arms without tingling straight away and they are constantly numb when i sleep. I also get nubness in my hips if i lie on them or depending on how i sit in a chair it feels like my legs get cut off. Looking for some insight. I am slim build eat well and all normal tests are fine.
Avatar f tn sometimes I think it's from playing the basss guitar because a play so hard I get blood blisters on my right index and my twicthing finger quite often. I get restless and some anxiety at night.
Avatar m tn I have had moderate to severe twitching in my right eye, right thumb and right index finger for years and it seems to be getting worse. It never hurts but sometimes out of nowhere my thumb starts twitching and often raises about 1/4 inch without being able to stop, it lasts for about 10 minutes followed by general tingling sensation at the top of my hand extending to the elbow, same with my index finger.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing an involuntary jerk of my right index finger for a more or so. It moves quickly upward by a few inches. Only happens every so often, less than 10 times in total. Just wondering it this is something normal or if it needs to be checked out. I have also been experiencing a mild depression with anxiety lately. So I seem to have a lot of muscle tension in my neck, shoulders and arms.
444922 tn?1205102364 Today my pinky fingers on both hands are what's really noticable unless i'm typing then my right hand index finger jerks. My tremors would be probably faster than 4hz if i understand what that means. I've used frequency generators before and watched a speaker move at different frequencies so i'd say my tremor is between 10-20 hz. I think i need to seek another opinion because i feel really bad all over most of the time but on some days i feel much stronger and don't jerk hardly at all.
Avatar f tn Constant pain in left arm. Index finger has started to feel numb last November same time started to loose weight. Mostly at night and feel swollen and electric current in it. Very painful. As well the second of the smallest finger right hand. Get constantly woken up by pain. Arthritis ruled out.Stomach constantly in pain, many liver lesions, lost 20 lbs out of 125 lbs body that didn't need to loose weight. Food intolerance continue to grow.
Avatar f tn It usually also has sensory changes of the palm at the thumb, index and middle fingers, and the ring finger on the side near the middle finger. I am not sure if you have these other features or not, but I will elaborate on carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression/entrapment syndrome of the median nerve at the wrist. It usually results from excessive use of hands and occupational “microtrauma”.
1138632 tn?1260817219 Over the summer I awoke in the night with pain in my Left hand, below the index and thumb finger. The next morning the hand became more painful, weak, and made it difficult to grasp items. The function returned after a few days. But during that time my arm was tingly, my Left foot & leg also began to tingle. The tingle lasted in my hand off/on for a few weeks. The Left leg tingle lasted for nearly 2 months on/off.
Avatar n tn I'm old. I am not a doctor. I broke a finger when I was young. I taped it to the next finger. It healed crooked. Although I am used to it and there is no pain, it affects some things that I really like to do, like playing guitar. Doctors are overly cautious now because of petty lawsuits. (I'm suing you because you didn't take care of my broken pinky and it healed wrong.) If you want it to heal correctly, do what your doctor says. End of sermon.
215220 tn?1191460464 My right pointer finger has been spasming continuously for about a month now and my index finger has been getting into it by twitching real quick now and again to where I can see the top of my hand muscles twitching too. Feels like a bubbling sensation when my muscles twitch. My left side is weaker as well. I get easily fatigued. Right now my lymph nodes in my neck and the one next to my ear, on the left side, are swollen, about 6 in all.