How to smoke oxycontin with foil

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Avatar n tn you can do this, but not unless you are willing to suck it up and suffer the concequences of smoking oxy for 4-5 months. how badly do you want it. you have to start with ending all relationships with the contacts you get from, legal or not. and all friends you use with. there are sacrifices, but they are well worth the end results. BEING CLEAN AND SOBER. in the health pages to the right of this page you will find a link,there is the thomas recipe and the amino protocolls..
1374011 tn?1297473893 It was the hardest thing Ive had to do because I know it will kill her to know how much pain I am in, but I have to take down my walls and open up. As for my doctor I have called the emergency line and they will get back to me by the end of the day. I am looking into support groups, help sessions, psychotherapy for the low income and any other resource available to somebody who is broke and at the edge.
Avatar n tn I have been reading your posts and I see a lot of people who have been clean for a couple days or even a couple months, but I havent seen any posts about those of you who were addicted to smoking oxycontin on tin foil. First let me tell you my story.. I got into pain pills just like most of you, I was 18 in high school and pills were all over the place. I had tried vicodin and percs, but rarely used them, I was into ADD medication at the time.
Avatar n tn Talk to people that are having success in their recovery and ask how they do it day-to-day. Take direction from the winners 8. Good luck to all!!! - stick with the winners - get support - EVERY ONE OF YOU can get off this merry-go-round if you stop "doing it your way" and surrender....a common mantra is "your best thinking got you here" so listen up! ALL THE BEST TO YOU ALL!
Avatar f tn I recently had back surgery and I was prescribed to them. I walked into my bathroom and found tin foil burned with black and yellow residue. I have visited many websites concerning smoking this drug, but have not found how it could be done. I want to talk about this with him, but I dont want to sound like an idiot...going in blindsided and confused about what he is doing. Please tell me how that could be possible, for I have never heard of it...
Avatar n tn Now that she has turned 21, her family doesn't feel like they can help or do anything for her because she continues to deny that she has a problem and as an adult no one can force her to go to rehab. She's lost her job and is alienating her family and friends. Is there anything we can do other than offer her our love and support?
Avatar m tn I used to be in shape, play sports and be an active person.. For how often I smoke in one day it's going to be so difficult to just get through the day without loading a tray and smoking. All of my relatives are in Wisconsin, where I'm originally from. My dad was the only person on that side of the family that I talked to but he passed away last year. He also had a drug problem, but it was with cocaine and weed.
Avatar f tn I know how hard it is to watch someone you love slip away. I know a the worrying and pain associated with it all. Honestly, if you have tried to help and it's still not being done. Plus you think she's getting more careless with leaving it laying around? Then seeing as though you have kids. I have to agree with the above comment. Since you are not married and your ties with her are less. I would leave. If he wasn't the dad to my children I would of already been gone.
Avatar m tn I really want to get clean, I hate being so pale and skinny. I used to be in shape, play sports and be an active person.. For how often I smoke in one day it's going to be so difficult to just get through the day without loading a tray and smoking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am sick and tired of being all consumed as to how many I have, where I am going to find more when I run out, etc. I had to cancel a trip to see my first grandchild and that is just pathetic..
Avatar m tn First day I haven't started my day of with my foil. Seriously, the wd's I'm used to don't hold a candle to this. I cant imagine ANYTHING worse. Ive taken oxy just nit smoked it. It took by noon, 55 mg oxy, a lyrica, bunch of vitamins some smoke and still I thought I was gonna tear my own arms off from the skin crawling.
Avatar m tn I look so much forward to this site like you guys have no idea, It helps me a lot in understanding addiction and how to try help my son!! Dirtydirk you have been amazing with your replies!!
Avatar m tn lost of lieing, sneeking around, and did not even admit it when i confronted her with the tin foil she used to smoke them in the trash. a day later she admitted to me what she was doing. she does everything she can to blam me for anything to direct the attention off of her. i want to help her get clean and stay clean but i don't even know were to start. can anyone give me some good advice? what to look for? how to really help her get better?
Avatar n tn It is the worst when I am out at a bar where there is loud music and people trying to talk to me! I also have a bad problem with it when I am talking on the phone, especially after I have been out the night before! I have now resorted to holding the phone to my left ear more! I am right handed and it is in my right ear! Lets hope someone finds out what it is soon!!!
Avatar n tn i posted about this a few days ago but i ended up getting more pills and stopped being worried untill now. im addicted to oxycontin. i free base them off tin-foil, ive done it for almost half a year. im sick of it being part of my everyday life, sick of depending on it to be normal. i cant go see my girl untill i get high, i have to plan my day around these things. ive stolen money from my family, ive pawned stuff, i spend all my money on oxycontin and i dont get it for perscription price.
1684282 tn?1505701570 Yes it is far easier and faster to get a high from heroin than a high from life, but how many more people have to die to get through to those young ones picking up the syringes for the first time? So why did Phil Hoffman die? He had the money to spend on the best rehabs, he had people to live for, and he had a fantastic carrier on stage and in film. All that was nothing compared to the high of the false happiness and well-being that that syringe of heroin gave him.
Avatar m tn they'd been using oxycontin ( like i was till a month ago) and then eventually had to move to black tar heroin, they'd been smoking it together for 2 years it said and they spent $600 a day on their habit, they filmed them smoking it on foil( BAD IDEA times x100) and would just pass out basically then wake up in a haze and smoke more.
Avatar m tn I had given the pills to my fiancee to help me control how many i take. Well It was supposed to be like 2 7.5 vicodinES maybe 3 times a day. Well this morning first dose I told her please give me 3 and then the rest will be only 2 i PROMISE! Well doese 2 comes up and i ask for 3 again. She says no hundred times and I just dont take no for an answer. She got so frustrated that she threw the bottle at me and left the house saying do whatever the f@@k you want. So what do I do?
Avatar n tn If you are in a car with him or out in public or even in your home, he could get busted and you, right along with him. Go to Narc-Anon, they will teach you how to cope with an addict and give you the support you need. You can google it and find one near you. You ask how can you make him be honest with you?, you can't. You obviously have all the proof, other than seeing him shooting himself up. Trust us, he is doing drugs. Don't be fooled by his lies. He will lie to you a lot.
1697690 tn?1329127238 There's the part of me using and the part that is constantly thinking I need to stop this isn't right, there's more to life, etc. I snort and smoke about 5 or 6 80s a day and now that doesn't even really work anymore. I feel miserable using, but not to be a major downer, but im also not exactly jumping for joy when I get sober either, (even though its only been a week that i stayed sober) so it's like I see no solution really.
Avatar n tn I have never posted here but I just wanted to say a few things....the deep depression you ar experiencing is called PAWS or Post Acute Withdrawl Syndrome. It can last a very long time. A minimum of 31 weeks, sometimes years. It ***** but there is a light at the end of the does eventually get better. Neurontin, also known as Gabapentin, is a first-line nerve pain reduction medication. It also has some anti-convulsive (seizure) properties as well as anti-anxiety qualities.
Avatar n tn I just need support right now and need to know how to handle him. I am ready to call the Dr. and tell them to stop perscribing these killer drugs. His back pain is gone now all he is left with is a big addiction.
Avatar f tn Well I guess I feel a little better that at least I got to say that much to her before we got cut off. And I told her to check her facebook messages when she's out because that's how I want to communicate with her when she doesn't have a phone. Thanks for everything.
Avatar n tn that just makes me down and want to take more pills to help me deal with it. So, how are you feeling today? What day are you on now? Do you have anyone there helping you? Is it working? YOU are my IDOL!! I could never quit cold turkey on my own..I would be so afraid of the passing out and my heart beating so fast. I hope you are doing ok. Well, tomorrow I go in at 9a.m. and then it's 4 days of pure hell and a week after that of feeling like a truck ran me over.
541465 tn?1219431486 don't know but i had to stop it, i've already lost two kilos since i've started a sort of healthy diet trying to keep the levels of sugar stabilized and that's the point here with stop those cravings, we have to eat 5 times a day ( two of them, just a yoghourt or a piece of fruit but something healthy ) so that we can keep those leves without highs and downs.
Avatar m tn i never wanted to own up to a problem but it seems i do and in definite need of some help as it is very embarassing and hurtful too when you go out and people see these lesion on your face or an attempt to cover up but look worse than with the sores. I dont know how to stop and get rid of these either....not sure what creams to use or anthing that will make me face looks awful. Its only my face i do it too - no where else. As a kid i used to pick legs and arms too but stopped.
Avatar f tn Not only after going to al-anon meetings and seeing an addiction therapist did my father and mom get a completely different approach on how to deal with my addiction, but they were actually able to help me stay sober. You guys are not expected to just know exactly what to do for a child that gets addicted to one of the most destructive drugs known to man, but educated yourselves and working towards her sobriety will help in so many ways its unexplainable.
1694436 tn?1311423061 It baffles me as well--I don't know how she is doing it. I was NEVER able to sleep during withdrawal and in fact that an issue with it for some time the last time. The more times I detoxed and the older I got, the worse it got. So, I have no idea how she is sleeping but GOD bless her. BTW, the kicking out of bed thing was a joke--I am trying to get you to smile or laugh. Do you think you could ask her to sit with you for a while? See if she can as it may be good for both of you.