How to make chest tightness go away

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Avatar f tn Did they also check you for costochondritis? That can make it hurt to breathe. Try to think optimistically about your chest tightness- it just may improve!
245504 tn?1224102916 Think hard because it often takes very little to pull and/or strain a muscle. Does anything help it go away? Heat? Massage? An aspirin? When you say "intermittent," do you notice this more after you've done something physical? This could very easily have started off as a small muscle pull, and due to your current bout of hypochondria, it has now become something far more serious and naturally your anxiety is going to kick in and the cycle begins.
Avatar n tn which teaches some breathing to breath properly, and how to breath to make yourself relax...I'm thinking of taking that too. It's weird that anxiety can cause your chest to become so darn tight, huh? Good luck magsmom, and thank you, grailhunter.
Avatar n tn I can't begin to empahsize how this is going to impact your overall health. While I can't make a diagnosis without examining you, I wouldn't be surprised if it is the smoking that is causing your symptoms. good luck and stop smoking.
213398 tn?1202674074 what worries me is that i read sites like this and i see people writing that their docs tell them all is ok and then they insist on tests like angios or whatever and then they find out their arteries are clogged and they are suffering from ischemia and dilated aorta and all this weird stuff. so how is one supposed to feel like they are ok. and everytime i go to a doc they say the same thing if symptoms persist or feel a pressure in chest or short of breath go to ER .
Avatar f tn I have already had several tests (echocardiogram, blood work, abdominal ultrasound, chest xray) to rule out other issues. Not sure where to turn next. The chest tightness/difficulty breathing is unbearable. I have already been to the ER twice.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms sound incredibly familiar to me. I started with a crummy, fatigued feeling that wouldn't go away. I felt sluggish all the time. After 6 months, the shortness of breath kicked in. As that worsened over the next 6 months, I ended up in the ER where I was given prednisone for supposed asthma. That's when I began a steady decline of new and worsening symptoms.
Avatar n tn Dear Friend, I am NOT a doctor and have NO medical training. When I have any troublesome symptoms lasting a week or longer, I always check with my doctor. This generally involves an office visit. When I am getting ready to travel, I try to be in the best possible physical condition because I AM concerned about having any health problems away from home.
919456 tn?1243520470 instead of belly breathing, i feel like i'm chest and shoulder breathing. my shoulders and upper chest expand and go up, but my stomach goes in. i thought everything was supposed to expand. i'm on synthroid and just had my dose lowered from 112 to 88 because i had low tsh but normal free t4, free t3. i don't know anymore. i'm very frustrated. i'm sick and tired of the breathing problems!!!
Avatar f tn They are saying it's anxiet. Could anxiety possibly make you have 24 7 chest tightness? Is that really possible. Nobody knows what's wrong with me and I'm starting to feel like I'm crazy. I've developed really bad health anxiety during this 4 month process and I just want answers. Has anybody else had something similar?
Avatar n tn I NEVER know what type of day I am going to have so making plans to do anything has been hindered...afraid to make plans with anyone and then I have a bad day and I ruin the day for everyone around me. My life prior to this happening seems like a far off dream. I dont even remember it anymore.
Avatar n tn I just got presricbed to take Zoloft again but not sure if I want to go down that path again. Nothing seem to help. If I do take meds it helps for a few months or almost a year and then I'll get anxiety symptoms all over again. I have never sought out counseling somehow I dont think talking to a stranger would help. I don't know what to do anymore. I just feel like laying in bed all day every day.
Avatar f tn attacks in my life, both related to cat allergy. This past spring I was having chest tightness, SOB, and reduced exercise tolerance in response to pollen. Went for a PFT...... FVC 109% (pre and post), FEV1 109%(pre)-112%(post) FEV!/FVC 83%(pre) 86%(post) So far normal. Here's the kicker...FEF 25-75 shows a 15% increase post albuterol, and MVV goes from 111%-125% (12%). I also felt better after the nebulizer.
Avatar n tn Since your neck X rays and MRI have been clear the possibility of nerve compression does not seem to be very likely. Nerve compression over a period of time tends to get worse and produces other symptoms also like tingling numbness. I would suggest you to learn some self relaxation techniques like breathing exercises and meditation and take OTC pain killers. Head massage will also help in relieving the tension in the scalp muscles. Take care!
Avatar n tn Migraines run in my family, so I shook it off for a couple of months, thinking thats all it is, but after nothing was helping and I was waking up EVERY day with pressure/tightness and headaches, as well as pressure around and behind my eyes, I decided to go see someone about it. At first I went to our local clinic, the doc there done a CT scan of my brain. They said my brain was ok, but they seen inflammation on my left ear drum and sent me to an ENT.
Avatar n tn Hi Treena, How are you? Were you able to go to your acupuncture physician? It is good that you were cleared by your ENT. What other tests were done? Can you elaborate on the chest tightness? It is important that you rule out any cardiac cause. Hang on and do not be scared. Continue your medications and it may take time before resolution of symptoms. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn It began (about 3 months ago) with an occasional cough not related to any illness, and difficulty breathing - having to take deep breaths because of the feeling I wasn't getting enough air. Rapidly developed a tightness in the chest and was diagnosed with asthma. burning sensation developed in upper sternum, with a heavy sensation in my chest, occasional pains or numbness in right arm, and burning and tingling sensations on the insides of the shoulder blade.
Avatar n tn they said quitting would make me feel great but it has drove me crazy with this breathing thing.Any ideas on how to make it go away? My husband just says quit thinking about it,you can make it stop if you want to but then Im like ya I enjoy not breathing normally. Well Thanks I think im going to save this site to show him i not crazy other people have the same problem as me.
Avatar n tn Well you do need to release your energy and know how to relax, part of the problem we don't know how to relax, some of us smoke and run constantly on adrenaline. Breathing techniques would help too, yoga, meditation, just don't take a pills and quite smoking if you are smoker, for one simple reason it is triggering acid and acid what cause the attack.
Avatar m tn The past couple of days I have been getting piching type pains in the left side of my chest. They come on quickly and go away quickly, it is similar to gas pain but very short and quick. It almost feels like someone is pinching my nerves or my heart. I did not have these pains 3 straight days, I had them on Monday and then again on Wednesday, and do not have them today. Last month I had chest tightness and shortness of breath so I went to the ER, they did ekg, blood, and a catscan angiogram.
Avatar f tn It started last year and did some test. Everything negative. I just discovered that the bra contributes to the problem. Try to go away from your bra and see if it helps. Again check Hashimoto's disease. Something that I just come across now.
2034625 tn?1392646892 It IS hard and very trying to the patience! It IS very hard to know when to go on and when to give it a rest for awhile. It also gets very expensive! Are you able to ask your PCP for help with symptom management? Just be straightforward with them and say your neuro thinks you have some type of neurological disorder but isn't willing to treat your symptoms for now because you don't have a dx.
Avatar m tn If I lay off the drinking for a few days, my troubles normally go away, but I seem to have a lot of trouble resisting! I did manage to get an hour of sleep in before, but it was on and off. I was thinking it would have sorted my chest out a bit but its stilll there. Ive been reading up on the net a lot about it and it seems to be common symptoms of alchohol withdrawal, but Im hoping its not something more serious??
Avatar f tn These are the exact same symptoms I had 6 years ago and took about three months for the aches and pain to dissipate. Do I have to wait months for the pain to go away? The only doctor I have not seen is a orthopedician. My doctor said they don't deal with pain associated with the chest. This is very frustrating. Now what?
Avatar n tn If by chance your lung functions drop 20% or more during this test they will discontinue the testing and give you a bronchodialator to get your lungs back to how they were. If they have to discontinue the test before you make it to the 6th round it is a sure sign you have asthma. I only made it to the 3rd round before they made me stop. When I went back to the specialist to find out the results he told me I deffinately have asthma. He prescribed 3 inhalers and some singulair for me.
Avatar f tn I get an overall tightness over my chest up into the base of my neck and out to my shoulders when I do anything physical. The doc recommends that I get a cardio catheterization, and I might end up doing that, but I am a big weenie when it comes to needles and invasive procedures. Please post again to let us know how things turn out.
Avatar n tn as one eats too much garlic,it killes the good and bad bacteria in your system causing the yeast and fungus to grow,so the more you eat,the more yeast infection you are going to get and not only do you feel bloated and lousy,you go to the bathroom a lot. now i understand some of you on this forum have been on anti-biotics,same stuff-wiping out the good bacteria in your system and giving yeast a chance to overpopulate.
Avatar f tn Went to er and all was good but i had a really sharp pain in my chest from around the collar bone down to under the arm pit on my left side, including some tightness. Ive been to two cardiologists, have had a stress test, ekg, blood work, echo AND angiogram done all with negitive results. My Gp put my on klonopin and an anti depressent thinking it was anxiety. However, its now been over a month of never ending pain/pressure in my chest and the medication is not helping. Ideas guys?
Avatar f tn I've been having problems with my chest for approx the past year and wanted to see if anyone had any advice solutions. It started with 2 guys I live with having a couple of parties and destroying a carpet in one room( loads of stains from beer/chewing gum/cigarettes etc. - I think there may have been spores in it after a while). Shortly after I began to get a cold, which gradually got worse.