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Avatar f tn One of the things I have noticed in following stories here is how variable the course is for each person -- most peculiar. No wonder the drs are clueless. How ashamed they should be at their abdication of responsibility. So there is hope for all of us, it's just that we have to take different roads to the destination. (Note to wily bugs: DIE! NOW!!
Avatar f tn It's different for everyone, esp. if you also have co-infections with Lyme. Theoretically, the sooner you get diagnosed and treated, the shorter the course of treatment, but it doesn't always work that way. LLMDs (Lyme Literate MDs) treat until symptoms resolve and tests clear, and that varies for everyone. Can be up to 18 months or so, but can also be shorter time. Were you diagnosed with any coinfections, and how long does your MD propose to treat?
Avatar f tn I think I came back from a trip to the East Coast one summer, not feeling very well, but thinking I was just tired from doing too much -- you know how that is! The docs had no explanation for my fatigue and sometimes heart irregularities. Then two years later, I came back from another summer trip to the East Coast much worse -- similar symptoms, only stronger and more alarming. After many docs and almost a year later, I finally had a Lyme and babesiosis diagnosis.
211605 tn?1219459346 If it is not clearing up then they should finish the course and put him on a different category of antibiotic (like if they had him on amoxicillin, they should get out of that family(augmentin is in the same family) and try maybe something called omnicef, that is what worked for our daughter, and then we had to have the Rocephin shots. They have to switch the antibiotic for immunity build-up and for what works on the infections your child gets.
Avatar n tn There are exercises which may help you improve urinary function especially if a neurogenic or nerve related cause is concerned. Any medications when taken for too long a time needs close supervision of a physician. We are trying to avoid any side effects here. The longer a drug is taken, the chance for its side effects to manifest may be higher. Ask your physician about this. Putting you off the medication to see how you may fare without it will be necessary.
Avatar f tn So I've done antibiotics and will continue to pursue that approach, but am also ready to go find out about herbal remedies too, and use both approaches with my doctor's knowledge (to avoid drug conflicts). Sorry for the long post, but this is something I've been thinking about for a long time.
Avatar n tn thanks for the quick response. My dr did put me on valtrex and i have taken it for 3 days. no signs of improvement of the ulcer. Still painful. Was just hoping that maybe the irritation from sex just turned into some kind of vaginal infection other than herpes. If it is herpes, could it have stayed dorment in me for a 1 1/2 years? When did I get it? I have only been with this guy for 3 months and was not sexually active before him for 1 1/2 years.
1852058 tn?1320162300 TRY to stay as active as you can (I know, VERY difficult) - some exercise is good for fibro pain and fatigue, HOWEVER, GENTLE exercise is the key. Gentle stretching, water exercises, walking (not miles and miles) are good - heavy aerobic classes, running marathons, etc. - probably are not teh best.
Avatar n tn You seem already aware of the split in the medical community (worldwide, it seems) about how serious Lyme disease is or is not and how to diagnose and treat it. Doxycycline is the first treatment approach by many MDs, and it can be (so I read) effective against Lyme IF taken very soon after initial infection. Many MDs then pronounce the patient cured, without considering what other, separate infection the ticks may have carried.
285848 tn?1219095913 I don't know what to do, I still have to take the meds for another 6 days and who knows how long it will take to go back to normal! I don't want to deal with it anymore...Should I ask the dr for a different med? Should I just take an OTC stool hardener? Is there anything (i.e cream) I can use to make the irritation go away! I feel like such a baby but I am so uncomfortable. Sorry for the random post and graphic-ish nature...I just need help!
Avatar n tn So far my son has had 2 of the 3 shots. My first question is how quickly do these shots work? My other question is: Is there some underlying problem that is causing these ear infections, something more serious? He has not had any other type of infection i.e. strep throat, sinus , just ear infections. My concern is that he has some type of immunodeficeny. I am looking for a little piece of mind.....
Avatar f tn I was given a breathing treatment and put on doxycycline, which made me very sick to my stomach. I was switched to Omnicef and Symbicort and take Zofran as needed for nausea, and tolerate those fine. I've been on antibiotics since last Weds 10/28. I started feeling a little better and my fever went down on Fri. Sunday night it started creeping up and remains up today (99.9 on tylenol). I'm beyond exhausted and have no stamina.
Avatar n tn The only time when it my inflammation was all gone I was on a antibiotic and fungal/yeast aliminator (nystatin and omnicef) for one day then the inflammation started up again. Too much of a good thing with the meds I think. How do I get my immune system to quit working so hard, thats basically what UC a auto immune hiccup. What about this diarreah, how do I get my stools back to being formed? How do i get the inflamation down?Please help if you can.
Avatar m tn Also I would NOT take any herbals or medicinals or anything in that frame of reference UNLESS your Lyme doc okays it as to what meds/supplements you take at what doses for how long. Herbs and pharmaceuticals are all just chemicals, and mixing them without a doc's okay is just asking for trouble. On another note, doxycycline and omnicef are not meds I took for Lyme and babesisos, so I don't have any idea if that is the best medication approach.
Avatar f tn I have had Lyme since August 18, 2005, and have experienced many symptoms but the mood swings and mental changes have been the worst. I never had any problems with anger or depression prior to getting Lyme disease, but that is who I am now. I fly off the handle over the stupidest things that seem like life or death to me at the time. There is that irrational thought.
Avatar n tn First of all, keep in mind that I am unable to diagnose you because I am unable to examine you, this forum is for educational purposes. Doxycycline is a good antibiotic for Lyme disease. Additional treatment would depend on whether there is persistent symptoms after your course of antibiotics is completed. Late complications of Lyme include, arthritis, numbness/tingling and psychiatric disease. I would ensure that your son has close follow up to evaluate for these symptoms.
326352 tn?1310997895 It seems to me that there is a name for this, about not eating for fear of vomiting. I've read about it somewhere. Its a good idea to have her completely checked out, physically. She really could be sick. I wonder if the Omnicef is making her vomit, too. And the ear infection, it could have some impact on it. But a general refusal to eat due to fear of vomiting...I think there's a name for that, specifically in children.
184674 tn?1360864093 73 on a worthless antibiotic, and just spent another $30 on the copay for this visit. Then I ended up paying $34 for Omnicef, an antibiotic cream for the impetigo, and a steroid cream for the HFM rash. He can't go back to daycare until Wednesday. Get home and Trevor is still battling the fever every three hours with the NSAIDs. He's still needing them every three hours today, so he's out of school a second day.
290867 tn?1333572878 I took Julian to his doctors appointment to get his ears checked out because he has gone through 2doses of antibiotics and he still has one! Go figure co now he is on Omnicef 2x a day! Amy I talked to my doc and she finally put him on the Prevacid Solutabs!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy! Thanks so much for all your help!!!! Whats the best way to give them to him???
Avatar n tn I must admit, I was a bit confused with the use of Omnicef as a tx for otitis media, but each dr. is different, and I don't know the baby's PHx, other than allergy to cephalasporin.
Avatar m tn Plus I've been back on my meds for a month with no improvement. I feel like this is too long for a herx. I was only off my meds for 2 weeks and i didn't change my meds. Anyone know what could be happening to me? I'm feeling worse now than I have the last 2 months. I'm seeing my doctor next week but he isn't much help.
Avatar m tn Hi guys, I have been taking doxy and omnicef for about 3 months. After about a month I developed a bad sore throat that continued to worsen until I could barely talk. I had constant post nasal drip, the feeling of a lump in my throat and a constructing feeling. I fear I have developed bad GERD/LPR. I think my stomach flora is messed up from the antibiotics. I started taking a better probiotic after my throat worsened but it continued to worsen.
Avatar n tn I am getting a bit long will a cyst drain for? Am I missing something here, what questions to I need to be asking? The Dr's seem to feel this was/is only a cyst, but the fact the infection won't clear is beginning to worry me. Or this could be a normal course of how these things go, I don't know. Any suggestions appreciated.
Avatar f tn Two out of three urine samples were positive for the Lyme bacteria. My doc prescribed omnicef about two weeks ago and as of yesterday, I started feeling awful again. He thinks its a herx. I've been on multiple abx for about 9 months. Anyway, he also started me on Flagyl today along with the omnicef. He said to start the Flagyl once the herx is over. He said if the Flagyl doesn't work then he will start IV abx. I'm a wreck.
Avatar n tn Be sure your doctor knows exactly how much Tylenol you are giving, and for how long you have been giving it. Unless you are talking to the doc every day, he/she may not know how much you are giving. I agree that if things aren't getting better, you should ask for a referral. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes looking at a problem can see something different to try.
Avatar n tn Through some sort of fate, the 1st appt was canceled for snow and they didnt set the next on up for 4 weeks, which, by then, she had been ear infection free for 8 weeks, so the Dr is letting us hold off for now. Once her last infection cleared, I was determined to do ANYTHING to not make her get ear tubes, so I tried what some of the older people in our family had suggested, 3 drops of warm olive oil in her ears every few days.
Avatar n tn This went on everyday until no mucous and I was well. I don't think I had a fever or at least a very high fever for how sick I was and the length. As I got older the more often I got Pneumonia to where I was getting it every year, summer and winter along with bronchitis and Pleurisy together. I finally asked doctor for a once in a life Pneumonia shot and I haven't had all three since and that has been sixteen years.
2115102 tn?1334760523 so very much of it is in shades of grey, and figuring out how much grey tone is too much is very difficult to do, even for scientists and MDs. So we Lyme patients are left to figure it out for ourselves. Marshall may be right, and his approach may work for some people; I don't know. You will have to decide for yourself. All we can do is give our opinions, and we don't know everything .... .... but maybe Marshall doesn't either. That's what you'll have to decide for yourself.
Avatar f tn Good luck!! I hope your little one is recovering well.
Avatar f tn ] 'The recommended antibiotic for the treatment of Lyme disease in non-pregnant adults is doxycycline, however, doxycycline is not ideal for breastfeeding mothers due to its long half-life and greater uptake into human milk than alternative treatments. Other antibiotics such as amoxicillin, cefuroxime, clarithromycin and azithromycin are preferred since their levels of transmission into breastmilk have been measured and are minimal.