How long does novolog work

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Avatar n tn All is fine and then several days latter I have bubbles in the pen. Following the instructions on how to get air out of the pen does not working. I have called the company twice with no real answer. Can anyone help?
Avatar n tn But I still will start experiencing sugar lows about 30 minutes into the workout. If I continue to work out for more than a half an hour, I have to take in over 30 grams of carbs to continue. I love working out, but I have gained weight due to taking in so many carbs. Here is an example of an activity I do - Ten mile hike, steep incline = I have to drink atleast 120 carbs. Help!!!!! I don't want to gain any more weight.
Avatar n tn i am on actos 15 mg metformin 500 2 a day novolog 20/20/25 morn noon supper and 230 units of levmeir at night i have questioned him about this .
Avatar n tn As I see it, one can opt for calorie control, which will make you miserable and probably regain the weight quickly,(and this would only work if insulin was reduced aswell), or you can work along the principles of how fats and carbs are metabolised. If you take a certain amount of insulin, you must take a certain amount of carbs(feeding the insulin), and the end result will be weight maintenance or weight gain. As soon as we feed insulin with unrequired energy, it is deposited as fat.
Avatar n tn All of them have happened at night, usually after a long day at work when he did not take time to eat . He is not living at home but does have roommates. Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn Lantus seems to keep my sugar levels very high regardless of what dose I take . novolog for seems to react only if I take after eating. I had to try and see what work for me and then explain to my doctor how I got it to work.
Avatar n tn My doseage of novolog is 4 units before meals so is that how much regular insulin I should take?
Avatar n tn I don't know how long you have had diabetes, but it is nice to hear how on top of things you are. Lots of teenagers have a much more difficult time paying attention to their blood sugars and I really want to compliment you on that. I was also a teenager with diabetes and it is not easy. I now have daughter your age. So keep up the good work and you will see the benefits in the years to come. Now to your question...Your doctor is really the best person to ask about adjusting your insulin.
1273125 tn?1365081126 We agreed that if my mealtime numbers continued to be high that we would use a bolus insulin such as Novolog. I contacted her and she was going to call in the Novolog. My numbers have remained high and I am begining to worry about long term effects. The physician decided that this was not the best course of treatment and stopped the script. I waited for an hour at the pharmacy. I called the next morning and we kind of had issues.
Avatar n tn One unit of insulin drops me about 60 points when i am high, but when I have 1 unit of active insulin remaining from a previous bolus, i usually don't drop all that much depending on how long ago the bolus was. And if i am high and enter my blood sugar into the pump and punch in 0 carbs to estimate a correction bolus, the pump will subtract the units of active insulin from the estimated correction units, resulting in an insufficient amount to bring me down to my target range. Any advice??
Avatar n tn You may want to seek an allergist's help to find out if this may be your daughter's problem. Please post again and let us know how you're both doing!
Avatar f tn You post as if you don't believe his doctor, an Endocrinologist who has diabetes as a specialty. How long will you and your husband live in denial? No amount of medicine can prevent the deadly outcome of diabetes being ignored. So the answer is YES, if he continues to ignore his glucose [blood sugar] levels he will end up blind, on dialysis, and possibly have limbs amputated.
Avatar n tn all day long (24 hours). When you eat, you need the fast acting insulin like Novolog to act quickly to cover the meal. For some, Lantus and Levemir act the same. For me, Levemir seemed to work better in that it provided more consistency to my blood sugar levels. I like Levemir. I have switched to 2 shots per day (morning and night) instead of just taking the 1 shot at night, because the 1 shot at night may not cover the 24 hours.
Avatar n tn Pills were tried but didn't work, so now he is on Novolog. (20 units before breakfast and 20 units before dinner). (Is this a high dose?) He has had a number of low readings, sometimes as low as 35. Normally he can feel it coming on and has juice or soda and he's fine. The problem is a couple of times it hit so fast that as he is getting something to drink he passes out. I am new too all this and it's very scary when it happens.
Avatar n tn My son has been dianosed with Type one diabetes one week ago. Right now i am back at work and my son is in daycare. The daycare is trying to work with us. I am wondering with him being so young should i take FMLA(and is this condition covered under FMLA) for some time just to get more familiar with his behaviors, symptoms, etc. He is surprisingly wonderful with taking glucose tests and even the novopen shots. This is all very new to us and we were shocked. We took him to the Dr.
Avatar n tn Great name, there, Oldstuff, I'm writing to echo what SS wrote to you. Seems that many Type 1 need the greater flexibility that a separate Long-acting & short-acting insulin provides. This is exactly what your son is doing by taking extra shots. Regular used to be our only choice in short-acting insulins, but now we have access to even quicker-acting insulins (Humalog & Novolog). Each one has a quicker onset, does its job, and "gets out" more quickly than Regular does, too.
Avatar n tn Hello, As my nickname implies I am a type 1 diabetic and have been so for 31+ yrs of my life. I'm now 34 and have been using a MiniMed 712 for about 2.5 yrs. I use Novolog in my pump and it works great for me. So, my question is this, I've heard that 1U of insulin will generally lower your blood sugar between 20-25 points(at least thats what my endocrinologist told me). I know that number may even vary more from person to person based on alot of factors.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had been having terrible hypo's and was theerfore recently put on to Lantis (1 dose in the am) with Novorapid (meals), but it does not seem to be working for me. I was not getting into single figures on the dose pescribed and upping it (now by 2 units) has not helped. Novorapid sort of keeps it under control at meals but my base rate is simply not adequate.
Avatar n tn I feel so sorry for my daughter that she can't have her usual foods or treats like our other children or her friends with being diabetic and I know this upsets her I don't know how she will be if she does end up with cealiac as the doctor said alot of her food will be restricted even further.?
Avatar n tn My wife had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few months earlier and because she had a glucometer I had tested my glucose to find it was normal. I am wondering how I can develop diabetes overnight without any previous symptoms. It seems strange that both of us get diabetets at about the same time but different types of diabetets. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Hello Nan0706, We're all volunteers here and not medical professionals, so be sure to check in with your endocrinologist as you work to improve your control. I've had type 1 for about 37 years and am 51. I can't tell if you're female or male, but if you're female, you may be going thru some hormonal changes that affect your ability to control your blood sugar.
Avatar n tn He should be doing some blood work to discover how well the thyroid is functioning. So ask him if he has checked that out when he does the normal lab work. If not, he can easily request that this be checked while the other lab tests are being run.
Avatar n tn There is a newer insulin regimin called Lantus which doesn't require a person using it to eat at prescribed times as does the other long-acting insulins. For a person using Lantus, they would take that injection 1 or 2 times each day to cover their basal rate of insulin. Then when they eat, they calculate how many carbs they'll be consuming and given an insulin-to-carb ratio provided by their doctor, they would deliver the proper amount of insulin.
Avatar n tn Im also on Humalog,which I find works quicker than R or novolog, maybe see if the doctor thinks that humalog might work better for her worked wonders for me along with the lantus when they changed me over 2 years ago---Ill never go back-----Hope this helps and I hope things get better. I've been where you are myself...
Avatar m tn Larry, Thanks for sharing that precaution. I'm using a pump but know lotsa folks who are Lantus users and I'm not certain they knew about the precaution either. (I passed along the website info to them) The folks I know who are using it, however, are very pleased with what they call "rock steady" basal coverage.
Avatar n tn I have become more and more aggravated with the fact that syringes are available by prescription only! Does anyone out there really believe that such a vital, simplistic medical device should not be available "over-the-counter"? What is the reason we are being told that it must be this way?
12183454 tn?1424007595 My 2 cents I am NOT an MD just a person with diabetes and well controlled. farxiga prevents the liver from absorbing and storing glucose (thus the liver has less glucose to release) you need something to lower BG running BG as high as you do is going to lead to some realy bad complications in the future. I would look into insulin to help with BG control.
Avatar n tn We have started with insulin (both fast and long acting)and currently his blood sugar levels are normal. Doc has suggested few tests after 45 days like TSH, Thyroid Antibodies etc. Please let me know what are the different tests or specific procedures tha need to be performed to confirm / control further advancement of the disease. Thanks in advance.
1135133 tn?1260503795 I have one bill I pay and that s internet to stay in contact with my family so its not like my money is being wasted elsewhere. I just dont know how long I can take this. Its so fusterating that alot of other people can get health insurance but I cant!? and I need it?! My mom and dad are both disabled so they dont have the money to help out. My boyfriend is a veteran and helps out as much as he can but his money can only go so far.