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Avatar n tn Yes, I would research the pump for this problem since your workouts are long. If you're using a long acting insulin such as Lantus, it's providing you a steady stream of basal insulin all day non-stop. With the pump, it supplies you with custom hourly basal rates that you can adjust.. so instead of one injection that lasts 24hrs, it will give you 1u or so per hour. Because of this, when you take the pump off, your basal is therefore stopped...
Avatar n tn It took me so many years to understand I was feeding insulin, I can't even tell you how many. For a long-time diabetic like myself, I feel like I got a set idea in my mind of how much insulin I needed and simply stuck to it, regardless of the number of reactions, so the feeding and feeding went on. And no doctor ever mentioned cutting back on the insulin in terms of weight control. Anyway, I now feel like I'm closer to actually taking the amount I need. But it requires a ton of testing!
Avatar n tn His arm and back ache and the doctor has given him some muscle relaxants. Besides rest what is the best way to recover from this and how much long term damage is being done to his body? He is a tall average size person who does work out maybe 2 times a week. EAch time this has happened he gets too tired and falls asleep before he has eaten enough. The low hits in the middle of the night and the seizure begins.
Avatar n tn My doseage of novolog is 4 units before meals so is that how much regular insulin I should take?
Avatar f tn He's always fought to maintain good control. The last couple of years it's gotten harder and harder. Recently he's gotten a Dexcom CGMS which has given us all kinds of information but no solutions. He uses Lantus and with the help of the Dexcom we've figured out it's action and been able to come up with pretty good dosing that seems to work. The problem is the rapid acting insulin. He's tried Novolog and Apidra.
Avatar n tn One unit of insulin drops me about 60 points when i am high, but when I have 1 unit of active insulin remaining from a previous bolus, i usually don't drop all that much depending on how long ago the bolus was. And if i am high and enter my blood sugar into the pump and punch in 0 carbs to estimate a correction bolus, the pump will subtract the units of active insulin from the estimated correction units, resulting in an insufficient amount to bring me down to my target range. Any advice??
Avatar n tn it may last for weeks, months, or occasionally, years. Some people never have a honeymoon, some honeymoons last a long time. My daughter has been honeymooning for over 2 years now, and I've talked to people whose kids are honeymooning for over 3 years. The majority do not last that long, though, typically it's a few months at most. A1C is also called the HbA1c. It is a 3 month average for the red blood cells in your system.
Avatar n tn I have had diabetes for the last seven years and am now 18. It looks like you are getting the hang of how to keep your blood sugar in control. With all the new advances in diabetes contol and treatment diets are not as strict as they used to be.
Avatar n tn He started to come out of it a little when they got there, and they were able to give him more of the gel. How long can you wait,to see if they come out of it before calling ems? The last time was very scary as he was having what appeard to me to be a seizure, and I panicked. After about a half hour he seeems fine, I'm the one that's still a wreck for the rest of the day. Thanks again for all your replys.
Avatar n tn My last visit to the doctor, my AC1 was 9.6 and I said thats it. So, long story short over the last couple of months I've been exercising in some fashion just about every day(gym 3-4 days a week, walking my dog the others) and portion control. And it's really, really paid off and I'll never go back to the way I use to be. I've lost 15lbs, and I have a ton of energy now. But, with my active life style and eating better I get alot of low blood sugars.
Avatar n tn 5), but since switching to Lantus, I have experienced 5 episodes of sudden and extreme drops in BG. They happen late morning, not related to breakfast, novolog dose or exercise. My BG is usually above 150 when it starts, and I must consume 150-200 grams of carbs (as juice or gel) to get it to stabilize, usually in 20-30 mins.
Avatar n tn My wife had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few months earlier and because she had a glucometer I had tested my glucose to find it was normal. I am wondering how I can develop diabetes overnight without any previous symptoms. It seems strange that both of us get diabetets at about the same time but different types of diabetets. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn 4) Finally, my Dr. was in on the study of Inhaler Insulin, anyone on it? He says the switch from the Novolog would be really easy, if I decide to try it. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn He has decided not to try another injection since the last one did not alleviate the pain and caused a month long spinal headache. NSAIDS caused negative reactions. He has decided to try a low dose of morphine, davron etc do not touch the pain. He, like many doctors, is not sure what role the post polio plays in all this, as well as fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. Otherwise I am quite healthy!! It is the unending pain, at times quite severe, that sent me finally seeking any relief.
Avatar n tn Hello Kristin, My sister & I are also a long-timers. She's had DM about 45 years and I've had it about 35 years. Your observation about your identity being wrapped up in having DM is quite profound, indeed. I've often thought about what I'd do with the mental & emotional energy if I didn't need to be doing so much "mental math." I don't know the answer, really ... I don't know if I'd've been complacent and lazy or if I'd've poured the energy into finding a cure for cancer!
Avatar n tn I am using Apidra short acting and Lantus long acting insulin. Now my sugar level is in perfect control but since sfter diagnosis, I am facing sevier hair loss. I consulted the doctor for this and he said it is due to the stress and it will be grown back. He also said it will continue for around 1 year. I am very much worried about this. Earlier I used to do daily head bath but because of this now I am doing twice a week. Is it because of the insulin I am taking.
12183454 tn?1424007595 I'm 35, and I cant get my blood sugar below 250 either, but most days, like all day today, it's up around 360 plus most of time. Triciglides around 960 last labs not too long ago. Doc didn't seem to worries about that. Said i'll go down when blood sugar does. Didnt eat breakfast, Smart lunch and small supper. I eat small portions and I've cleaned up what I eat, lots of salmon and little sugars, starch, ect.
Avatar n tn I have become more and more aggravated with the fact that syringes are available by prescription only! Does anyone out there really believe that such a vital, simplistic medical device should not be available "over-the-counter"? What is the reason we are being told that it must be this way?
Avatar n tn I didn't know you would be tailgating me thru tx, it feels like we've been doing this for a long time. It does suck, but nothing compared to the options!!! Right?!!! Thanx, Again' Thanx, KAMO and phantom, I'm fortunate that the Procrit has helped up to this point. My doc told me to eat more, too. Who the hell wants to eat: everything tastes like cardboard. Yummmm. Glad to hear about your success,phantom. You had to really work it to get it: like nygirl. I like those happy ending stories..
Avatar n tn My father is used in doctors conferences for care and capability of long term care diabetics and I am proud of him to last this long as people who are diagnosed later on in life havent the control over his sugars as he does.
Avatar n tn My kiddo is on lantis and novolog. She's stays within her normal range (80-180) most of the time when she's NOT in school. She was absolutely perfect nearly every time she tested during the summer...then school hit, and about 2 weeks into it she started dropping like CRAZY after lunch time. From everything I've read, stress tends to raise BS, as do hormones. We've basically stopped giving her insulin at lunch time.
Avatar f tn YOU have to try and find a happy medium. Feel free to add me as a friend and I will talk with you anytime.. I REALLY NO HOW YOU FEEL!!! God Bless sweetie, Drink lots of water if your sick so you don't get dehydrated!!
Avatar n tn The Lantus is a much longer acting insulin without the drastic peaks which can give you a lot more flexibility. I don't know how long you were on the Lantus before you switched back to the NPH, but your blood sugar swings may not have been totally related to the insulin, since you are still having problems on the NPH. My own preference would be to go back on the Lantus and give it another try. Perhaps eating a smaller snack or taking a littl less Lantus might do the trick.
Avatar n tn The last of the 5 infusion sets which failed I injected - still at the intensive care unit, but after my blood sugar had been brought to a normal level again by the doctors - under the eyes of several doctors. They said, I did everything right, but one hour later my blood sugar level elevated again. I checked my infusion set. From the outside everything seemed to be alright and the insulin pump had not warned. But the canulla was bended again.
Avatar f tn However, without a spleen, how does the body react or elicit an immune response since as I understand it, the spleen IS the immune system? Thank you for reading this long post - I DO appreciate it. Please provide some help & recommendations until I can get in to see an endocrinologist - it's driving me bananas!
Avatar n tn when I reread the post about the daughter, I felt a little queasy myself. How does it feel to have someone just talk about their death like that? I would be very frightened and angry. It sounded very hurtful and angry. Why is she so mad? There's some interesting stuff about Borderline Personality Disorder (definitely not a doc or therapist or even a psychologist, just have my own experiences w/this) having to do with rage. It blew my mind that someone said that.
Avatar n tn 5 intense workout, try taking your blood readings every 15 minutes to see the affect and how quickl your sugar adjusts. bob might have some suggestions on nutrition. I'm not a nutritionist and sought professional help bevause I didn't want to end up in another medical tent after a race.
Avatar m tn The second day I felt very sick to my stomach and threw up several time. I kept takeing it and still feel sick. Can anyone tell me how long these symptoms last? Ingo to be weighed tomorrow. I am not sure if I have lost weight but I know my eating has been cut in half. I dont even want to eat. Please say a prayer for me... I want to continue this medication and get better. For help with this medication.. you can go to and get this medication for free if you qualify.
Avatar m tn For the first time, he got to see my condition in full force. The last time we went, we waited in the waiting area for a very long time and my body had time to relax. This time, we had just come in from a long walk in the parking lot, through the building, up the elevator to the wrong floor, back to the elevator to the right floor and then to the reception area. We had *just* sat down when the nurse came out to get me, and almost as soon as she left the room, in walked the doc.