How long does lidocaine last

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Avatar n tn However, it is a medical emergency if seizures last longer than 5 minutes or if a person has many seizures and does not wake up between them. Seizures can have many causes, including medicines, high fevers, head injuries and certain diseases. Lidocaine can cause muscle twitching, convulsions, numbness of tongue or hypotension. You can view this at this link:
Avatar f tn You can ask your dentist to use an anesthetic without epinephrine, I have had tons of dental work and always ask for that. Dentist doesn't mind at all and I've never had any problems. It doesn't last as long but if you start to feel anything while they are working the dentist will just give you more. I have done fine with it.
Avatar n tn How long or why does restlessness and sleeplessness occure doing Norco detex? How long? snf Why? Then the real question. What I can do about it? Experience and knowledge greatly appreciated!
1407098 tn?1287115366 C unless it becomes medically necessary. I'm wondering how long most women wait to have a missed miscarriage naturally. So many people seem to get impatient and have the D&C after a few weeks, not that I'm putting that down, just that it's not the info I'm looking for. It's certainly a woman's choice, it just happens mine is to do it as naturally as possible.
317787 tn?1473362051 I was up at 2 am this morning scratching and itching. I have had the really bad rash on my chest from shoulder to shoulder across my breasts, it looked like I had shingles, chicken pox and measles very nasty. After about 6 weeks it finally cleared up and I used everything on it. The gold bond itch powder worked the best on me. And I used tucks medicated pads believe it or not it did stop the itch. Now it seems like I am immune to all the tricks so I was up at 2 itching.
Avatar f tn And after all that, I've decided (and sent an email) to talk to the NP at the pain clinic about switching me over to a long-acting medication for my pain. I'm thinking it will give me better relief. Even though I'm on a high dose now (45 mg. every 4 hours of oxycodone,) my pain seems to return after 2 to 3 hours. And I did have a bad flare-up this weekend; most likely due to the fact I ran low on medication due to my script not coming in the mail. Now it's a question of which medication???
Avatar n tn I have had three major surgeries in the last 4 years. One knee recopnstruction, a cervical fusion (C5/6) and most recently a lumbar fusion (l5-S1). Needless to say, I have been on pain medication for about a year - straight - since my last surgery (lumbar fusion). I do have intense pain and don't tink I am just taking them just for the fun of it. I am under the care of a pain specilist and take approximatel 5 Lortab 10/500 per day, as well as 6 or so Soma 350 per day.
1176499 tn?1272683655 I know maybe some day it will be second nature but how long does that take? I still have to really pysche myself up to push that button and I wanna cry every time..any thoughts appreciated..thanks!!!
Avatar f tn Dear Sara, I read another post where you mentioned a topical prescription for pain on front of head - would you mind letting me know about the script, name dosage, anything would be helpful. I read how long and how often you have been having chronic migraines in same post, and I guess I am close to in your boat, 20-30 a month 3 yrs, 10- 15 a month w daily headaches now that I get Botox.
Avatar m tn I described a new symptom which could only be described as having my ear injected with lidocaine and that it was wearing off. He said that was classical for meneire's disease? He agreed with the first ENT and felt I had cochlear hydrops.I was put on a low salt diet, underwent a 3 month trial of diuretics and have stayed away from caffeine. None of this has helped. When I discussed this with my family doctor he ordered a head/brain MRI and an MRI of my neck.
Avatar n tn Fast Burn Relief w/ Aloe Vera and Lidocaine. So cool and it stops the itching. Don't know how long it will last, but it feels good for now! I got it at K-mart. I'll keep in touch and let you guys know how it goes. For now I am delighted just to have some relief! Good Wishes to All!
Avatar f tn how does this machine work...does it grab your breast like the x ray...will this hold me down a bit? how does this work?
4622451 tn?1360598855 You have to close the door on the past and realize that your recovery started back when you said you wanted to quit. I don't know how long ago it was since I said that because it was years ago, however I will bet that if you took my clean time now and multiplied it by 20 it would be in the ballpark. Everyone's recovery looks different but you learn more with every relapse. I think about my behaviors as likely as much as you think about your hyper...thing.
4873770 tn?1360342828 When I first was diagnosed and read that regardless of treatment this disease eventually does run its coarse and die out I thought how horrible that is, to just let it happen and do nothing. Having been through this all though, there is really nothing you can do, shy of getting a full mastectomy, to change the coarse. It ***** and is a very sad thing to accept, but this is what it is.
Avatar n tn I would have to ask how they intend to feed the heart muscle using bypasses when most areas are seriously blocked off. The distal LAD is one common area for a feed, but this is heavily diseased. The report does say how the complete blockage in the MID right coronary artery has bridged with collaterals (natural bypass vessels). I would also have to guess this is happening to many other blockages or he would be very seriously ill due to the left side of the heart being so short of oxygen.
645800 tn?1466864555 The Neuro I am seeing at Vanderbilt MS Clinic has convinced himself that the problam is Sjogren's and his treatment is working. I say this because the last time I saw him he was pointing out on my last spine MRI that there was no inflamation showing. Of course on the previous one there was no sign of inflamation either. He also completely ignorned my worsening symptoms.
Avatar n tn My husband takes another lipotropic injection offered Dr. Summers that does not include the lidocaine bc my husband is allergic to lidocaine. He is doing great on the alternative option of lipotropic injection that Dr. Summers suggested that he do instead. I just thought I would mention this bc Dr. Summers was very clear that you need to let your dr know of any allergies that you have.
1388357 tn?1280193093 I honestly do not remember how bad my herniation was, which is funny considering how long I spent dwelling on it, lol. I did and still do have syrixes, but I do my best to not let all of that rule my life anymore. Then again, I am on a lot of nice pain meds for my EDS, so that makes it easier. As for having to fight for your dx, ya, it bites, but it sure beats the h*ll out of believing the docs that say it's all in your head... The decompression surgery is well worth having.
230262 tn?1316649534 So in regards to your chronic pain, I actually think suboxone is the best choice for you because not only does it help incredibly with opiate addictions, but it also is a very potent long lasting opioid, its 25 times stronger than morphine so you ca imagine how much pain relief that would give you...just look up a suboxone doc or therapist and depending on how they feel after explaining your past with opiates, they will decide whether or not suboxone or subutex would be the best for you..
Avatar n tn make up some corny story about how you want the positive preg test for a scapbook - if she won't do it there's your answer ebest of luck
Avatar n tn Its really great. Im currently trying to find it in SC area. Does anyone know of a dr. here or how I can find one?
Avatar n tn I found the injections (I think 4 separate needles) to be very painful -- though, as anoher commenter pointed out, the worst pain does not last too long (though my breast throbbed during the massaging) which is a good thing, because I can't imagine that pain on a sustained basis. The radiologist who performed this procedure on me was in a real hurry, barely paid attention to me because she was too busy scolding the tech and also didn't inform me about any pain.
Avatar f tn they are trying a 6 day pack of prednisolone for my neck pain and inflammation, so far it seems to be helping.. don't know how long the relief will last but I will keep you posted. I'm sorry the Trazodone isn't working for you anymore.. the same will probably happen to me sooner or later I'm still works now!
Avatar n tn How long does the numb sensation last? Minutes or hours? How many times a day do you need to reapply?
Avatar f tn I'll not be outpatient. I will have to stay a couple of days in hospital. Has anyone had surgeries following detox? Does anyone know about medications that won't make me sick? Should I give in to the meds? I'll have to following surgery. Please help me.
Avatar f tn so they gave you a topical steroid instead of the topical lidocaine? topical steroids triggers herpes to reoccur.
522415 tn?1242941355 i have stopped searching because i've tried it all, and nothing works, plain and simple. i really dont know how people can live like this, or for how long. the only relief i get is an occasional prescription of prednisone, 5 days worth...10 days of relief. 40 mgs a day i gave up looking for its just finding ways to learn to live with it..yippee. good luck..
130737 tn?1214865065 really confused cant have normal intercourse wont do anal - sexually assaulted. currently using lidocaine cream and liquid lidocaine. not helping. tear everytime with intercourse and swell up like a balloon "down there" and out of "commission" at least two weeks. also have diahrea for three days or so after intercourse and blood. No STDs. husband does understand but can be frustrating. please help anything would be great. last doctor i saw didn't help.
349465 tn?1289085364 It never ceases to amaze me how so many of us who have this disease, have differing circumstances to work through. I've begun to just look at others as to how long they've had OVCA. The one case I must closely resemble is Doicat. She and I are trying to follow eachother's illness to see what our doctor's have to say about the treatments and Clinical Trials that are available to us.
Avatar m tn I appreciate all of your feedback and I will write you back and keep in contact with you to discuss on how things are.