How long does lexapro side effects last

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415356 tn?1233317276 Day 3, no lexapro or anything, tingling in arms, head feels fuzzy and dizzy.. How long will these side effects last?! I am frustrated!
Avatar f tn I am only 1 week out being completely off but inquiring about the length of side effects. Can anyone who has personally encountered this withdrawal tell me how long these s.e. typically last? From reading the posts it appears I am in for weeks maybe months of some unpleasant s.e.
1028100 tn?1253287899 If you are interested in Lexapro, read this first. This thread talks about side effects.
Avatar m tn That way he can take you off the drug safely with no side-effects, if you choose to discontinue it. Better to be safe than feel like crud. If Lexapro works well for you, I would see no reason to stop taking it, since obviously you have symptoms of anxiety and depression when you are not on it. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn Have been taking Lexapro 20 mg for about a year and very much improved. Unable to acieve orgasm even with erection. How long does thia side effect last after weaning off Lexapro with doctor's approval???
Avatar f tn Just started lexapro 10mg (5 days ago), and experiencing severe side effects. Dizziness, more anxiety, shakiness, nervousness, you name it. Can't sit still, and feel like I wanna crawl out of my skin. I can't go to work, can't be around people, just wanna lay all day and cry. I feel really miserable, and I have a six month old to take care of (that I can't even do). How do I get through this? Any advise or support is appreciated.
Avatar m tn I took one Lexapro a month ago. Severe symptoms, couldn't eat or sleep for 4 days, terrible depression, anxiety hundreds of times worse than what I took the 10mg pill for. Obsessing about suicide. Doctor says side effects don't last that long. Still having trouble sleeping, eating, I don't know if I'm going to get through this. Does it ever go away? Where can I go? Who knows anything?
Avatar f tn Below is my first message I sent the other day. Unfortunately, my Dr. is out of town this week so I had another question for you. I am continuing to have some anxiety, not too bad during the day but at night and it causes me not to sleep. Should I go back to the 5 mg. dose and stay at that dose awhile longer (and go ahead and come completely off the effexor since I am taking only 1/2 of 37.5 mg anyway)? I have been on the Lexapro 2 weeks today.
Avatar f tn I have an appointment with my doctor 3/12 to talk about coming off Lexapro without suffering the side effects. Does anyone know of natural supplements to help with withdrawal symptoms, or any experience in withdrawing succesfully without too many side effects?
505677 tn?1263948093 My body has aches and pains cramping numbness and joint pains from the chemo ....Am taking oxycodone to help and lexapro and Ativan for the anxiety and depresssion ...
Avatar n tn How long does the medicine Lexapro stays in my body system? Since I just took one pill 20mg?
677061 tn?1226275988 When it comes to side effects which is more benign as far as cardiac function concerns?
1367899 tn?1278121440 My sister and I started a blog on Adderall to learn more about the medication along with alternative and complementary ADHD treatment options. Any feedback from users of Adderall or Adderall XR would be greatly appreciated. Topics to be added this week on How is Adderall XR different from Adderall? [Adderall vs. Adderall XR] What is Adderall? How to Make Adderall: [Adderall Background Information] What are the best Adderall and ADHD books?
Avatar n tn List any symptoms time date how long last, side effects after any shots or meds, and energy levels.
Avatar m tn when you got off effexor, how long did the withdraw symptoms last? And what were they? I started reducing my does 2 days ago and I feel like crap.
Avatar f tn I take Lexapro, I was also Diagnosed with GAD, and I was diagnosed with ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, Lexapro dosnt really have any side effects, but one thing I notice, is that my anxiety seems to no longer be a extreme issue, except during high levels of drama and such. It does make me drowsy, and for me, works 24/7 I dont really notice the side effects for me, only one I can really feel is the drowsy/tired feeling, it makes me want to go to bed.. But this is just me.
Avatar m tn Hello, so I have been on Lexapro since september after a long 10 months of what looks like a mental breakdown with tons of anxiety and spaciness and detachment. Ever since i started the lexapro i feel a lot better than before, a lot o the prior symptoms gave vanished but i'm still struggling with spaciness and some detachment. How long will it take to get back to 100% normal? I don't even know what normal feels like anymore. Will I ever fully recover?
1295419 tn?1276822872 I like the effects of the Lexapro mentally, but just curious if anyone else had similar side effects and if so, if they went away or you had to start taking something else? I was on Zoloft before the Lexapro but had to stop taking it because of urinary issues it was causing. Any advice?
Avatar n tn m in should I discontinue the medication or should I continue taking the medication in hopes of the side effects lessening. Basically about how long does it take for the side effects to lessen while taking the medication?
Avatar m tn m worried about taking them because of reading about the side effects. Mainly the weight gain and sexual related issues. Does anyone have any experience with this drug? How common are these side effects? Stories to share? I would like to feel better, not have more issues.
561374 tn?1234486061 I was just wondering if there was anyone who has taken Lexapro could you tell me how long it takes to take effect? Also, does anyone know the major side effects of either of these medications? Is there weight gain?
Avatar m tn This is one of the most common side effects of Lexapro. I had it. Whether it will go away or not depends on the person. This drug doesn't regulate serotonin, it alters the way the body uses it. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks to see if an ssri works.
Avatar f tn How long have you been on the Lexapro? 5mg isn't really a therapeutic dose for most people, but side effects come before effects. So you have two choices: go up to see if it works for you and the side effects pass or, depending on how long you've been on it, decide this drug isn't for you and taper off it.