How long do venlafaxine withdrawal symptoms last

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Avatar n tn On averge 2 to 4 weeks give or take.
Avatar n tn I was on 150mg Venlafaxine for 5 years and after a withdrawal lasting 10 months have finally stopped. No withdrawal symptoms at all. Once before I stopped cold turkey and the brain zaps and other withdrawals lasted 2 weeks. If you look up 'How Long Does Effexor Withdrawal Last', you will find over 930 replies to that question. Did you lower your dose slowly? I went from 150mg to 10mg over those 10 months so I would not get any withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn How long does the withdrawal symptoms last from Venlafaxine if I had to stop them suddenlly?
Avatar f tn I am experiencing loss of bladder control as a result. Have others experienced this problem? How long does it last? I am doing my best to handle all of the other symptoms; nausea, dizziness, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, but this a causing me great concern and pushing me back into a feeling of complete uselessness. I fear that it will last forever. Can someone please help me.
Avatar n tn I feel exhausted much of the time and have very little motivation and drive. Does anyone know if this might be due to withdrawal from Venlafaxine? Has anyone experienced similar effects after stopping this drug?
Avatar n tn Effexor can be very hard to stop taking, and should be done slowly, tapering off carefully for as long as is needed for the particular person. The other issue is, did your doc think the mirtazapine was going to ease your quitting effexor, or just permanently switching you? Remeron is quite sedating, so she might have though this would help you through the withdrawal, but as its mechanisms of action are completely different than those of Effexor I don't know if that works or not.
Avatar n tn Now I am experiencing all of the withdrawal symptoms listed in the drugs info. How long will these symptoms last and what can I do to reduce the paresthesia/ motion sickness feelings I am having. Going on day 5 without effexor, I have to return to work.
Avatar f tn Hello, I withdrew from Venlafaxine recently. You will find masses of information on this site about this subject. With my doctors help I took 10 months to withdraw, taking tiny amounts at the end. I have only had a few headaches after a couple of weeks, and am feeling really well. No side effects from withdrawal at all. It is 8 weeks now since I stopped it altogether. It is possible you just withdrew too fast, and you are experiencing bad withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar m tn My doc recently started me on Effexor ive been on it 3 days How long does it take to start feeling the good effect from this med?
Avatar n tn Let us know how you get on. Hope it works with no withdrawal symptoms. I do know that the very slow taper worked for me.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me how long these symptoms will last? I did have very short episodes of dizziness and weird brain sensations but, they have pretty much gone away. I have been reading the website and forums so hope someone can help me. Thank you.
Avatar m tn The problem with these drugs isn't that they're fat soluble. Quite the contrary, the problem particularly with Effexor is how quickly it leaves the body, leaving the brain no time to get used to being without the drug -- it leaves in a matter of hours. While we're on these drugs receptor sites for targeted neurotransmitters turn off because the brain no longer deems them necessary, and when we go off these drugs these receptors try to reawaken.
Avatar m tn Hi Sam , one of the best ways to handle withdrawal symptoms is to BE PREPARED. Spend some time on the net investigating common effects , so that you'll be able to recognize the symptoms as just that , withdrawal symptoms. These can include crying spells , feelings of hopelessness and depression , as well as physical symptoms. Google Venlafaxine Withdrawal Syndrome. You may be lucky and not have a severe reaction to continuing to decrease the dose. All the best.
929549 tn?1266441020 Lack of balance Spaced out Lack of concentration Blurred Vision Auditory Hallucinations Jittery Sweating @ night Nightmares and/or vivid dreams
Avatar f tn How do I find a neurologist who is educated in Effexor withdrawal? I have a mild seizure disorder, my Mother was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, and I am "addicted" to Effexor, which I have taken for 10 years and cannot seem to break free from. Put that all together and I feel as though my worsening memory issues spell our DEMENTIA in big, bold letters. Can anyone make any suggestions? Thanks...
Avatar m tn Since this was going on while you were on the drug, it's hard to know if going off of it will help any because who knows if the drug was causing it?
Avatar m tn 90 days is a common turning point, but it doesn't stop there. Yes, methadone can take a long time to recover from. I was on twice as much as you and it took me 10 months to feel good. It is rough, but totally worth it. Hang in there. Are you taking vitamins and getting enough electrolytes and amino acids? That really helps. What are your other symptoms, maybe we can help with supplements to get you through.
Avatar f tn I have currently been reducing my dosage over the last 6 months with severe withdrawal symptoms and have now stopped it over a week ago which is truly tortuous. I have read posts on other sites which recommend taking Benadryl with the active ingredient being diphenhydramine which helps with the brain zaps and dizziness. The Benadryl which I purchased in the UK has the active ingredient Acrivastine and not sure if this will help.