How long does venlafaxine withdrawal last

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Avatar n tn I feel exhausted much of the time and have very little motivation and drive. Does anyone know if this might be due to withdrawal from Venlafaxine? Has anyone experienced similar effects after stopping this drug?
Avatar f tn I am experiencing loss of bladder control as a result. Have others experienced this problem? How long does it last? I am doing my best to handle all of the other symptoms; nausea, dizziness, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, but this a causing me great concern and pushing me back into a feeling of complete uselessness. I fear that it will last forever. Can someone please help me.
Avatar m tn I believe if I can do it, then anyone can, so long as they withdraw VERY SLOWLY. We cannot say how long it will last in your case, as we are all different. Sorry I cannot be more positive. I do hope you begin to feel better soon.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me how long these symptoms will last? I did have very short episodes of dizziness and weird brain sensations but, they have pretty much gone away. I have been reading the website and forums so hope someone can help me. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Take some during the day, have a steady stream in your system. It will help with your symptoms. Not sure how it works, but it does! If your interested in alternate methods, it may be worth looking into swapping to a different drug with a longer 1/2 life, like prozac (with a nice loooooong 1/2 life, which translates to hardly any withdrawal), get on that, and then get off of it....which will be easier than effexor.
Avatar n tn The feeling you are getting is a symptom of the withdrawal and will eventually dissipate. I don't know how long it will last for you. There are many postings on this site about Effexor withdrawal symptoms, and they are varied and can last a short or long time. Different for everybody. Some people have really bad withdrawals, so you are doing well. I do hope you withdrew really slowly, as if you do it too fast, you will get these many and varied withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar m tn Currently I myself am trying to wean of Lexapro, I know I am going to have withdrawal and I can handle it, took last dose today. But I am getting " hot flashes" among other symptoms.....just wanted to know if anyone else experienced the same thing. And no, not old enough for just isn't a symptom I know of that is common. Nevertheless, remember you are not alone. Stick with it and just ask family members to have patience. Good luck!
Avatar f tn If I try taking half a tablet - it only lasts half the time before the dizziness starts, so cutting down this way doesnt seem to work. SO, does anyone know a better way OR has anyone gone through the dizziness and how long does it take before it stops. Feel like I will never get off these bloomin tablets. I dont feel depressed when I dont take them, just really dizzy. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar n tn How long does the withdrawal symptoms last from Venlafaxine if I had to stop them suddenlly?
Avatar n tn If you look up 'How Long Does Effexor Withdrawal Last', you will find over 930 replies to that question. Did you lower your dose slowly? I went from 150mg to 10mg over those 10 months so I would not get any withdrawal symptoms. If you stopped at 75mg, you will probably feel those withdrawals for a couple of weeks at least, I should think. The alternative is to go back to 75mg, and very gradually take less and less. I cut up 37.5mg tablets to its smallest dosage.
Avatar n tn Anyone have any suggestions about how to get past this terrible nausea and dizziness? How long does it last after you stop taking Paxil? I was prepared to suffer through the withdrawal symptoms after having tried to come off the medicine 4 times; however, I was very hopeful the Prozac would significantly reduce the symptoms. Since it hasn't, I am feeling very discouraged and frustrated. I just want to feel normal again. And Paxil didn't even completely control my panic attacks!
Avatar m tn I was wondering how your switch to the Teva venlafaxine xr went for you? I'm on venlafaxine immediate and feel nausea in the mornings and dizziness all day long. I'm also thinking of making a switch.
1671244 tn?1304794585 I have Zanaflex, a muscle relaxant, but it makes me sleepy, so I do not want to take it all the time, but the achiness is constant. Big question is how long does withdrawal last. Was on clonazepam for about 4 years. The first thing my primary care doctor said when I told her about the pain you want more clonazepam? I sent away for supplements from The Road Back program. Anybody try these?
530150 tn?1284662480 I honestly think you should call your physician back about this to check if the meaning was that you cease the use of Effexor gradually before you start on the other. Only you and your physician knows the reasons for change, and how your depression works. A pity it's Saturday... Call first thing Monday morning! Please check back with updates on this! I'm with you!
Avatar f tn ) and was told that she was not going through Suboxone withdrawal alone, but 3 disorders at once, because of the Suboxone w/d The first disorder he spoke of is Depersonalization Disorder, below is the definition: Depersonalization Disorder is said to be a side effect of the Naloxone in Suboxone. Depersonalization disorder is marked by periods of feeling disconnected or detached from one's body and thoughts (depersonalization).
250143 tn?1320174229 ' [I very rarely get panic attacks now] I know I have depression, apparently 'longstanding treatment resistant', although I am slowly recovering at my own pace, which involves being with difficult feelings and becoming conscious of them safely. And more and more I'm learning how a lot of it is long held grief. The aches and pains are indeed partly that, as I've been having intense knee aches for the past several months off and on, as the whole work process thing gets more and more protracted.
Avatar f tn I couldn't even last the full 24 hours!!! I went to see my old family doc this morning and told him how i felt and he gave me 35 pills to taper with every 3 days. He said to call in a week to let him know if that works for me which it should. I DID NOT like the slow taper feeling but i cant do another night like last night. I literally thought i wanted to do. Arms were so crazy that i couldn't even hold my phone without it hurting. It was horrible!!
Avatar f tn Anyway I am still determend to get off of this horrible med, so yesterday I still only took a half of a 75mg tab of venlafaxine. I have also started taking the fish oil and vitamin E I think it does help the brain zaps. I did ask my Dr if I could start the taper and she said "well you already know how" because I tapered off the colosopam really slowly.
3079363 tn?1363277315 You CANNOT go cold Turkey on either one of them!! How long have you been taking them?? I have been on Effexor for 7 years now. The doctor tried to take me off Effexor and put me on another antidepressent a couple of years ago. I literally thought I was going to die!! I couldn't open my eyes or even lift my head up. ect.. Worst withdrawal I EVER experienced. I stopped the new med and went back on Effexor after 2 days. I also took Neurontin many years ago for quite some time.
Avatar f tn i gain 10 lbs a year on paxil dont know how or why..long story short nothing worked and i found out about xanax and it saved my life. Now after all these years my panic attacks are back and stronger than ever the doctor suggest klonopin ...well i dont know but i hear more often then not FAT stories! my friend gain 150 lbs in 3 years, she never weighed more than 98 lbs in her whole life...that klonopin for ya..
Avatar n tn numbness and tingling in arms and legs pain in legs cramping in calves stiffness irritability anxiety attacks (which I never experienced before taking an anti-depressant) How can I get this properly diagnosed and how long is it going to last? This is horrible.
Avatar n tn What does Ambien do as far as memory/blackouts (I have searched online and didnt get any answers.. would love to pull up that long ago discussion here.. if I knew how..) And what is this (very) low blood pressure condition.. hypo-whatever? As an aside, if you type in your nickname into Yahoo! search (or most likely any search engine).. it brings up THIS drug BB, or other BBs where you post..
Avatar n tn As I type this, I guess I'm making progress. Do you recall what side effects you had with Effexor XR, if any, and how long they last? Last week I had episodes of sweating. This week it's nausea. The sweating finally ended, so hopefully the nausea will too. Any supportive information you can provide would be appreciated.
6744073 tn?1384774750 I know how hard it is to come off of both of these meds. The Venlafaxine withdrawal alone was a nightmare.
Avatar n tn Scratch what I said earlier because I thought you said you were taking streight Venlafaxine which is not sustained release. ViaPax XL is. How long have you been taking this drug? As I recall ViaPax is not avalible in the US which explains why I wasn't completly familiar with it. Have you been able to contact your doctor about the side effects your having with this drug? (I know they can be hard to reach most the time) Maddie, It may simply be that this just isn't the drug for you.
Avatar f tn I think I will suggest this to my doctor b/c I just think my body needs a bit more time to figure out what I'm doing to it? Also, does anyone know how being on an antidepressant for many years (about 14 years in my case) affects the body? Are my organs like my liver experiencing high levels of toxic stuff due to these prescription drugs? Will a more gradual taper be easier on my digestive organs?
Avatar f tn Insomnia has been one relatively common occurrence in these reports, although the consumer information on Effexor does not list this as a withdrawal symptom. You should talk about this with your doctor to determine any association between your insomnia and cessation of venlafaxine intake. Hope this helps.
242516 tn?1368227505 A fascinating research study was published today by Irving Kirsch of the University of Hull, questioning whether or not 4 popular antidepressants are any better than placebo, and found that they weren't any better. Here's the study:
Avatar f tn Also know that withdrawal from drugs can cause insomnia, and it sounds like you've had your share of it. Also, snris such as Effexor can also cause liver disease, or how does your doc know it wasn't the Effexor? I think quitting a drug in order to take other drugs for sleep is missing the point -- if you're not sleeping because of your anxiety or depression, the meds you're on aren't working.