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568280 tn?1218126402 By doing research on the inetrnet there does seem to be indication of cervical spine problems that may predispose brachioradial pruritus. We need to explore everything we can to find out the cause of our problem. If you want to email me I will give you any new info I have found. You can reach me at- the inn between at yahoo ******* God bless to each of you. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Severe Itching on arms</a>.
Avatar n tn 05%, Triamcinolone ointment .5%, Lubriderm with betamethansone valerate, and had two cortisone shots in August. The cortisone shots were my only true relief, which lasted exactly two weeks. I received 80 units of some sort. The Psorcon-E helps, but the second dermatologist I saw thought it was two strong to keep using. Now I have chickenpox-like scars on my legs and lesser scars on my arms. My right leg is flaring up just like it did in Feb.
Avatar f tn With in a week on was on the downward spyral with depression and anxiety which I was taking lexapro and bupropion plus clonazapan for. How long does kenelog stay in your system and how bad does kenolog interfere with these drugs working? I would appreciate any ones insight on this matter.
Avatar n tn i used ointment w/ 1% steroid content but it doesnt work out. i have this illness for about 3years already. please help me how to cure it.
715122 tn?1229750085 How could this happen to me? It's a scary thought....the unknown that is. I went to see a gynocologist today due to some irritation in my labia and she said it looked normal, but the pain seems close to herpes, so she did a test vaginally for herpes and sent me on my way. She said she would be surprised if I had Herpes, but after doing some research I about **** myself reading through things because it all sounded close to the "irritation" I am experiencing.
953439 tn?1246472891 I'm not 100% sure though. Does anybody know what this is? How to get rid of it? I can't eat properly or smile, or laugh because it hurts if i put too much pressure on my face. PLEASE HELP :( I already have so much to deal with other than this.
Avatar m tn If you decide to try it, make sure you buy a medicinal aloe vera plant and a large one too. If it doesn't work you will not have spent a lot of money, if it does work you will be happy.
Avatar f tn When I was on my way to work the other day, I simply scratched it once and when I pulled my hand back blood was everywhere. It has also been oozing a clear liquid and there is no pain. Does anyone know what this is and how I can treat it? I will not be able to see my derm for about 3 more weeks. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Therefore, I thought of maybe covering it up with fake tan would work (I heard it does), however the dots just got darker and more visible (why is this?). I'm aware there's no cure, but there must be something that might help? I'm considering using 20% Salicylic Acid peel to aid the skin in shedding. I believe that the red dots are caused by hair clogged underneath, so surely this will help free them? Correct me if I'm wrong cause all this sounds too easy. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Without a complete history, physical exam and review of lab results, I can’t give you an exact diagnosis or treatment plan. After looking at your photo, your diagnosis seems to be accurate, but I can’t say for sure without a doctor visit. Your best bet is to see your primary doctor or dermatologist who can do blood work to rule out secondary syphilis (a mimic of PR) and prescribe steroid cream if the itchiness bothers you.
Avatar n tn But the nyastatin/triamcinolone that I used had thinned the skin on the left side of my penis.I used it only for three day intervals 6 times over three and a half months.He said it could have possibly permanantly thinned the skin.He said also it is much weaker than the lotrisone but can still have the same side effects.I went to my urologist who prescribed the nyastatin/triamcinolone.He said I see some skin change but dont worry about.The derm.
Avatar m tn Its about a 1 CM away from the head of my penis. It looks flush with the skin. It does not burn, itch, sting, or anything. No discomfort feeling whatsoever. I did, however, start to experience a slight itch on my anus. I did receive unprotected oral sex about 2 weeks ago. Could this be the beginning stages of herpes or a yeast infection?
Avatar f tn at this rate, its still spreading, just slowly. every website i go to says it is chronic or reoccurring, does that mean it will never go away?
Avatar n tn Hello, for the past two years or so I have had spots on the shaft of my penis. Recently they have begun to appear on the glans as well. They are fairly small, not raised, dry, red, somewhat shiny, and flaking (at least on the shaft). They do not itch or hurt in any way. I have had an STD and HIV test, which was negative for everything tested, and had not had a sexual partner for 2 years prior to the appearance of the problem. I am now 24 years old.
Avatar f tn 1...where the normal range should be .3 to 5.1. Does anyone else have these symptoms. The burning tongue thing and rash are very bothersome. Thx for any advice.
Avatar n tn The spots are circular and oblong and as said slightly raised. How long does it take for this cream to work? Additionally, does this cream have any affect on a womans menstral cycle? I missed my period this month. I know that I am not pregnant and I was curious to know if the medication is absorbed into your system through your skin.
Avatar n tn Tried antihistimines, still itches incredibly, tried calomine lotion, does not work. I have not scratched it but instead rubbed ice over it to numb the area. Nothing is working. Ive gone trhough another two 80g tubes of Fluocinide and Triamcinolone Acetonide. NOTHING is working still here and seems to be getting worse. Shall I take a picture?
Avatar n tn He has been on Nystatin for 6 days now but his rash is not looking any better except for that the redness is not as bad. Does anybody know any other things to try or suggestion of different Rx that would help clear this up?
720656 tn?1311043835 I had been using Gold Bond Triple therapy but I have recently switched to Eucerin Calming Cream. Does anyone have experience with this rash? How long before my Neuts and WBC's come up to help with the healing process? Will I continue to break out as I am noticing new areas of break out now? The majority of this is on my back and sides with a few on on legs and arms. Is the rash aggravated by sweating while sleeping?
Avatar f tn I was told originally this was hot tub foliculitus however the Nystatin and Triamcinolone along with the clindamycin did not work. I am now on Triamcinolone Acetonide and that also does not seem to be making any difference. What are possibilities that this could be? I have look at over a hundred warts pictures and they do not seem to look like anything I have seen on reputable sites like mayo clinic. However these bumps will not go away.
Avatar f tn I have tried over the counter medications and they do not help at all. There is no specific time of day that I itch. It does not take on the appearance of a rash but more like a mesquito bite type of form. I have itched myself raw on some places of my arm due to me itching during the night as well. What more is there for me to do?
Avatar n tn I've tried every remedy and medical treatment I could get so far, with no results. Candida injections. Triamcinolone cream. Cutting and burning and freezing (they grow back as fast as the skin does). Tee tree oil. Garlic. Zinc supplements and cream. Vitamin supplements in general. Banana peel. Apple cider vinegar. Potassium. Essential oils such as oil of oregano. Homeopathic treatments (hey, I'm desperate enough to try) such as thuja and dulcamara. So what's the big problem with this?
181564 tn?1189759424 I would like to hear about other's people's experience with rash from ribavirine. How long did it last? How widespread was the rash? What worked best to deal with the itch? Did anyone discontinue ribavirine and just continue with peginterferon for the remainder of treatment? Did it help? I will see my Hep C specialist on July 11 to discuss this with him.
Avatar f tn I waxed my stomach , chest and armes last week then 4 days later i get two red pimples with white head and as the hair grow the pimples started to spread out and increased only on stomach and chest ? i used calamine for two days didn't work ? is it from wax ( as it is my first time for stomach wax ) or it could be infection from the wax materials ??
Avatar n tn My family Doctor has subscribed several things at various times, nystatin and triamcinolone acetoneide cream,Mentax 1% cream/Lidocaine 5%0,Lotrisone Lotion,Desitin Ointment, Gold Bond medicated powder, for examples. I have noted some improvement from time to time but continued use of any of it seems not to help. What I seem to go back to most is the gold bond powder. I sometimes get up at night and apply a cold wash cloth before using it.
Avatar m tn The first one told me it could be sexually transmitted and had me take blood work and a urine sample. They tested this and there was absolutely nothing wrong. I don't have genital warts or anything of the sort. I'm 100% clean. Since then the inchiness has spread to other parts of my body, thighs, and torso, as well as my back side. In these areas it looks red and irratated, more like a rash, with some tiny little red bumps too. Its in key areas and not ALL over my body though.
10203682 tn?1418697354 The tampon is just used as an applicator not a leave in type thing, yes that cream does work wonders however that's the pharmaceutical medication I like to avoid :)
Avatar m tn (You mentioned triamcinolone, which is one of these, but didn't say how long you used it.) Then just wait for the redness to go away. I am confident that it will, if you give it a chance. If not, the dermatologist can perhaps consider a skin biopsy to help clarify the diagnosis, though I doubt one will be necessary. Good luck. Dr.
Avatar n tn The skin doc prescribed Triamcinolone cream (Daytime) and Triamcinolone ointment (Nights). It was a miracle in a jar. Within 2 days it had knocked back the rash by at least 50%. By the end of a week there was hardly any rash at all. I'm now on week 32 and Triamcinolone is still working. The rash still wants to come back, its always trying but 2-4 applications per day keep it in check. Hope this helps.