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Avatar n tn She said that she has seen that patients with this type of recurring problem, the NuvaRing has helped clear it up. How has the MetroGel worked for some of you? Also, how is the NuvaRing working for some of you? Just nervous, worried, and depressed. Please, just a few words of advice. I just don't know why this is sticking around. She also said that there is no odor, but she still thinks that there is bacteria. HELP!! Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I just started NuvaRing today but I was very hesitant because I've never tried any form of birth control before and I was worried about side affects such as weight gain. Has anyone ever tried Nuvaring to help fibroids? Does it helps shrink the fibroid or only help with decreasing the period clots? Also since it is suppose to prevent ovulation and prevent maturing our eggs, is this in any a way a form of saving my eggs for future fertility once I decide to have kids? Thanks for your time.
1027094 tn?1327433332 Just wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant on the nuvaring? Oh and if when you put it back in are you suppose to do it at the same time of day too?? I know you are suppose to put it in on the same day, not sure about the same time? I don't think I've been putting it in at the same time of day. I had a little cramping around the time I SHOULD have been ovulating. Didn't really think anything of it at the time.
Avatar f tn The other day I went to the toilet at work to change the nuvaring (it's a birth control method that you insert in your vagina once a month and then remove 3 weeks later). When I was about to leave the cubicle I noticed a very small spot of blood on the door that definitively wasn't mine (half the size of a pinkie finger nail), near the door knob. It looked rather dry but couldn't really tell if it was 100% dry (the cubicle was empty though before I walked in).
Avatar f tn I've read that this is not necessarily worrying, maybe my period will come later, but what should I do about the NuvaRing? Does it still work? Should I take it out, should I keep it in but use additional contraceptives? I'm lost about how and when the NuvaRing works, because the instructions only say what you should do, not why. If it gives off hormones as soon as it's in, then why is the timing so precise? Thanks.
363110 tn?1340924019 I want to hear your stories of how it's worked for you? All we are using is the foam and we used it one time...sO much better! lol. I know this is a pregnancy forum but really I know you all (wierd hu? since we've never met in person) so well. Did you use the foam correctly? Any issues with it? THANKS!
Avatar f tn My husband caught it that weekend and was laid up for two days. He actually had to take time off work which he never does. So anyway, the day before Valentine's day I'm about to go to Sam's club with my mom to buy diapers for my daughter and I start throwing up. Great, I thought, I have the freaking flu! So I had my mom take nevaeh since she was coming over anyway and laid down to try to rest. And then all the sudden I was fine. And I just knew.
Avatar f tn Hi I am having laparoscopic surgery on wed to remove a few cysts,some scaring from a super patial historectomy,and they also have to remove my felopion tubes.I am wondering how long before I go back to work part time, the thing is I drive and lift auto parts for a living. I am also going to school will finish in 7 wks :) they said i will not have to stay in the hospital i could leave the same day.
Avatar f tn I guess waiting is really the hardest part.
Avatar n tn But is it normal to hurt like this on the right side under the breast right near the ribs after lap? If so how long does it normally last?
Avatar f tn Implanon, IUD, shot, patch, pills, NuvaRing... You have to work out what would be best you FOR. For example, last year I choose the Paragard IUD because it's non-hormonal, lasts 10 years (we're not having anymore children so I wanted something super long term) and doesn't require daily use. I didn't want to have to remember to take something. If you're bad with pills or don't intend to use it perfectly, do NOT get on the pill. It has to be taken once a day, everyday.
Avatar n tn i have lost all feelings of beimg pregnant and hope to m/c as soon as possible so i can have some closure.
Avatar n tn i normally get my period round about the 8th but this month the were early and we were trying to concieve ,this period was shorter about 2and half days and light than deep than light again...
Avatar n tn The first injection of methatrexate did not work so a month later they gave me another injection of methatrexate which did work and in October, due to the complications and lingering pain, I had laproscopic surgery which they found I had endometriosis that fused my right ovary to my uterus. Well, they fixed that and now have told me to 1. get pregnant again to stop my cycles or 2. go on birth control constantly and not have a period. I decided to not have a period and go on b.c.
Avatar f tn (My doctor said that it would be ok to continue to take them). My question is, how does this affect my cycle? Should I expect some bleeding? My doctor mentioned that there would be "irregularness" whether I stopped it and waited till my period to start the pills again or if I continued but he wasn't specific. Is it probable that I won't ever get this period that hasn't came yet? I just don't know what to expect and it's making me nervous.
5121963 tn?1363908857 There's no string or anything attatched to it, such as a tampon has. And how far do you have to put it up? 3) Does NuvaRing make it difficult to have sex? Would he notice it? Thank you everyone for taking your time to read my questions and give the best advice!
Avatar f tn I don't know about the exam part, but it is best that your GYN prescribe you the bc. As for the NuvaRing, it's a hormonal ring that you insert into your vagina, it stays there for 3 weeks and then you take it out for the 4th week, that's when you'll get your period. Check out the website it's I loved it and I'll probably use it again after I have this baby.
1460967 tn?1512404738 im just in shock and not exactly sure how to feel!! Surely i cant be but there is a line barely visible...umm maybe its just a evap line....i used frer and have never gotten an evap....guess ill test again in the am... update I added a picture but it seems to be very blurry but thats the best i could get with my phone and where you can kinda see the line?
Avatar f tn Yes 12. And it gets inserted inside your uterus. You still ovulate unlike hormonal birth control. And its made out of copper and copper kills sperm.
Avatar f tn I found a small cut inside of vagina which im certain is the cause. Now just gotta work out how to heal the cut.
128449 tn?1192829269 Thanks for all your suggestions...i am still trying to figure out what i want to use. For now we are using the "pull-out" method. I KNOW it's not the most effective method...does anyone know how effective it is though?
Avatar f tn My question is is there anyone else out there who is still experiencing side effects even after stopping the nuvaring? And how long does it take for the numbness and tingling to stop in your left arm and leg, it is quite annoying and not to mention scary.
Avatar n tn I want to use one form and be secure in knowing it will work. Can anyone answer me, when does it become effective? Does the fact I used it last month count and was it effective then? Do I need to worry? Please any information will help, I am very confused! Thank you!
Avatar n tn There are many types of birth control, and you would be wise to get medical advice before deciding on one. There are pills, patches, NuvaRing, Depo (it DOES make some, NOT all, people gain weight), diaphragm, IUD, foam, jelly, contraceptive film, different types of condoms (if you are having breakage issues, try different brands), and a once a month shot (I think Lunelle) that is not the same as Depo. Probably left some out! It's all about effectiveness vs.
1226466 tn?1267204616 If i go to the health center and get the birth control nuvaring will that stop my period? and how does it work?
Avatar f tn It contains sperm just as the actual ejaculate does. It only takes ONE sperm to fertilize an egg so it doesn't matter how small an amount of semen that gets inside of you, you still risk the chance of getting pregnant. Your chances of getting pregnant also depend on where in your cycle you are. Your most fertile days are approximately 14 days BEFORE your next period is due...
548642 tn?1266183252 so i had a miscarriage in july and had a d&c...had normal period in august and september! started nuvaring right after d&c! well low and behold....i think i am pregnant again!!! i took my nuvaring out on the 14th and didnt start my period, sick as all get out today! so i bought a test and it was positive! i freaked out and when i told my husband he got pist! he wont even talk to me..........
Avatar n tn Hi pinkster, You ask, " how likely is it to pregnant while taking birth control pills? " Actually, it is possible to become pregnant while on birth control pills if you miss taking pills or don't take them as your doctor prescribed. If you want them to work properly, you have to them them properly. If you don't want to become pregant for whatever reason, your partner needs to do his part too, i.e. wear a condom, atleast it's preferred. Not every man likes wearing a condom.
7094011 tn?1405459486 That's how my ob taught me how to insert my nuvaring