How ammonia refrigeration works

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Avatar m tn Low gastric acid is usually a pretty strong sign when bloating and cramping There's usually a release of excessive ammonia as a waste product and the liver works hard to turn it into a less toxic chemical called urea, which is eventually filtered out by the kidneys. A BUN test (Blood Urea Nitrogen) will verify this. The triad , I go by is: Hypochlorydia + High BUN + symptoms= Gut Dysbiosis. Oh, BTW wheat is one of the most genetically modified foods on the planet.
Avatar m tn Part I explains the Flip-Turn Sinus Flush®, Part II tells you why it works, Part III tells you how to prevent sinus problems. Good luck, and breathe free! INTRODUCTION Antibiotics often do not work for chronic sinusitis. The reason is simple: antibiotics are delivered to the site of infection by the bloodstream. There is some blood flow in the sinuses, but for many people it’s not sufficient to deliver enough of the drug to kill the large number of bacteria in the infected sinuses.