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Avatar f tn drink everything with ice, eat ice n a lot of cold things, get plenty of fans n face them on u, n wear the least amount of clothing as possible!
Avatar f tn I walked to the library without stopping and back (with a bathroom break and grabbed a couple of books inbetween) with the walker. I wasn't able to do it without stopping a lot 2 weeks ago. Yahoo. Oh and I started PT exercises on Thursday. It went well. I'm still working on getting off the walker.
Avatar m tn I have been on HC since 05.On average it was 8-10 pills a day sometimes more counting on my mood.I started my days by eating 3-4 of anything i had. I only take xanax when I cant sleep but want nothing to do with them seeing what close friends lost and their aftermath. It F****n sux when i have my mind on something else or even in music i can pick out little snuck in lyrics that to me refer to getting high etccc.
7987584 tn?1409244036 Any herbal tea or even just hot water with lemon and honey
Avatar f tn I'm 29+6, and I am having crazy hot flashes n insomnia. When I am able to sleep I wake up drenched n cold from sweat. This is my 4th pregnancy and I've never experienced this before. Is anyone else going thru this?? Suggestions on things that may help?? I see my ob on Tues and am going to mention this..
Avatar f tn Gosh dat is true. I can't take the heat,n i did have a cold shower,bt my body felt so hot. N i was feeling dizzy,bt the ice.chips helped.
Avatar m tn hot or cold sensations. However the neighboring teeth may be responding to the hot/cold stimulus and causing referred pain to the treated tooth. I would suggest that you have the area evaluated by your general dentist or by an endodontist. Just out of interest, when you say a "front tooth", is this a top front tooth or a bottom front tooth?
Avatar f tn Paracetamol is fine but my doc says keep it natural fill a bowl of hot water and add a tinu drop of vicks dn use a towel over ur head to inhale it in that shud clear ur nose and green tea is also a relief but codeine is a risky med its too strong for our babys its just for major major pains.
Avatar f tn What do you ladies do to stay fresh in this hot weather?
Avatar f tn Yes it has my 3rd trimester has be the worst its so bad to the point I have to wake up and put ice cold water on my face or a cold rag
Avatar f tn Emergen-c (can take up to 3 a day while preg) and hot water with lemon and honey. Humidifier!
Avatar m tn Been feeling cold for about a year now. Have went from feeling cold to cold spots throughtout the body. Started with feet, hands, now everywhere. All blood tests normal or neg...even lyme any suggestions?
Avatar n tn i feel really bad n knowing that ill be induced the 19 n worried about getting my bby girl sick
11374118 tn?1424678451 I am with you there on the ice cold drinks. Unfortunately I can't walk outside in a t - shirt as much as I want to since it is -20 right now.
232328 tn?1207090071 Is there anyone that I can talk to on here that has Yahoo messenger or AOL messenger and will be on during the day for the next few days?? I really would like to have someone that I can talk too throughout the day to help me get through. Please reply and let me know if there is ANYONE out there that has been through this and is willing to talk me through it.
Avatar f tn I go to sleep feeling a little cold then I wake up practically sweating. N there are times I feel hot at other places n I ask my friends if their hot as well but It's just me lol :/ so I feel ur pain.
Avatar f tn Well only u can do try to take some steam, that helped me a lot wen I was pregnant n had cold
Avatar f tn Waking halfway through the night and only thinking about if I had some pills I could go right back to sleep. Yahoo. Good times. Hope everyone else is sleeping!!!!
Avatar f tn i know it's about winter but my husband doesn't understand how hot being 9 months pregnant is. I live in Atlanta and the high for today was almost 60 and he has the heater on ALL day. The temp in my house is now 76 degrees. Which to me, is too hot to sleep. I try to compromise but he just doesn't get it. It's like there's no pleasing. If I turn the heater on and it gets to about 72 he says he's hot.
8622136 tn?1399000554 and im not seeing my Dr till the 3rd
Avatar n tn everything I do other than sitting around being lazy makes me so hot.. just this morning I walk my daughter to school its wet cold and miserable but I get half way up the road and im sweating! Its that uncomfortable clammy sticky hotness.. makes it so hard to find what to wear everyday, obviously its a horrid day so u have to dress appropriately to keep dry but id love to go out in my pj shorts n flip flops. Im 14weeks god knows what its gonna be like when im twice the size! ...
Avatar f tn Cool bath or a pool. Water is always good, try eating ice or frozen fruits. They also sell cool compresses for the back of your neck at hardware stores for the guys that work outside they are great. You can also try a freezer pack if you don't want to buy anything wrap it in a cloth and put it on your neck and head.
Avatar f tn Start Luke warm and gradually turn it colder, it feels amazing! A cold press on the back of your neck or on your feet can also help. While I'm at work I always have a fan blowing on my feet under my desk, I find it helps combat swelling too!
Avatar n tn Are you diabetic? Have they checked you for any kind of endocrine problems? Did you do a search on burning feet? Hot feet? Red feet? Does this happen to your hands, ears, or face eveer? Does it happen only when you are warm and exposed to heat or warm clothing or shoes and socks? These are probably a lot of dumb questions-but things like peripheral neuropathy, and erythromelalgia are two things I have heard of. I cannot wear shoes or socks most the time in the house.
Avatar n tn i know its hard to turn ya mind off i was the same you will get thru huni have u tryd a hot bath or shower and a cuppa tea, i lived on the couch for the first week just watching movies goin for lil walks, r u taking any vitimans mate check out the thomas recpie at the bottom of the page it helps.. stya strong huni ur not alone keep posting if u wanna talk u can pm me mate anytime.
Avatar f tn U need to be drinking orange juice n water keep pushing them fluids in get u some cough drops n vicks n rest I caught a sinus cold 2 weeks ago got rid of it in 3 days no medicine helped but orange juice, water n hot tea with cough drops (so I wouldn't get a dry cough) n vicks worked perfect
Avatar n tn 82 days left till I have my first n am load with the cold is there anything I can take