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333672 tn?1273792789 This reminds me of Goldilocks (I THINK that's who it is, please correct me). Isn't she the one who needed her porridge not too hot, not too cold, but just right? It sounds as if you overdid things with the blankets and socks. Too cold and you couldn't sleep, too hot and you brought on symptoms. It's hard to get it 'just right.' Here's hoping that when the nights have become reliably cold you'll know just the right amount of layering to try.
428506 tn?1296557399 There is a health page about heat sensitivity. I was wondering if others have symptoms made worse by the cold? While both hot and cold bother me (no dx), different symptoms are aggrevated by the two temperature extremes. Can anyone with temperature senstivity reply and let me know if it's hot, cold, or both that give you problems, and if you have a dx? I'm just curious, and always keeping my radar up for clues about what's going on with me ;-). Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have been talking with this guy for a while. We have been friends for a long time and he recently asked me out. We have been on a few dates and it's been fun. Though lately he's been acting hot and cold with me. One day he'll be cool and just act like himself and the next day he won't talk to me. I don't understand why he acts like this and have asked him a few times if something is wrong or what's going on, but he doesn't respond.
Avatar f tn I search the other side of the bed out just for the cold cool down. In the last couple of years..... I get cold and search out the spare blanket that I have started keeping on the bed. So I wake up sweating, throw off the down...cover back up......and then wake up because I'm cold and need the extra blanket. I woke up four times last night.
Avatar m tn long you live and high you fly...and smiles you ll give and tears you ll cry...and all you touch and all you see... is all your life will ever be...PF sara...i remember peter, paul and mary...i love leaving on a jet plane....
483733 tn?1326798446 I will join my voice to make the trackers printable. I would love to be able to print an entire year and see it properly, so I can make notes and take it to my doc. Printing the PHR would also be nice, but for me, the tracker would be a priority.
1199272 tn?1265245775 I don't know if it actually works because I just signed up, but try similac(dot)com and sign up for their StrongMoms program. It's supposed to provide free samples and coupons. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn It F****n sux when i have my mind on something else or even in music i can pick out little snuck in lyrics that to me refer to getting high etccc. I tried to work today and omg i was a slug,i then layed on the floor and powernapped.the knee pain started, then my knees ached until I took a 2 motrin 800s. I had diarrhea 6 times today. I cant stand this bs. I jus woke up from a nap again and i feel better. Wat is the best way to get off this w/o detox($$). anything herbal or household help.
362249 tn?1441315018 m usually always cold and my fiance was always hot, until I got pregnant and then it turned around. I was always hot and he was cold because I used to freeze him out of the room. Now we're more even because I still have those darn pregnancy hormones and my son is nearly 2 years old.
Avatar n tn Since posting I looked at the AAA website and found a printable list of autos (in a section open to nonmembers, too) with features that are helpful to those with certain conditions such as diminished vision from cataracts and glaucoma, and physical limitations due to arthritis, etc. I also read that cars with a digital display of speed on the dashboard, as opposed to the traditional speedometer with a needle against the dial, can be helpful to those with diminished vision.
Avatar m tn Yes I have the same problem. Either r too hit or too cold. Going from hot to cool or cool to hot throws my body off too.
Avatar n tn I am feeling cold during the night, and sometimes during the day. I am also sweaty and hot in the mornings. It started 4 months ago. some additional symptoms I have are thirst, excessive urination, edema in the legs and face, tiredness. Doctor checked my blood sugar, thyroid hormone level, and FSH and everything was normal? Any suggestions on what else can I do about my condition?
Avatar f tn I am a 32 years old women and getting hot and on and off cold flashes though out the day is any one able to explain this to me.Last month my menstrual cyclical went longer than usual. My menstrual cyclical usually only go's for about 4 to 5 days,but last month my menstrual cyclical lasted 10 days.
Avatar f tn I tried at one point to go back on the levo, I was taking 1/2 a pill, and it made me so sick (hot/cold flashes to the extreme and wantinging to die) that I just gave up. Now I feel crappy sometimes and my hair is falling out. Maybe I need a different medication? Is it possible? Any suggestions?
1720588 tn?1309457579 normally i get them if i run out of the meds that im on but this time its different because i havent ran out of my meds and im getti8ng the hot and cold flashes. normally the pattern is i get cold flashes all day long i turn my heater up to 78 degrees and im still cold. than at night when i go to bed its like every hour im having hot flashes than like 30 min utes later it turns to cold flashes.
Avatar f tn I had the the same thing - it was really bad in the beginning. And then it stopped for a while and then returned again about two months later. It was so uncomfortable and it drove me crazy. I wondered if it might be hormones, so it is a good idea to be checked out to make sure all is okay. But it is a common symptom.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing terrible headaches might as well call them migraines ( light sensitive feeling of vomiting because it hurts so bad) I'm 11 weeks 4 days along is there anything that can help? I've tried tea warm baths and tylenol... nothing even touches them. ( I usually take Ibuprofen because I have nerve damage that causes my muscles to spasm but obviously can't take that right now) I do not normally get headaches either... ever.
Avatar f tn As for activities, you can do games like: choose which side they're on, see who's all right at the end List like five names for boys and girls and have them guess what your guys names chosen are. Bingo (printable ones online for gender reveal parties) You can make or buy plastic pacifiers, if you make, you'll need white life savers, ribbon and pink and blue jelly beans and a hot glue gun.
7924122 tn?1404037486 mines the opposite lol they do that when I'm too hot.