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Avatar m tn I'm referring to this latest news about hiv research which is also a retrovirus like hbv: "The new therapy works in two stages. Firstly, a vaccine helps the body recognise the HIV-infected cells so it can clear them out. Secondly, a new drug called Vorinostat activates the dormant T-cells so they can be spotted by the immune system.
Avatar m tn The Top-Ten upcoming new herpes drugs The acyclovir family of herpes antivirals has been around in one form or another for the last 20 years. It's high time some progress was made, especially given that the ASHA says 50% of women in the USA will have genital herpes by 2025. Here is a shortlist of the most likely new treatments to become available soon, in order of how close they are to market, number 1 being the closest to market.
Avatar m tn any latest news on herpes vaccine? and also will there possible be cure any time in future?
Avatar m tn hiv cmia 2.57,5.52,4.92,6.29 (<1.00) for four months, but no band and elfa 0.03,0.05,0.02,0.04(0.25) for four months. Am i Hiv Positive?
Avatar f tn if someone inadvertently injects a quantity of HIV blood into the vaccine bottle can it infect or the vaccine component will inactivate hiv ? If syringes or needles have been used before in a person with HIV what is the possibility of infection.
163305 tn?1333668571 Because hepatitis C is more virulent than HIV, no one was confident a vaccine against all the various strains around the world could be developed. But Michael Houghton, the University of Alberta researcher who announced his work today at the Canada Excellence Research Chairs Summit in Vancouver, says his vaccine works against every known strain of the virus.
Avatar m tn In 8 out of 9 patients who have achieved this therapeutic vaccine-like response, they continue to control their viral infection off treatment.
Avatar m tn Appears released about a week ago, very recent...successful in mouse studies, next stop full animal trials, then clinical.
134578 tn?1642048000 The reason the stock didn't go up more is that Gilead has said it intends to give it away for free, at least initially. The stock market in general went up because there's no other place to put your money right now if you're lucky enough to have extra money to invest. Interest rates are zero, so no interest. Housing isn't doing great, so real estate not great right now.
939577 tn?1319636299 As I posted a few months ago. I spoke to a rep at Vertex and they are applying for a license for Teleprivir in late 2010, so it may be out before late 2011. it's up to the FDA, in which I have a contact at that I can shmooze and get some answers. Chin up, I'm in the same boat as you and many others. Eat well, don't stress, don't drink, exercise, take your supplements and you will be fine...
649848 tn?1534633700 // News Max shared this article back in May – it is time to read it again, as there are more “Get your FLU Shot Now” signs coming out than ever before. It is GARBAGE, and we have been screaming that for 12 years. Come on, show me some respect. OK, here is the article, I am out – Dr.
Avatar f tn Possible good news. I was watching the Nightly Business Report on PBS last night and the stock review section had this short piece of information. A company involved in MS research had a dramatic positive jump in stock price. I don't know anything further about this but I'll share it.
Avatar m tn This indeed is fantastic news. Can&#39;t wait for the poster to become available online and see the exact magnitude of reduction in antigens a single injection of this drug was able to achieve.
211940 tn?1267881266 Hi all, Sorry, it took me some time to get back with you. I saw my Neurologist, yesterday, who was "surprised" that I dropped by, instead of calling about the results of my latest MRI. He is the one, who first told me, don't bother coming in, just call and I will tell you the results, then in turn, had the receptionist set me to come back in a month. Well, he told me, there was nothing new, "expected results" on my latest MRI, come back in 6 months.
Avatar f tn I was tested for HIV during last pregnancy and again this time, both NEGATIVE but now I am slightly worried that the Anti D vaccine is based upon donated blood products. Am I at risk of infection or do I need to move on and calm down?!
Avatar m tn i am happy to see this is from china researchers, i also see hbv vaccination is mandatory in china too, looks like the only third world is US since also europe has vaccines mandatory forr hbv, maybe hbv drugs are mainly produced in US....i don't know.....
Avatar f tn 3. I read the France news they say they already find the AIDS therapeutic vaccine, is that real ? If yes is that means HIV can be Treatment soon?
997730 tn?1254278376 Melinda Gates Foundation just donated $10 BILLION for research on a vaccine for HIV and some other diseases?
161782 tn?1201217932 // What's the point of vaccinating an infant, hours after birth, for a disease that only drug users and sexually promiscuous people are exposed to?
Avatar m tn Energex Systems' HemoModulation(TM) therapy is an extracorporeal treatment that involves exposing a small amount of an infected subject's blood (3-4%) to a precise amount of ultra-violet light (UV), for a precise amount of time. During the process, any pathogen in the blood that is directly exposed to the UV energy is inactivated. After exposure, the blood carrying the inactive pathogen is returned to the patient through the same portal it was drawn from.
Avatar m tn Unless you’re on treatment and it’s not working for you, you might want to think twice about hopping on a clinical trials. It’s not as easy or hopeful as it sounds.
Avatar m tn I was actually trying to send these questions to one of the doctors, but I dont see where to do that. Do they still accept questions? Can anyone post a link for where to submit?
Avatar m tn go test agin to your doctor or gum clinic they do rapid tests in both they dont have policy "no news is good news" for hiv in UK i tested last month in London they give you results for hiv within 40 minutes no news is good news for othe std like syphilis,ganorreha,chlamidia which need up to 2 weeks to come from the lab.