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Avatar n tn Vaccine Campaigns May Be The Cause of New AIDS-Like Disease in Asia and Drug Resistant HIV Affecting Africa Researchers have identified mysterious new symptoms that have left scores of people in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa with an AIDS-like disease and drug-resistant HIV respectively. Coincidentally, vaccine trials took place in several regions in both continents. The patients' immune systems become damaged, leaving them unable to fend off germs as healthy people do.
Avatar m tn Personally there is a Vaccine currently in Phase 1 Trails that was recently Approved by the FDA which in a sense is a major step for any Vaccine. This Vaccine uses a Whole HIV Virus instead of little bits of it. There is also a Heavy Duty Vaccine (Genes) in the pipeline as well. We also need to Focus Prevention Methods on the hardest hit the Gay community. We need to have a Aggressive safe sex promotion and Widespread HIV TESTING.
Avatar n tn However, I searched similar questions here and found people responded differently. If it is not a risk for HIV, why is it a risk for HBV? Or do you think I'm on risk for both HBV and HIV? btw, I am having sore throat 2 days after the exposure.
Avatar m tn html Using inactivated Hepatitis C particles, a Japanese company has successfully suppressed the Hepatitis C virus in mice.
Avatar f tn Hello- I have recently gotten an hiv test which came back indeterminate. I am not a drug user and the last time I had unprotected (oral) sex was seven months ago. I have to wait to test again in a month. Four months ago I received my first shot of a series of three HPV vaccines. Three months ago, I received the following vaccine and I'm due to get the third vaccine in a few months. I also received a TB screen test about three weeks before the hiv test.
1056870 tn?1254244774 can hiv vaccine be possible and what time it will take to evolve such vaccine, is vaccine available in any part of country
Avatar f tn Please any information is welcom I spent hours and hours on the net looking for vaccine reactions and found people with a persistent lymph node for years...
Avatar m tn Hello, For the past 3 months i have been worried and anxious that i might have caught HIV from a condom(sealed, unopend) that i found, I used it 12 hours later. I was tested negative 3 times, and still cant seem to shake of my worries and fears. Maybe OCD. And i also, think some how the condom is infected with hepititis and it could have coinfect and thus delayed serconversion of my HIV and it scares me.
Avatar n tn or some amount of it left in my body, and an adenovirus vaccine-induced enhancement of target cells for HIV can cause an infection (kind of delayed seroconversion)? The studies on the HIV vaccine considered 6 months old exposures as high-risk (prior to the administration of the vaccine), if I remember correctly, but I dont know if that was used for behavioural purposes. It isnt clear in the cited studies. 2.
Avatar f tn Cervical cancer is rare and regular pap smears catch abnormal cells in plenty of time to treat since cervical cancer typically takes many years to develop from abnormal cells (dysplasia). Therefore, in my opinion, the HPV vaccine seems overkill especially with the adverse effects the vaccine can cause.
Avatar n tn I would like to ask whether Hepatitis B vaccine impact the window period of HIV testing? Is this negative result is finally conclusive?
Avatar f tn if someone inadvertently injects a quantity of HIV blood into the vaccine bottle can it infect or the vaccine component will inactivate hiv ? If syringes or needles have been used before in a person with HIV what is the possibility of infection.
Avatar m tn it is not enough to test that only you have to test hbsag, hbsab and hbcab igg and igm to have a picture no difference and you ll clear hbv anyway even if no vaccine, anyway you are fully on time and if you dont mind to spend the money for the vaccine you dont need to wait for any test if you want to save money check the tests above and if any positive you had hbv already and cleared, hbv has no symptoms
Avatar m tn no vaccine for hiv. Go to ART centre immediately without wasting time and take prophylactic dose for 28 days continuosly to minimise risk to acquire hiv. Vaccine for hbv doesnt works if u are already exposed to it.
Avatar m tn I understand that the presence of HSV greatly increases the possibility of HIV transmission -- but does that HSV infection need to be present previously? Or is it possible for HIV to be transmitted along with the HSV? There were no breaks in the skin or condom (that I am aware of). If this is possible, then it seems to me we cannot be sure that even condoms will prevent HIV. On average, how much does daily medication reduce the number of outbreaks?
Avatar m tn I went to hospital to have a vaccine yestoday. but when the nurse took out the vaccine from the fridge beside the Injection station, the vaccine fell off from her hand du to her negligence and roll around the bucket full of syringes and needles used before. She took up the vaccine from the ground and gave me a vaccine. There was no obvious blood on the ground near the bucket.
997730 tn?1254278376 Melinda Gates Foundation just donated $10 BILLION for research on a vaccine for HIV and some other diseases?
Avatar f tn But in our country, blood/blood product transfusion is not 100% safe, that being said, some guys contract HBV and HIV from blood transfusion. Although TIG is more expensive and better, I fear it will transmit HIV to me, as it's also kind of human blood product. So, I want to ask whether horses' blood can also be infected by HIV? If not, maybe I will choose TIG.
Avatar f tn Hi , I have taken H1N1 nasal spray vaccine 2 months ago and plan to do HIV test in the next 3 weeks. Is there a possibility that the H1N1 vaccine may result in a false positive HIV elisa blood test?
Avatar m tn ve had sexual intercourse with a woman of unknown status for three times..I got tested HIV negative after that for two times but never tested my blood for Hepatities.. also once when i was in a barbershop my comb was missing from my tools and so the barber had to use his public comb and i think his comb cut thru some of the pimples i had on my head.... The question is how long does it take for symptoms of hepatits to show themselves?
Avatar m tn I recently donated a blood, but I received a letter from the blood center saying that my HBcAb core is positive with Ausab is 26, (but I am tested Negative for HIV 1+2 Integral , HIV 1+2, HBs Ag, HCV, RPR, and HTLV 1+2). They asked me to take 3 dose Hepatitis B vaccine, and they can not accept blood from me again. I am a male 44 years old; I never took the Hepatitis B vaccine before. I am wondering why I am tested positive Hepatitis for B Core Antibody , and what does Ausab 26 mean?
Avatar f tn on febuary 2011 some social health workers with the permission of my organisation asked all workers to take hep b vaccine..i took a shot without pre test and i was given an appointment for a second shot after a month ..they didnt show up for the second shot until last 27th july 2010 . This time they took my blood sample and the result came positive to hbsag..i panicked and went to a hospital for a confirmatory test.