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Avatar n tn Can you get infected if you share food? I'm sure the answer will be "no", but say there was a group of people sharing a large peice of food, digging in with their spoons, and an HIV positive person was also digging into the same food. Let's say this person had some kind of sore/infection in his mouth as well, and is putting his/her spoon in the same food everyone else is digging into.
1925822 tn?1333705617 listened to this song and bursted into tears...and thought of my chiari family!!!! Its Anastacia with "Heavy on my heart" Here some lyrics and a link I am not sure you are able to open in the US: http://www.youtube.com/watch?
495284 tn?1333894042 Cali has ear infection right now so i am giving her drops in her ear 2 times a day. She sits real good while i put them in and i rub her ear to get the drops down the canal and then she shakes her head about a thousand times!!!!! She cant go swimming for awhile. There is a fungal type disease creeping in here. It is called Blasto....It grows in the dirt(spore type thing). Found along river banks, lakes, woods or wherever dirt is. The dogs sniff and it goes to their lungs.
Avatar n tn Hello -- yesterday I noticed a hard lump area right at the botton of my penile shaft, right where my pubic hair area is. I immediately went to the clinic in fears this was an STD (like syphilis?) as I have been having protected vaginal sex with someone, but was concerned the area this lump is in is not necessarily protected by a condom as it may not have rolled down that far.
Avatar f tn me with my first her with her second.
Avatar n tn This morning I got the call my great grandma passed away in her sleep. She would have been 101 years old in June...
Avatar n tn We have a dog together also which she now took ownership of and the dog stays with her in her room. Currently everyday after work i go straight to the park to mountain bike and dont come home until 7pm and she is usually at her grandmothers until sometime after i have gone to bed. I don't know if we are doing all this correctly. Was it a good move to seperate bedrooms? Is it good we try to avoid each other?
Avatar f tn feel your pain in a big way!!! Im so sorry for your broken heart! It does not sound silly at allllllll that you loved her more than people! I feel the same way! I understand that feeling...I had a rescue - he was my partner in crime - my best friend.... I've had many friends walk out on me & even family turn their backs, but Cash (named after the Man in Black, Mr. Johnny Cash-he was a large black & white pointer/lab mix) but he always loved me.
Avatar f tn t have money for no service for him so I had to leave him there so they did what ever with my child I was so heart broken. If you got the money honey go head and have a service for him. It will give you some type of comfort I do have a memory box with all his pic in it though.
Avatar f tn we got engaged after a year,so been engaged for about 3 years,I choosed to move out of his house due to there was just not enough room there,my daugghter as a teenager wanted her own room and not to share with her brother.I moved out telling him that once my daughter is done school in two years than maybe I would move back in. We started having fights about everything from big to small for the past year.
Avatar f tn Thanks everyone i appreciate the support. .This has really been hard on me..His sister passed away Monday who was also my friend. .I want to go to the funeral but I'm afraid I won't have it in me to keep it together esp if he's there with her and his mom doesn't know I'm pregnant. .
Avatar f tn ( I can't even imagine..
Avatar n tn I went to a strip club yesterday in a Latin carribean country. A stripper literally put her hand down my pants and grabbed me. The problem is she had very long sharp nails and she effectively scratched my penis with the nail. I immediately left and checked my penis, but didn't see any obvious trauma so I forgot about the incident.
7750527 tn?1397990512 @cgeorge my sister's baby's father used to hit her, and me, her sister, hated the guy, if is me and is only a sister, I can't imagine ur dad how he feels, just give it some time, and don't worry about that, why don't u stop by his house and maybe if he sees u with ur pregnancy he'll change his mind, I think that when he sees that baby, he's totally gonna change, they go crazy with grand babies ;)))
Avatar f tn And to be honest, those tests are not always 100% accurate. When my aunt was pregnant about 8 years ago they told her the same thing, her son would have down syndrome. She was hurt but continued her pregnancy as usual, and guess what? Her son was born with zero down syndrome and is a perfectly healthy 9 year old today.
Avatar f tn I Have A Dog Named Grace And She IS My Heart And World I Love Her EveryDay And When I Loose Her I Will Be Even More Depressed. All You Really Need TO Do Is Show Grace That You Will Remember Her Everyday And Night And Going OUt With Friends Can Help But Mostly Just Talk It Out That Always Helps Me. For YOur Dogs I Think YOu Should Take Them Out To A Dog Park Or Something LIke That Let Them Meet Other Dogs To Help Heal Their Broken-Heart.
194838 tn?1303428544 Luke had a sea turtle created from flowers which Deandra loved to snorkel with in Maui. He also had a beautiful photo of her inside a heart shape cluster of purple flowers, her favorite color. There was a solid heart of white flowers with red flowers forming a broken heart effect. He had another arrangement with the teal ribbon representing ovarian cancer and another arrangement with a satin replica of the scissors she used at the salon.
172411 tn?1287086265 told my doctor that with my mother no longer being here and how my pregnancys go my best option is to have a hystercomy they want to perform TLH Total Laparoscopic Hysterctomy. i am heart broken i really dont want to go threw with this but really i dont have any other choices. has anyone else had this done. i am really scared.
Avatar m tn how can i help a friend to get over a broken heart.?any drug or advice will do...
269143 tn?1310795352 day 13 or 14...anyone knows remind me...i'm feeling a serious jonze......i asked wife if she is going out....i need a car ride or sumtin,,,,bad day....dono if's the ice pellets bouncin offf the windows... i did decide to work on my cd(13 years in the makin)how's that for motivation..lol....i have tons of music and lyrics but everything i'm comming up with seems dope related......here are a couple song names ,,,,..........my little billy........blue bullet......
Avatar f tn I just told my partner I dont want to be with him. He doesnt seem to care about our relationship or our baby and he crossed the last line last night. I know in the end I will be ok, but right now im not. Im 20 Weeks tomorrow and we found out yesterday that its a girl. My dreams of a happy family are slowly falling apart. I dont know whats going to happen in the next few months. I dont live near my family and I dont have any money.
Avatar m tn She was distant (we never lived together) for almost two years and I waited for her...stupid, but to me she was very worth the wait, I finally asked her after pouring my heart out to her recently, as we talked everyday. This is the first time we have had no contact, and she told me she didnt want a relationship right now...my God did that hurt...still does but I gotta see my son, I really hope she comes to her senses.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry for your loss I had an ectopic pregnancy at 11wks about 6 months ago and I was completely crushed. It being my husband and I first kid I just kept blaming myself and my husband and i would always fight because we just wanted our baby back. You have to try and keep your head up and stay positive. Your baby is watching over you and he's going to help u get thru this like my baby did.