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703841 tn?1322565968 I told my mom and dad tonight that I was pregnant. my mom had asked, and I couldn't lie to her. She asked me my plans, and I told her Dh and I are going to have the baby here in saskatchewan, and then a month after the baby is born we're going to move to Ontario. she yelled, and screamed. Told me that my baby had to be delivered by a real doctor and not a witch doctor.
Avatar f tn My heart hurts right now. I am crying. Josh worked yesterday and today and I have been left alone with Lauren. I’m feeling overwhelmed and wanted a break tonight. I hid in my office trying to get a break for a half an hour but she was crying and he was getting mad at her. I went upstairs to put some stuff away and he threw her in my arms. I was upset that I couldn’t get my break and there was yelling. I am so mad because he was yelling at me when I was carrying Lauren.
1041303 tn?1421387341 My Grandfather was a Vaquero (Mexican cowboy), and rode and owned horses almost my whole life until 1997 at the age of 81 my Grandpa went out on his horse and the horse bucked him off and dragged him for a long time. My Grandpa suffered many broken ribs, a broken arm, and a broken leg as well as the skin on one of his legs was completely removed from the dirt and gravel. We thought he was not going to make it, but boy did he surprise everyone.
184674 tn?1360860493 I never knew grief could physically hurt. I honestly feel like my heart is literally crushing under the weight of the grief, sadness, and emptiness of my mom's death and her absence in my life. I never realized how much she was entwined in my everyday life, from phone calls to seeing her to the pesky emails she'd send me with news links about health and current events.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 13. I found her journal today... I shouldn't have read it but I did and now I can't stop crying! The pain is unbelieveable! She was talking about the abusive relationship I was in and how I was a horrible mother for staying so long and getting beat everyday. She said the only reason I finally left is because he had a knife to my throat and I knew he would kill me if I stayed. I was in a situation where I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO GET OUT! I had my kids, no money, no family...
390388 tn?1279636213 They could not get an NG tube down her today and the blood came out of her nose and mouth as I held her hand. Sometimes knowing the facts are hard. I don't think she'll make it more than a couple days. I can't imagine living without her. My life is ripped apart. I will sleep at her side tomorrow and pray that whatever is best for her happens. Whether it is to go or the obstruction breaks loose. I love her so very much. I just can't imagine living without her.
1925822 tn?1333705617 listened to this song and bursted into tears...and thought of my chiari family!!!! Its Anastacia with "Heavy on my heart" Here some lyrics and a link I am not sure you are able to open in the US: http://www.youtube.com/watch?
1262373 tn?1281543782 I don't know if I can keep this up. I can't decide whether to call the doc or wait a few more cycles. It's so depressing not being able to conceive on my own.
541063 tn?1227516294 Left out...
1482686 tn?1288290773 A broken heart (or heartbreak) is a common metaphor used to describe the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one, through death, divorce, breakup, moving, being rejected, or other means. I t jumped out to me in this definition that a broken heart is a intense emotional pain that cam be caused by moving away.
724811 tn?1291430786 Funny how expressions we take for granted are based in realty. My "heart is broken", but it really hurts. In the shower I looked down and I could have sworn there was a bruise where my heart is. I can't breathe, I can't sleep, I'm not hungry. It's amazing how mental stress leads to physical ailments. My heart hurts so much. I'm just trying to breathe and get thru each day. The unknown is what scares me. When can I get my things? I miss my pets terribly.
1607960 tn?1300113093 I have been married for 22 years. I think my huband is ready to go his own way he just doesnt know how to tell me. I know he has meet someone because he is always gone. I never know where he is. When i call his phone at night time he doesnt pick up. i want our relationship to be the way that it used to be. We dont do anthing together. NOT NOTHING. i dont know what to do but i do know that i am tired of this. If he doesnt want me anymore i would rather him tell me and not just avoid me.
Avatar n tn Can you get infected if you share food? I'm sure the answer will be "no", but say there was a group of people sharing a large peice of food, digging in with their spoons, and an HIV positive person was also digging into the same food. Let's say this person had some kind of sore/infection in his mouth as well, and is putting his/her spoon in the same food everyone else is digging into.
734812 tn?1233115466 I did it he left me today,I think I did the right thing.I cant be with a cheater I deserve better than that and he didn't love me like I love him I am very hurt right now but god has a plan and a man for me am 21 weeks pregnant with his baby and that make its harder for me but I think I will be okay.
Avatar f tn me with my first her with her second.
Avatar f tn 00 short, her husband was find, he paid it and that Friday we have him the money , the next week I got papers in the mail my mother was sueing me for the balance of the car, when I asked her why she blamed her husband. Another time I had not heard from her and I would hear from her everyday , even to hear how my sister was this and she had that, and how I had a dumpy house , ect!
Avatar n tn This morning I got the call my great grandma passed away in her sleep. She would have been 101 years old in June...
Avatar n tn We have a dog together also which she now took ownership of and the dog stays with her in her room. Currently everyday after work i go straight to the park to mountain bike and dont come home until 7pm and she is usually at her grandmothers until sometime after i have gone to bed. I don't know if we are doing all this correctly. Was it a good move to seperate bedrooms? Is it good we try to avoid each other?
Avatar f tn feel your pain in a big way!!! Im so sorry for your broken heart! It does not sound silly at allllllll that you loved her more than people! I feel the same way! I understand that feeling...I had a rescue - he was my partner in crime - my best friend.... I've had many friends walk out on me & even family turn their backs, but Cash (named after the Man in Black, Mr. Johnny Cash-he was a large black & white pointer/lab mix) but he always loved me.
5685035 tn?1423932969 Once again, she's sitting talking to the moon. A song plays on the radio. It was that song. See one year ago she didn't know how to leave. She did know if she stayed she would surely die. It was 3 am she woke to a machete to her neck...a song was playing as she opened her eyes to the horror. She didn't feel God but she knew he was there. That night she went to jail. They dropped her charges and she remembers one of the officers saying if we don't take you, you will die.
Avatar f tn t have money for no service for him so I had to leave him there so they did what ever with my child I was so heart broken. If you got the money honey go head and have a service for him. It will give you some type of comfort I do have a memory box with all his pic in it though.
Avatar f tn Thanks everyone i appreciate the support. .This has really been hard on me..His sister passed away Monday who was also my friend. .I want to go to the funeral but I'm afraid I won't have it in me to keep it together esp if he's there with her and his mom doesn't know I'm pregnant. .
Avatar f tn we got engaged after a year,so been engaged for about 3 years,I choosed to move out of his house due to there was just not enough room there,my daugghter as a teenager wanted her own room and not to share with her brother.I moved out telling him that once my daughter is done school in two years than maybe I would move back in. We started having fights about everything from big to small for the past year.
495284 tn?1333894042 Cali has ear infection right now so i am giving her drops in her ear 2 times a day. She sits real good while i put them in and i rub her ear to get the drops down the canal and then she shakes her head about a thousand times!!!!! She cant go swimming for awhile. There is a fungal type disease creeping in here. It is called Blasto....It grows in the dirt(spore type thing). Found along river banks, lakes, woods or wherever dirt is. The dogs sniff and it goes to their lungs.