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5685035 tn?1423932969 Keep Breathing : You wait in darkness For answers that you can't see You know what you deserve and You're wondering why your life is Not what you thought it should be When the night breaks, your heart still aches How can you face the day, you just Keep breathing, you'll make it Don't give in, you're not done yet Sometimes all that you can do is Keep breathing and believing Don't let go, just hang on tighter, a little longer When you feel like you're dying Keep brea
3197167 tn?1348968606 But it DID!!!! Today has been the first day in YEARS I have truly been able to get ready to go somewhere without just the "getting ready part" totally wearing me out and then actually ENJOY the day (even if I did have to go to the dentist..lol)...And I did not have debilitating non-stop pain all day...I didn't even pop ibuprofen the minute I got up this morning either. I actually made it to 5 p.m. before I took any ibuprofen!!
5750245 tn?1374169922 I know I love him but I know he loves you. He loves you and he needs you right now more than he wants me more than he wants his family. Damn you I wish I could stand you in front of me and beat the hell out of you. I hate you so much. You have taken everything from him and from me. This was my happy ever after this was my life everything that I ever dreamed of was this man. We had the kind of love people were jealous over the kind of love that people talked about.
Avatar f tn My son, who still has not got a name.. I saw your little arms today, and your little legs.. I even saw your tiny heart beating inside of your chest. I feel you moving around sometimes and wonder what you're doing. You looked so comfortable in there. It makes me proud that I provide that for you.. I wonder how someone who knows nothing about life, can think and dream, and what it is you'd imagine.
Avatar n tn LOLOLOLOL Thats all I need is something else to get all emotional about! Hey thanks Vick...Got it and its downloading and maybe I can listen while I'm eating! I know what you mean about entering the twilight zone and there really is no return. Lately..it does seem like I'm getting more crud and its really getting to be a drag but what do we do???? Besides come here complain, crack a few jokes, and then back to the couch! Awww...and what is so bad...
Avatar f tn is where i'm at on this Friday night. Although, it is pretty peaceful (: I've been reading some poetry and came across this on by e.e.
477746 tn?1254784547 I'm like a storm cloud Eager when you go out Calm again I'll ask permission for the wrong to win Drop the bomb and get your story out and get it on In a haze, the beginning of your days Gonna fall down Got to get back up but at your own pace Got to fill your cup and find the way Out of your own maze What you said now And hide the rule book throw it in the waste Look strong Like you belong, cause you do belong Whether right or wrong you belong I'm on your side if you fail at leas
203342 tn?1328737207 I love this song. We sang this in church on Sunday. I hope it will bless someone on here. No matter what you're going through, God can and will see you through it. He never lets go of us.
Avatar f tn ) .. but I love Journie (or journey) ..
Avatar m tn Boondocks Theme Song Lyrics I am the stone that builder refused I am the visual The inspiration That made lady sing the blues I'm the spark that makes your idea bright The same spark that lights the dark So that you can know your left from your right I am the ballot in your box The bullet in your gun The inner glow that lets you know To call your brother son The story that just begun The promise of what's to come And I'm 'a remain a soldier till the war is won
Avatar f tn ) my bf doesnt like it though, I proposed Jayna but he wasnt crazy about that either... so we are going with Cassidy. I also LOVE Eliza, wasnt until I got preg that I even considered it but it is so different and pretty :) Eriana, Ellen, Elenor, Jaelyn, Jessalyn...
4522800 tn?1470325834 I always like to take songs and turn them into Addiction and Recovery. Take it Easy came on the Radio while I was driving down my Dirt Road.
145992 tn?1341345074 Richie dedicated 2 songs to me. The first one is Halo from Beyonce.
Avatar n tn Hello, thank you for your response to me. I wanted to let you know that I visited my doctor today, and he told me that my chest pain was due to a spasm in my neck or spine and told me how to sleep at night. I just awoke from a nap and my chest was wet with sweat. Only my chest nowhere else. This happened last night as well. I am feeling generally really clammy and unwell. I know you cannot diagnose, but with this new info. can you tell me if this sounds like a heart issue?
203342 tn?1328737207 I love that this is translated in Spanish too. Babypooh, I thought of you when I heard this song. www.youtube.com/watch?
Avatar n tn i love the lyrics and i'm happy to know your still around, you had ppl worring about you girl.
4522800 tn?1470325834 Mom remember what we talked about? I sure wish you can send me another message!!! I need one now and you know my hearts questions.
Avatar f tn Oh god don't let them choose your babies names... They can have their own kids to pick names.... I like Cassidy its cute... And if your in live with it then that's the name you go with.... Have you thought of any middle names?
Avatar m tn I just wanted to put up 2 songs that i relate to addiction and i still listen to a lot. If you have any good songs you relate to drugs that are helpful, not about using i would like to hear a few. I am just gonna put up 2 now that i listened to the other night during my craving. I guess they are a reminder of the pain and helped me remember that. The first song is about cocaine so it's gets to me. Hope you like them. Actually both are by canadian artists so not many of you might know them.
264121 tn?1313029456 Sometimes it seems like recovering from this treatment is one step forward, three steps back. When I'm physically sick I have such difficulty maintaining my emotional equilibrium. I called my doctor and he is going to allow me to drop the cipro and finish out my z-pack tomorrow. He worries about the staph rebounding but he also worries about overloading me when I'm feeling so sick.