Heat rash wont go away

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Avatar n tn i've put hydrocortisose cream and benadryl on it, but it won't go away. i thought it was a heat rash, but i'm not sure how long those take to go away. it's very uncomfortable. what can i do?
Avatar m tn Hello, I cannot confirm anything without examination but it can be contact dermatitis, allergic reaction, fungal infection, heat rash or scabies. Rash in scabies is usually found in the folds of skin and they are red blister like rashes.Yet they are very itchy and can disrupt life. Diagnosis of scabies is made by scraping the skin and viewing the material under a microscope to see the characteristic mite or eggs. I suggest you to consult a dermatologist and get it evaluated.
Avatar m tn sorry for the wall of text, any similar experiences from anyone would help so i know im not insane. The doctor said it was a heat rash but i don't think a heat rash can be permanent.
Avatar n tn What exactly do you look for when reading package labels for protein concentrations. I too have the neck rash and terrible heat symptoms. Does anyone else have a problem using different soaps?
Avatar f tn My daughter has had a rash that just wont go away.. Sometimes the bumbs are skin colored and othertimes like when shes wet or in the heat they are red.. The bumps are everywhere and not itchy, they dont really seem to bother her, but the look of this rash looks awful! literally from her neck to her feet and some overlap. I have been to the pediatrician and all they can say is they have never seen anything like it and think its viral..
Avatar n tn I also have a weird taste on my tongue, like a metallic/plastic taste, and it wont go away. I thought it was a sun-rash and that it would go away in a couple of days, but it's been a week now. Its it just a sun rash and i should just be patient, does this taste in my mouth have anything to do with the rash, and should I be concerned.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my ankles that wont't go away. It flares up at certain times of the day and night and itches like crazy. I scratch it raw and use everything over the counter and it wont go away. when it flares up it creates little blisters while it is itching and then it stops all oif the sudden,as fast as it came. whnat can i do?
Avatar m tn Hello I am Mike and I have been having a rash problem going on 4 years now. When ever my body temperature rises from exercising, sunlight, temperature, anxiety, nervousness; pretty much anything that will cause the body temperature to rise I will break out in a extremely painful rash with hives on my abdomen, chest, lower and middle back, neck, scalp, underarms and feet. I have been tested for all common allergens and nothing.
Avatar m tn That part of my penis use to be smooth now the skin is indented. It is right under the head of my penis. It does not go all away around. It is just around the front part. And it is white. It is not white all the time. It comes and goes. Sometimes, the entire top part of my penis under the head turns white and then back to normal color. I also have bumps there that I did not have before. Sometimes, when I shake my penis it turns white at the spots that I describe above.
Avatar n tn the pins and needles go away when i start sweating. although, i have to go through an agonizing 10mins of hard cardio exercise to even get my glands to open up. so this is what i have to do on a daily basis. first thing in the morning before i start my day, i put on long johns.. both shirt and leggins.. then put on a tight fitting shirt.. then i put on a thick thick cotton sweat suit. i also put on a ski cap to get my head warmer quicker. i then head to the gym, step on the stair climber.
Avatar n tn if i leave it alone it normally heals in a few days to a week, but its hard because a guy needs to masturbate, my gf can be wet as hell and also lubed to the max but i still get tears, i think its something that will never go away, however though, it has only been a problem with a few girls, the rest i would only get it after a ridiculous session, but with a few girls it was every time.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the advice. I did go see a doctor a few weeks ago. They ruled out things like scabies and the best idea they have us dry skin. I did rewash all my clothes and linens without dryer sheets at their suggestion. No none else is having this issue. I thought about getting a second opinion from a derm. The only allergies I have are food allergies.
Avatar f tn thanks you for your response, ive since developed depression and the rash just wont go away and the doctor thinks my depression and anxiety can be causing it??????? can depression and stress cause a rash???? I know its not the initial cause because I was a very happy person before this rash started but I have had depression before a few years back, in the meantime my doctor also has referred me to a specialist but it could take some time!!
Avatar f tn i am breast feeding and fear that i will have to stop in order to make the rash go away. i have been to the dematologist. he said it was hives and to take zrytec. i tried that but it made both me and my son too sleepy and my milk production was becoming effected. is there any hope that this will go away?!
Avatar f tn On Thursday evening (6 days after initial symptoms had presented), I noticed two painful, tiny sores INSIDE my vagina. They are already starting to go away. Over my entire life, I have only had five sexual partners (one of which I was in a 2+ year relationship with). I always use condoms. I had sex three times between late February 2011 and late April 2011, and none of my partners had any visible sores.
Avatar n tn The vicodin works just great, however my lips have been tinglely, and my face feels like I have a sunburn, but still no rash. I have been under alot of stress as my husband is away for a six month deployment, and our daughter is in a residential treatment center getting psychiatric care, my cousin came to stay with us after my uncle passed away, it is just not fun . I hope this has helped someone. Everyone else I hope you start to feel better soon.
Avatar f tn he refuses to won his alcohol issues (his problem not mine now) we are at an impass, i love him as the father of my kids, but dont want to stay here, the isolation first of oaa being rural makes me want to likk myself every winter, im an hour away from my sick father, almost missed my mom passing away...im a city girl and have tried for 10 yrs now, and its not working out. house was up for sale, no buyers (who wnts to love here in hell anyways??
Avatar n tn Iv been to the doctor about it 2 times but it seemed to go away right befor i get there. It could be a heat rash and it could be scabes iv been told. make sure you throughly wipe out your bed before you use it. if you get to hot or start to sweat at all steep out for a min. what i find helpful to stor the itch is coca butter cream. just slab it on rub it in until you see no cream just the grease.
789911 tn?1368640383 I can tell that the WORST thing you can do if you want the rash to go away is to get out in the sun. Getting in the sun just aggravates the rash so much more.
Avatar f tn So I stoped putting anything on it but it just wont go away. Do anyone knows if it would disapeare on its own?
408901 tn?1274690798 What do the bumps look like?! Because I know when my brother was younger and still to this day, my brother get's what's called "heat rashes." The bumps resmeble little pimples, however, they hurt when you try to "pop" them and they usually don't "pop.
Avatar n tn ) anyway, im not sure if i have any tips for you people suffering like me all i do to make it go away is put my hands on my face or a nice cold breeze usually makes it go away! if only i had a fan on me while doing a class talk!!!
Avatar n tn I have had an itchy rash all over my body for about three years, I have been to general practice doctors, dermatologists, etc and nobody could nail down what it was. I even had biopsy's and skin scrapes with no results. This rash is highly contagious and I have transfered it to several people. it itches severely, especially at night. It's on my back, chest, buttocks, and thighs. moisture and heat inflame it and cause it to spread.
Avatar n tn I know this is kind of long, and yes I've waited much too long to go to the doctor, but I kept hoping it'd go away... I'm rather uncomfortable around drs. I've made an appt to see a gyno, but does anyone have any idea what this might be? I've been suggested everything from herpes to psoriasis to heat rash because I'm overweight... I would appreciate anyone's help... the skin is starting to take on a slightly shriveled appearance near the bumps, but I think that's due to being this way so long.