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Avatar n tn This could be a yeast infection or even heat rash. Make sure that her pants are not tight and rubbing up against her. Try feeding her yogurt which will help if it is a yeast infection. Make sure that she is wiping from front to back and cleaning well, because sometimes this can cause irritation. Also make sure that after baths, she is completely dry before getting dressed. You can get corn starch and place in her pants to help with chafing.
Avatar f tn Atopic dermatitis may be considered for rash which occurs in infancy as well as for toddlers. Yes, take them to a pediatrician so that they may be assessed early. Give them enough fluid from water, juice or soups. Wash the area with a mild cleanser and keep them away from too much heat or sun exposure.
326352 tn?1310997895 it stays red and inflamed (like bad, bad heat rash), but doesn't develop into the cracked and oozing patches...if you understand that description. Then a couple of days of the high-powered stuff on those patches seems to work. But it has returned...we were hoping it wouldn't return quite so quickly. Hylira's the one we use consistently. Elidel and Elocon didn't seem to work for her .... she claimed it burned. I can't stand to see her cry like that, so we just backed off from those.
Avatar n tn its not acne,its a heat rash most likey.....its prickley heat....try to put aquaphor on it...a little,not to greasy....or just call your your dr. to see what they prescribe over the counter..its very common in babies...its usually happens when its really hot out and the baby sweats alot.....is the baby always hot a sweaty,..thas most likely it... baby will be fine....
Avatar n tn My hips were covered in thick welts where my stretch marks are, buttocks covered in rash, legs covered in red blotchy rash, arms, neck, back, buttocks, covered in rash. Plus the dotty areas continued. Feet are the only place completely unaffected. I went to a different doctor. He ruled out scabies and an allergic reaction to topical things such as soaps. He prescribed zyrtec and doxepin. He diagnosed dermatitis. I felt better for one day. The rash subsided by about 50%.
290867 tn?1333572878 15. They gave him some tylonel in the office and the ped came in and said all he had was a gastrointestional infection and should be better in 5 days. She told me to give hime 1.2ML tylonel every 4 hous until hes better. Why do I feel like maybe she didnt do enough. I have never had a feaver that high. Is it ok or should I be concerned. His temp is still high and has yet to brake! Maybe I am overreacting but this is my little guy and it bothers me thats all she told me to do.
Avatar n tn I'm 39, mother of two toddlers, low blood pressure, a little overweight but in good general health. I did just start drinking more coffee though (two-three cups/day), but, I have been drinking tea for quite some time.
Avatar n tn I am 57 and for the past 2 or 3 years following learning a meditation technique I have experienced very strange symptoms of energy moving around my body, vibrations, spinning sensations in my head, heat, muscles twitching or sensations like "bubbling". Also, feeling of energy being pulled up through the feet and in my spinal column. All very strange.
1238256 tn?1283521029 Baby Powder Lotion Thermoeter(very nessacary) LOTS of Burp Clothes I didnt get a a changing table, I bought a Pack n Play with a changer on it, which he has only slept in that, hes never even been in a crib yet. Diaper rash creme Nail clippers, have a few handy, I have to cut my sons nails like 2 a week, they grow so fast. I dont know if anyone else uses these but I love them..Diaper sacks..
Avatar f tn I used what my sister in law had for Luvs for about a 3 days and hates them. They fit smaller and they gave my baby heat rash. The swaddlers/snugglers both seem to have the best ventilation.
202436 tn?1326477933 I was gonna guess Chicken Pox! Do you live out in the country or has she been out in a wooded area?? Are you familiar with red bugs? It could be that. I am NOT a doc, just a mom that lives in the country and has dealt with red bugs more than once.
Avatar f tn Obv I will ask my Doc when I have my follow up in about 4 weeks if it was/is whitlows. I was married at the time and as far as I know, he just had heat rashes in the genital region in hot weather. But I’ve also been out and about in medical facilities and with lots of toddlers and babies. Second question is whether I can develop a genital outbreak simply Bc the virus is in my system.
Avatar f tn and I am desperately trying to figure out why I continue to break out in hives and have joint pain in my elbows, feet, hands and legs. I too started breaking out in hives after taking the antibotic Solodyn for acne. After a trip to the ER, it was assumed that I had an alergic reaction to the medicine. I stopped taking the medicine after only 3 weeks and needless to say, I am still breaking out in hives and have joint pain. I have been tested for allergies and that was negative.
Avatar n tn When your vagina is healthy, the vagina keeps itself clean and in a healthy state by producing secretions of normal vaginal discharge. The natural balance of the vagina can be disrupted by anything that interferes with its’ normal environment it’s important to understand that all women experience some amount of vaginal discharge. Glands in your vaginal and cervix produce small amounts of fluid that flows out of your vagina everyday taking with it old cells that line the vagina.
Avatar n tn I also suffer from this rash. I live in an area that was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. Since the storm, I have had this same type of rash repeatedly. I have gone to the emergency room numerous times because the rash would be so severe that after taking a bath, they would ooze this sappy looking stuff that was sticky, I would have a rash on my body after the blisters went away that resembled measles and would have severe asthmatic flare ups-allergic reaction I was informed.
148691 tn?1260198503 they are whitish and I could feel them under the skin... she also developed a fever some nights ago and she got an 'apparently' heat rash from this hot-a$$ weekend! -she wasn't drinking hardly any milk, but every time I'd pick her up at daycare the teacher told me she had drank he whole bottle.... so finally I asked her what the hell was she doing different and she told me she was mixing her lactaid milk with regular toddler powdered milk....
Avatar m tn The coconut research center website. Table salt has a low vibration because it is an unnatural chemical manufactured from sodium chloride and chemical additives at very high temperatures. Almost every processed food contains this type of salt, many in large amounts unfortunately Himalayan salt and natural raw sea salt on the other hand, contain all of the 84 elements found in the body, which are connected to the crystalline structure in a harmonious state.
Avatar n tn These kids are all about the same age and all complain of back pain while in their car seats. My son also broke out in a rash around the same timeframe and it still has not healed. The doctors believe it to be unrelated and possibly a form of eczema or impetigo. We're treating with antibiotic ointment, but I'm very concerned.
544292 tn?1268886268 This thread is full of helpful and kind people who want to help you get off this terrible drug. Please snuggle in and make yourself comfy. I know you can do it!
Avatar n tn I have had this problem for about 10 years I have not been diagnosed for it yet, and I can tell you it is not athletes foot I have treat it for that and it does not clear up. in between my toes on both feet, it starts by a severe itch and I will dig and itch them to the point they get raw, and yes when the itching starts the blisters come with it, and I always have to rid the blisters in order to stop the itching the itching will not stop until I pop the blisters.
Avatar n tn I had a stent in but it has been removed. The area is also very red.The hardness is not round but goes the length of my lip. Could this be a boil, herpes or what?
Avatar n tn My daughter is 14 months and this just started happening to her. People keep asking if she was cold, but we were indoors in the heat. Its very random and I cant pinpoint a trigger. I took her to the pediatrician and he had a chest x-ray done and also some bloodwork to test her methaglobin (SP?). We are waiting for results. My husband was born with a heart defect, so Im worried! Have you found anything out about your son?
324911 tn?1276284982 they called an ambulance but i made them cancel it cause i only passed out. they thought i might be in labour or something but i have to go off to the docs in an hour to get all checked out. sugars and blood pressure and stuff. we will see how i go. i have been feeling like i could pass out fequently for the las week or so but then i actually did so hopefully all is ok. apart from that i am still throwing up a few times a day and the kids have both had ear infections so all fun and games here.
Avatar f tn You can also mix 60 gm of grind pumpkin seeds (with the peel) with honey and water. Eat the mixture in 3 portions every 2 hours. It is said to be the best solution for pinworms. 3 - Make sure to include garlic and lots of spices (especially curry) in every single meal you cook, also swallowing one garlic a day (as a whole, like a pill) helps too. You can also just eat 2-3 garlics a day. Another solution is adding honey to mashed garlic cloves and eating it 2-3 times a day for a week.
288415 tn?1231634102 Then at night, whatever side I lay on clogs shut. In the morning there is thick crusty crud that again I try not to pick at. Im obviously in continual circle of symptoms here. Dr's seem to think I cause this problem by itching which causes infection which causes itchiness. HELP please? I am open to homeopathic suggestions as mainstream medicine just seems to temporarily relieve the symptoms and not cure the cause.
Avatar n tn She nurses a little during the day still but mostly at night because she sleeps in the same bed with me. She uses it to go back to sleep when she wakes up and to fall asleep in the first place. I don't think that it is the chicken anymore because it seems like that would keep her sick all day and not just at night. Thanks for any help you can give.
Avatar n tn Musculoskeletal System Joint pain or swelling or tenderness Stiffness of joints, back, neck Muscle pain or cramps Bone pain Neurological System Tremors or unexplained shaking (especially at night) Burning or stabbing sensations in the body Weakness or partial paralysis/stroke-like symptoms Pressure in the head Numbness in body, tingling, pinpricks Poor balance, dizziness, difficulty walking Increased motion sickness Lightheadedness, wooziness Sudden jerking of fingers or entire li
Avatar n tn TIA Nov 15th 2009. Like most of you or your significant others I too had a TIA but mine included a Hemorrhagic stroke w/it. I am the typical looking stroke victim or heart attack waiting to happen. I am significantly over weight, but the doctors to a one keep telling me I am too young too good a shape (? see above) 41 to have a stroke. My wife is tired of hearing it from every single doctor I have seen.
Avatar n tn My hands and feet are almost always cold (in fact, they are right now), and I fall in and out of relatively mild depression. I have been told that carrying the thalassemia trait has no obvious symptoms, but I've been poking around forums a little bit, and the symtoms I experience seem to be fairly common. I'm still looking for ways to lessen the intensity of these symptoms, but for me I've found that maintaining physical activity helps, as well as not oversleeping, or overeating.
393685 tn?1425816122 Right now I have Hyperparathyroidism and will probably be having a parathyroidectomy in about 3 weeks. I have heart disease which resulted in a triple bypass in 07, hypothyroidism, CREST(a less aggressive form of scleroderma), fibromyalgia, controlled hypertension and thats the bulk of it. I use the trackers here and am just getting used to using the forums.