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Avatar n tn And I disagree that people with ADHD feel calmer on Adderall by the way. Everyone feels calmer on Adderall initially, everyone)It's like cocaine..the initial dopamine rush is calming..it only gets bad when you keep doing more and more, then the anxiety and nervousness kick in. I've read that info too though and it's just total ****, sorry..Where is the physiology behind that nonsense? Oh, ADHD brains are screwed up and they will respond differently to a stimulant?
Avatar f tn I've have been on adderall in the past and didnt notice any changes in my sex drive, but anti-depressents like SSRI's(prozac, which I also take), have been known to decrease your sex drive. You said you were getting off the prozac, a little piece of advice, I stopped taking the prozac so I could see the difference with my sex drive, and there was a drastic change.
Avatar n tn I get chest pains out of no where and when my bf and I are having sex I get more winded than usual. I have heard this drug can restrict your heart and I have abused this drug in then past but have gotten to the point where I am down to 30mg a day. Everytime I try and stop it gets so hard to deal w/ the withdraws. Does anyone have any suggestions for me ? I have had a ekg about a week ago and it came out fine.
Avatar n tn adderall may affect his sex life, but since he has been on it for a while you will not notice a change so no need to worry about that. and as for alcohol i would recommend that he not take any especially not get drunk, but so many people dont fallow that and are "fine" in moderation is ok but there is really no need to do it. but i would say to you that you dont really need to worry about it, unless he is self concious about it.
Avatar m tn I have checked side effects of Adderall XR on the manufacturer's website and have not found any information to this.
Avatar m tn It seems to be linked, Bacterial Infections and Adderall. I plan on discussing this issue with my doctor on my next visit and I would strongly suggest you do too! Good luck my friend.
Avatar n tn However, I have only been taking Buspar for two days and feel like it is having a counteractive affect on my adderall. I also feel a bit achy and irritated. Could I already be feeling these affects from the Buspar. Can Buspar have this affect on my adderall. Does anyone know a medication that could increase my libido. We tried Wellbutrin but my body had a negative affect to that as well.
Avatar f tn I know it sounds very irresponsible and even silly but I have been having unprotected sex with both of my boyfriends over the past four years and have not once got pregnant. So I honestly believed that I could not and would not ever have a child. Four months ago I made a huge decision in my life and decided to go to rehab once and really try to get and stay sober. I did very well and was really committed to staying away from alcohol.
Avatar n tn Ok, the question I have is concerning the supplements I take and their effects on the active components of adderall. I already know that common acids like citric and phosphoric are detrimental to the effectiveness of adderall, but are there other such factors? Also, I have been noticing that either a certain combination or some other factor is causing me to be really irritable and quite anxious at times.
497348 tn?1283439666 I tried to have sex with my Girlfriend and I mean I was thinking about the possibility of having erectile dysfunction the whole time during sex which wasn't fair but I was scared. Then I got soft on her and she was upset. Now I sit at home wondering if this is going to get any better... can someone please help I dont want this relationship with my girlfriend to go down the drain...
Avatar f tn i suppose I was getting my endorphine buzz from the adderall...i'll go on....loss of appitite, weight loss, then my man region began having issues....balls aching, feeling like i gotta pee and then standing there and only a mild stream instead of what is usually a river...i noticed some stomach bloating at times, constipation, and not kidding, sometimes I'd see my wife and literally I would feel ejaculation fluid come out...as if i orgazmd. bizzare...
Avatar n tn I've been taking Adderall for 10 years + and don't know what the **** some of you are ranting about! If Adderall is having some horrific effect on you may I suggest that you may have been misdiagnosed as ADHD and your brain isn't affected by it like mine is. I've gone without this drug for weeks at a time over and over and, though I wasn't in top form obviously, I never EVER had any frantic cravings for it, etc. that would cause anyone, including myself, to think I was an "addict".
Avatar n tn She took about 280 -300 mg of adderall all in less than a couple of hours was basically like on speed. She is 120 pounds, 16 years old and is about 5'4''. She couldnt eat and was having panic attacks, and puked, but refused to get help. She wouldnt let me help her and i was afraid of her. She crashed later about 24 hours after her last pill and slept for 13 hours. Then when she woke up on Thursday she went to school without taking her 25 mg cause her heart was still pumping.
Avatar m tn I love what the medication does for my mind but i'm not too keen on being sick or having constant ailments. Thanks!
Avatar n tn So my psychiatrist put me on the Straterra for about a year and half and now I have been on the Adderal since this past Oct. 30 2007. I was doing bad in school since the Straterra made me made me droggy and sometimes even depressed. It was also hard to focus because my mind would wonder off and it would be hard to get back on track. So I told my doctor what was going on and he changed me to the Adderal. I'm currently on 10 mg of Adderal but actually 20mg since I take 2 pills a day.
Avatar n tn I figured that we were in a relationship and that she was on birth control so I have been having unprotected sex with her (all in all about 10-12 times). I left town about two weeks ago and began to get nervous that she could be lying about some of the things she told me. I noticed a small inflamed nodule on my neck and started taking my temp about 12 times a day. It never got above 99.
Avatar m tn Mirtazapine (Remeron) is sedating, cause wight gain (increases your appetite). So far I can't say it has effect on sex drive. I take both Wellbutrin and mirtazapine. Side-effects i get from mirtazapine: -hypersomnia -drowsiness/sedation -severe constipation -vivid dreams -lethargy Side-effects I get from Wellbutrin -Increased libido -increased energy I am stopping mirtazapine.
Avatar n tn Hi, My son was put on Daytrana for ADHD (a stimulant) and it made the symptoms of his undiagnosed Mood Disorder magnified. It was a good thing because we were not aware of a possible mood disorder. Stimulants can be very dangerous with kids who have mood disorders. My son was talking a lot of hurting himself and even put a large rubber band around his neck.
Avatar m tn I think this might be oral thrush - will someone please tell me what they think? Could it be a result of the Adderall? I only had sex on Tuesday, and I've been having drainage for days...
Avatar n tn And frankly, few in this day and age who do marry, do so never having had sex with each other. It is a normal part of most dating relationships. I understand the urge to tell someone not to take chances with his/her life, but I would also second the comments of the poster who said that it is detrimental to alarm someone who is already worried about her health. She seems to have taken it in stride though, which is a credit to her. Safe sex is a great idea.
Avatar f tn Im married for 2 1/2 years and its wrecking my marriage,,we havent had sex since before March...dr added wellbutrin on june 10th thiking it would help but nothing...im also on adderall and xaxax,the prozac has caused weight gain also...we are going on vacation coming up so i would hate to switch meds while on vacation..does anyone have any ideas,,i always a strong sex drive..
Avatar f tn One more thing, the day my symptoms started to appear, I had taken 20mg of adderall (prescribed) and felt dehydrated from only having a couple cokes and no water. This is currently day 5 after the sexual encounter and I still have the same very mild symptoms but could be in my head at this point. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks!
393587 tn?1211056644 when i was in middle school, it was discovered that i had a heart arrythmia with tachycardia and PVC's. on one halter test, i had 22,000 PVC's in 24 hours. it was decided this was probably a congenital defect, but i was really never given a diagnoses what the actual cause of it was, even though i went to several cardiologists. i had an EP study which came back normal.
605114 tn?1252111996 But no they havent. not yet. Maybe the 5htp I'm waiting on will fill that role, and help take away the emptiness, but i just don't think so. I don't think anything but opiates will take this feeling away, and i'm not going there. Oh, 'cept time maybe... that will hopefully ease it. I do know i don't wanna live with empty feeling forever, it is yuck. it feels.... it kind of tickles and irritates me, i try to massage my neck and back of head to alleviate it, but it doesn't work...
337492 tn?1212462436 He was put on Ritalin when he was first diagnosed at 7, then put on Adderall around the age of 12. He quit Adderall a year ago and takes his remaining prescription spairingly. So, I am living with a unmedicated ADD man that I love more than anything on this earth. I want to be a patient partner to him. I am bipolar and have no patience, especially when I am manic. So we are a funny mix, but love each other dearly.
Avatar n tn Low back pain, muscle aches, urgency to urinate and dribbling after urination, burning sensation while ejaculating and urinating, bad smelling odor in urine, sometimes having to push the urine out and small amount of blood in the urine. I went to a urologist and he said that something was going on...almost hinting at an STD.
16156158 tn?1445738875 The Adderall I take for college (I’m on the 10 year plan. One bad decision or lack thereof after another slowed my academic, social et al progression). More than likely will continue Adderall once I have a career as it does quell my wondering mind. Moreover, Adderall helps my goal of graduating with a bachelors from a prestigious university this semester (finally!!!). The Effexor 100mg tablet once a day has DONE WONDERS FOR MY LIFE.
Avatar n tn 6 months ago I went to see a friend across the country and withdrew from there on his sofa for 17 days. After that, came home and in order to move and function got back on them. I get them off the street in a west coast city that is very liberal. It's been 6 months of somewhat heavy usage. question: I am having very little problems (compared to the past) in regards to physical symptoms. Sleeping is a challenge (the worst), mental is bad and is what always aims me back to bad part of town.
Avatar f tn Oh, and for the women out there, my family doc put me on natural testosterone cream. That kicks back the sex drive like nothing i ever felt. how many have had the same effects with stimulants, and docs and you know the drill?
Avatar f tn 00pm. After two weeks on this med and dose I found myself trying to take 2 at once to see if it would work since I felt absolutely nothing taking 1 10mg tablet twice during the day. I swear I do not abuse medication but whether my body can't absorb medication or I'm just defective I know that most people on the shear amount of different meds I take daily and then the dosages, it should be obvious that I'm highly medicated. But I'm not at all.