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Avatar n tn Because of this, I am anxious that having sex with him—even with a condom on—could cause the number and severity of my warts to increase and worsen. Or currently, since I don't have any warts that I can see, come back. Are my fears and anxiety unfounded? Thanks much in advance. After a year and a half of research on the topic, this is the only question I can't seem to find an answer to!
Avatar n tn How long are we talking about until they go away after treatment?? We live together, so not having sex like normal is effecting us.. even spooning can start a fight between us, as I shy away when his penis touches anywhere close to my vagina.
Avatar f tn Or you may want to abstain from sex for at least 6 months of having no symptoms, and carry on with safe sex after that. Most people clear of the virus within 6 months-24 months of having no symptoms, after that time you are thought to be no longer infectious as the virus has been fought by the immune system and is laying dormant.
Avatar f tn So I was diagnosed a while ago with genital warts...I haven't had anything come up till now. Its only one little spot. If I get rid of it how soon can I go back to having sex and what not??? I know I'm not suppose to when I'm broke out but after how long am I suppose to wait?
Avatar n tn at a time) and a lot of condom use for extended amounts of time (I am able to remain aroused for 1-2 hrs). I dont remember exactly but after having unprotected intercourse for the first time with her, 1-3 weeks later I noticed a small red blister on my penis shaft which at first itched (dispelled it because after long condom use I itched before) and so I thought it was just irritation from all the sex.
Avatar m tn Yes, having genital warts means you have HPV. For life. Your doctor should have biopsied one or all of them and told you which strain as well as give you the diagnosis in writing. Hopefully it is a transient disease for you and you won't be infectious again. Do realize that for some unlucky ones, they can be infectious years or decades later.
Avatar f tn I have been seeing a guy for awhile and we had unprotected anal sex. I had never had anal sex so I just assumed that I was still suffering from the after affects.... I thought maybe I had a rash so I put some ointment on and it was still there after a couple of days so I took a picture to look and I was horrified. I have put the picture on my profile as I could not attached it to this message. Is there anyone out there that knows what this is????
Avatar n tn I was on depro vero birth control then switched to the pill after complications. I started having vaginal itching and discarge really bad. I was doing some scracting knowing I shouldn't have and there was bleeding and then this month I noticed what looks like small white bumbs and brown colored ones in a clustered straight line could this be genital warts? I also have a pelvic pain that is slightly sharp in one spot. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn Also, I was gone for a couple of months earlier in the year and about a week after having sex with her I noticed a wart on my penis and it itched like crazy then after about a week it went away and hasn't returned since could this be genital warts or no?
Avatar m tn Is there a real chance warts in me will increase because of us having sex? 3. Do you believe that doing oral sex is dangerous with warts? 4. If you think we MUST wait, which treatment should I go with instead? I know this has been discussed in other threads but I want to know of my specific case if it helps me make a decision. Cautery: your opinion? 5. Does the vaccine for her will make any difference? Should we really look forward to persist in preventing actions?
Avatar f tn asp?TID=584 it's probably everything you need to know about having genital warts. HPV is treatable and once you are wart-free for more than 6-8 months, you can consider yourself to be "cured", by above definition (in that link) i would advise you to get your wart treated and refrain yourself in having sex with him UNTIL you have been wart-free for more than 6 months, just to be sure. If you love him and he loves you, he shouldnt get worried about your situation.
Avatar n tn i m 29 female indian girl,two and a half years back i had sex and caught by genital warts,and then gone through cryosurgery and get removed that warts which was 4 in number with in my vaginal wall,and then i was started safe sex with the same guy using condoms now it was past 1 yrs i have breaked up and i dont have sex with him,but now i m going to marry with a very descent guy clean having no STI loving me too much and me too i cant live without him and i also dont want to tell him about my inf
Avatar n tn Alright, so long story short I had pretty rough sex after not having any sex at all for 2 years, about two days after I developed the worst yeast infection ever-it hurt to sit down.. horrible. So I ran to my local clinic and got tested for vaginal infections as well as genital warts and herpes. The doctor took the sample for genital warts because she said I had what "looked like" genital warts.
Avatar m tn Wearing a latex condom during sex while in recovery from warts will speed up your recovery. So will refraining from sex. After you recover (wart free for at least 3 months, some wait longer), you can have all of the unsafe sex you want with your wife as long as she doesn't have any visible warts. It comes down to this. Do you trust your wife? If so, then assume that you both could have come in contact with this virus pre-marriage. It is not the norm.
Avatar f tn Now im not sure if i got these from sex, because they only appeared after shaving and after i had cut the skin. But i took vitamin E and a multi vitamin internally every day. Then i took a vitamin E pill, and poked a tiny hole in it with a needle. I would squeeze a lil bit of the juice out of the pill each day and dab it on the wart. Dont use the whole pill at one time, spread it out, but make sure you cover the wart in the yellow goo. The vitamin E kicked their butts.
Avatar f tn I have a fear that this could be HPV. Can genital warts occour even after 4 years of physical contact? can this be caused by something else? is genital warts always caused by HPV?
Avatar n tn No, the average time after exposure to the development of genital warts is about 6 months. Two months would be most unusual. This is likely to be some other process. 2) is it likely for warts to grow on my penis even though I was wearing a condom for the entire encounter? Condoms are not 100% effective at preventing HPV acquisition but they are highly effective. This is another reason that the bumps you have noted are not likely to be HPV.
Avatar n tn It is a shame you got HPV after having no intercourse. It is possible to get HPV through close genital-genital contact though it is very rare. Parts of his genitals may of held the HPV virus (even around the top of the thighs) and they could of touched you. If you have the normal wart causing HPV, which is low risk, then they pose no health problems at all. It is the high risk strain which creates cell changes which are associated with cancer.
Avatar m tn Have no idea how long they've been there,but started looking after having an affair w/an old friend.Terrible guilt feelings over it now.Very hard to see all but one of them without pulling and tightening the skin and bending the shaft.Any speculation Dr.?If they are warts,would they & how fast would they grow?I am 58 yrs.old,lots of wrinkles down there on the shaft.Could they be anything that would not be sexually transmitted?
Avatar f tn Transmission by genital contact without sexual intercourse is not common, but infection has been reported in women who have never had sex. Oral-genital and hand-genital transmission of some genital HPV types is possible and has been reported. Transmission from mother to newborn during delivery is rare. When it occurs, it can cause warts in the infant's throat called respiratory papillomatosis. here is the website LyLy2010, i hope it's helpful to you! http://www.cancer.
Avatar f tn Can a person carry virus and not have actual warts also with this virus hpv 6 or 11, can person have virus and not get actual warts . And drs on here say actual warts appear 3 to 6 months after exposure .
Avatar m tn Hello. I'm a homosexual 20 year-old male. Some years ago, I started having some genital spots in the shaft of my penis. I didn't care that much because they really did not hurt and I had no sex partner, and being a virgin it probably wouldn't be a STD. Now I've got a sex partner but I did not remember about these spots, only later. I went to the doctor and he said it was probably a form of coccus, and told me to use Fucidine 2 times a day for a week. I did so but there were no results.
Avatar f tn During your recovery period (3-6 months at least), stop having sex. Especially with active warts. Should you want to remain with your current partner and if you really must have sex, ask him to wear a condom so that you can recover faster. After there are no more warts for 3-6 months (some people wait 12-24 months), you two can have all of the unsafe sex you want because you cannot re-infect each other. For the rest of your lives.
Avatar n tn I knew that I would be having sex with her, so I went to the doctor first told him about my situation and that I have not seen anything since I was a teenager and he said that I was not at risk to anyone at this point. He checked me out said I was fine and I ask him if was necessary that I told her and he said I didnt need to. I didnt want to because of the lack of education on the subject and it would freak her out, so I followed his advice and had sex with her thinking I am fine.
Avatar m tn Ive had genital warts for 3 to 4 months now(only 4 or 5 warts). Decided to goto the docs who gave me some warticon paint you apply twice a day. Im guessing genital warts are a type of HPV? anyway.... My question is ive only slept with the same person for 4 years. Although we split up 17 months ago and suspect she had slept with someone else. Could she had caught it 17 months ago when we wasnt together?
Avatar n tn Ive been to 2 doctors in the past month which were convinced they were nothing because they do not look anything like genital warts they have seen, and they said they would have grown larger in that amount of time. One doctor treated me with cryo for two of them simply to ease my mind, and he said they didnt react like warts would have, and they didnt even cheange from the therapy. But they have still not gone away and im going on the third month of having them.
Avatar f tn Your ex may have been infected with another strain as well that causes warts but like you she never developed warts since most people tend to be asymptotic. I would not worry who i got the warts from, the thing you should do now is treat the warts. Aldara helps the immune system recognize the infection so that it may fight it, also it may take up to 16 weeks of use for the medication to work. Usually Aldara works better in women than men, not sure why.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm trying to determine how at risk I am for contracting genital warts from my boyfriend. He had a diagnosis of a small genital wart made visually 2 years ago. It was treated and he remained symptom free for 2 years, until it recurred about 3 months ago. We abstained from sexual contact until 3 months AFTER treatment of the recurrence, and only have had condom-protected sex. I also have the Gardasil series, and was fully vaccinated long before we ever had any sexual contact whatsoever.
Avatar m tn I'm married my wife apparently had HPV but after having the vaccine and getting new examination everything seems like being a false alarm. While I was on basic training for the US Army I started noticing like a pimple in my genital area (in the groin to be exact) with the time it started too look less like a pimple and more like a wart, now I have several of this things in my groin and one of them (the first one) is getting bigger.