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Avatar f tn , if the thyroid is responding to the meds, but the eyes are still bulging, is it necessary to remove the thyroid before surgery of the eyes can be done? Is there anything that can be done for bulging eyes besides surgery?
Avatar n tn I have had steroids for my eyes and and tapazole nothing has worked. I have toxic nodoles along with Graves disease. I have changed my diet and tried different things what do you suggest. I'm not sleeping, I have gained most of my weight back with increased heart beat. What can I do.
Avatar n tn I have graves disease, after medical treatment my tyroid hormones got normal a month ago. But still have problem with my right eye like bulging, swelling, redness. My doctor advised me to get steroid for my eye. I also have miyopi with -5.50. I wonder if an wavefront or intralasic lazer treatment for my miyopi can damage my right eye or not.Thank you in advance.
558632 tn?1303474725 You probably should be seen by an ophthalmologist, preferably one who specializes in Graves Eye Disease. I have heard the earlier one is seen by an eye doc, the more optimal the outcome in terms of getting things as close to "normal" as possible. I believe there are antibodies that can be tested for with a blood test that indicate the presence, or at least the likelihood, of GED. I had the eye problems before I even knew I had Graves, and assumed they were allergies.
Avatar f tn I looked Dr. Goldman up on the computer, if this is the Dr the opthamologist wanted me to see, she does all kinds of plastic surgery. Is this the type of Dr I need to see or ,if it were you, would you go to someone who specializes in nothing but eye surgery. When the receptionist tried to make the appt. for me she said "they want to make you aware that Dr. Goldman may not be doing the surgery depending on what kind you need.
Avatar f tn Lupo good day to you, I hope you are still in the mood of answering my question.. It was confirmed that I have graves' disease and my doctor said that It is mild, my RAI uptake and scan: here's what it was said: FINDINGS: THE THYROID demonstrates slightly asymmetric increased of uptake within the right lobe of the thyroid but with overall homogeneous uptake throughout both lobes without focal nodular areas of uptake. The percent uptake at 3 hrs measured 44%.
Avatar f tn Treatment for correction of the exophthalmos (bulging eyes) for Graves disease can be accomplished by removing the excess fatty tissue about the eyes. This should be a permanent solution for this problem.
534194 tn?1213420442 I have Graves' eye disease, not bulging eyes. Mine is swollen eyelids. My vision is blurry and it has worsened over the course of three years. My thyroid eye specialist said that there is a thickening of my muscles behind the eyes. I get double vision and extreme sensitivity to light. If I'm in the sun too long, even with sunglasses, I see bright white spots. I'm wondering if anyone has the same Graves' eye disease I did, swollen eyelids and what the prognosis was?
Avatar n tn I also had Graves Disease and had RAI treatment after several months of Tapizole(?). Think that was the name of it but too many years and too much brain fog to remember. The anti thyroid meds are not good for your body which GL explains on the other thread. It also does not stop all of the symptoms. On it my eyes started bulging out and had to be put on presnisone for several months. This is also not good. I finally made the difficult decision to have RAI done.
Avatar n tn Hi, It has been about 2 weeks that I was told that I have Graves disease which was a real shocker. I went in to the Endocrinologist and he told me. My regular physican gave me methamazole(sp) which ended up giving me severe adominal pain so I tried splitting it and taking half in the morning & half at night. It helped a little but the longer I took the medication the more stomach pain I had so he changed me to another type of pill in the same family as methamazole(sp) and so far it is okay.
Avatar n tn 40% of Graves patients get eye disease. In most cases it takes care of itself within a year. If it is mild, then you don't need steroids or other treatment unless you have radioactive iodine in the near future for treatment of the hyperthyroidism from Graves. Just use lubricants, sunglasses and sleep on 2-3 pillows (elevate head). Normalizing thyroid levels will also help.
Avatar n tn I believe the statistic is less than 50% of those who have Graves thyroid disease develop any symptoms of Graves Eye Disease. Each is caused by different sets of antibodies. Some people get eye disease without ever having thyroid problems. And, of those with Graves/thyroid who do develop eye disease, only about 5% of those ever develop serious enough eye problems (bulging, eyelid retraction, double vision, optic nerve issues) to warrant surgery.
110220 tn?1309310461 many articles indicate only 30% of people with Graves disease have issues with their eyes. Is this correct? I am seeing an eye doctor in a couple of weeks? I do feel grit in one of my eyes from time to time. This is pretty nerve racking.
Avatar f tn Are you a smoker? Smoking makes the eye disease worse. It is very common to have Graves of the eyes if you have Graves Thyroid disease. My doctor told me that he would treat me with prednisone to get the swelling behind my eyes down and last resort would be surgery. You probably need to research an eye doctor that specializes in Graves. Where do you live? My doctor is at Rush Hospital in Chicago.
786395 tn?1237125635 It isn't surprising your heart rate dropped so much - hyper will do that to you, and 65 is much more in the normal range. I have Graves and Graves Eye Disease as well. I don't remember anything about going hypo making it worse. I actually had the eye problems before I ever thought about a thyroid problem. As I understand anti-bodies, it takes a while for them to build to levels that show in a blood test, so maybe that is why there was confusion.
Avatar n tn i am 38 years old female with a hypothyriod buth has taking it out through surgry since 6 mnths age but the issue is that my eyes still bulging out and bluring more espertially in the morning hours.
Avatar f tn But our endocrinologist is reluctant to try other treatment of the bulging eyes, because they have major side effects taht you don't want a kid to go through (risk of damage to internal organs, etc) Does anybody have any experience about treating the Thyroid Eye Disorder during the acute phase of Graves Disease?
Avatar n tn my daughter has thyroid disease in her throat ,she got this disease after she had her tubes tied she has bulging eyes,what treatment she should be having to help her,she is currently taking natural products which is not helping her, but the medication she got from her doctor brings out bumps between her fingers and on her skin and she stop taking them. Olive.
Avatar n tn I suggest doing some research on Graves' Disease. I have Graves' and was previously hyperthyroid, now hypo after radioactive iodine treatment. I have never heard of hypothyroidism causing the bulging of the eyes, but I know that is a big problem from Graves' Disease. You might get more information regarding treatments and outcomes from that.
Avatar n tn I don't think I have had the bug eyes that I read about with Graves. This has happened periodically and at first I thought it was my contacts but I did not have them in the night before. I know this condition is connected with Graves but is there any treatment? I am miserable.
Avatar n tn It usually subsides. Graves' disease does not cause eye disease. Its antibodies that attack the eyes that is the cause. Different antibodies than Graves' antibodies. Due to being different antibodies, none of the treatment options will save us from the eye disease if we are going to get it, as well as Hashi, Armour and other autoimmun people.
Avatar f tn My thryoid is now in the normal range. I have hashimoto and graves disease. If you thyroid is out of wack as it gets to normal it will get better. There is a thyroid eye disease and an othomologist can tell you if you have that. I don't have it. I'm sure others on this list will know more than me. This is the place to get some answers and compassion.
Avatar f tn I had my eyes checked by a opthamologist that specializes in Graves patients. Determined I had a slight case of graves eye disease in my left eye- slightly bulging not noticable to the naked eye- non active state- no swelling. Did follow up every 6 weeks and no change in eyes what so ever. Was the same measurements each time. Jan of this year- did the RAI treatment which shot my levels way up one month after, in Feb 2015: T3 free 13.8 range 2.0-4.4 T4 free 6.70 range 0.82-1.77 T4 Total 19.
Avatar m tn Massive weight loss, tremors, diarrhea, tiredness, agitation, sweating, low sex drive, joint pain, fast irregular heartbeat, body temp hot to the touch. The most prominent is his eyes are bulging so badly he couldn't close his eyes in the shower to keep the soap out. He was a cat on a hot tin roof. He is seeing an endo who checks his blood monthly and has done no other tests. She put him on methmozole 10mg 4 pills a day and propanol for the heart beat.
Avatar n tn Her physical symptoms are bulging eyes, weight gain, enlarged neck (looks like she has 3 chins) she is hunched over, and has trouble walking, bowlegged. She is only 34 years old and the change in unbelievable! Her moods swings have become horrible. She is always accusing others of things, she is never wrong, and she has become very paranoid. She also has a very short temper,especially when it comes to her little girls ( 6 and 8).
Avatar n tn Now I seem to be having some effects of the thyroid problems again, I get achy behind my right eye, I had cosmetic surgery done on that side because of the bulging. Graves disease being autoimmune I worry about other autoimmune diseases, especially ms. This has crossed my mind because of the buzzing in my feet, but I really do not have any other symptoms.
Avatar n tn 6 weeks after stopping synthroid I am still hyperactive. What should I do? Is it possible that I do have Graves Disease and he is wrong? Should other test be completed. I am struggling to function day to day and need relief.
Avatar n tn I too am surprised your Doctor hasnt increased your meds. And yes, Graves Disease is with you for life. I have Graves too and also had RAI and TT. The antibodies have no thyroid to attack so it isnt your antibodies making you Hypo, its lack of medication. See your Doctor asap about an increase in your thyroxin as you would be feeling cr@ppy with the TSH at 17.