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Avatar f tn ve recently tested positive for allergies to wheat, barley, cows milk, cheese, eggs, chocolate, mustard, night shades, blueberries, clams, haddock and a host of other wonderful foods. Graves disease, diabetes, glaucoma and osteoarthritis all run in my family~ every generation but, they seem to hit harder every other generation. I am now fat bald AND have a bad do! Can it get worse? I'm miserable and desperate. Can you help me? Tell me where to go?
1279667 tn?1271215635 ve also had laser eye surgery to poke holes in my eys to releave presser to avoid glaucoma. (Remember Marty Feldmn? He died of complications from Graves Disease). Scarey!
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome, I'm currently experiencing a system glitch so i will do my best.. You've actually already been diagnosed (dx-d) with at least 3 of the medical conditions that are known to cause some of the same or similar symptoms as MS, "lupus, celiac, and Graves’ disease".
Avatar f tn Also, I have read somewhere that thyriod dysfunction can make your eye pressure higher, is that true? I have Graves disease. Great grandmother possibly had glaucoma, but Im not sure if she really did. Plase help, hopefully there is a doctor out there who can answer.
Avatar n tn why after almost two years do I still have graves symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 28 year old woman and was diagnosed with graves disease 3 years ago. I have commented o many forums regarding my problem but would like your advice. I was treated with radio active iodine in 2006 and then became hypothyroid, I now take 150mg of levothyroxine daily. I have never suffered from graves opthalmology as far as i'm aware. For the last 6 months I have had a chronic daily headache. This started 3 days after purchasing new glasses.
877337 tn?1249844450 What are the earliest signs/symptoms of Grave's Disease? Can a person have this and the entire thyroid not be effected? Does a person have to have the bulging eye problems or skin problems on the shins for it to be Grave's Disease? One would think it would take time to get to those conditions, therefore I'm wondering what the earliest signs/symptoms might be. Thanks in advance for your help. I'm just trying to learn.
Avatar n tn i feel like my legs are going to collapse, i feel sick all the time, im just looking for a doctor that will listen to me because my symptoms are getting worse. what i understand about graves disease is that it is an autoimmune disease and that there is no cure, but the endocrinologist is taking it so lighly because my readings are fine, what am i to do??
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with graves disease and had the radioactive treatment to destroy it a few years back. I have had a few times where I did not have my meds for a week at a time. Is it normal to feel so tired and cranky? Also I took Zirtec for my allergies and I felt like I was cloudy and just wanted to sleep and tightness in my chest..... I am currently on 137 mcg of Levothyroxine.
Avatar f tn I am a 25 y/o female diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at 16 and later with Graves Disease and Goiter. I have been on Tapazol along with Atenelol (for the Tachacardia) off and on for the past 9 years with no results. Every doc I see wants to discuss nothing but RAI or surgery. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few years with no success. I finally found out that I was pregnant the beginning of last year and made it to 4 months and suffered a miscarriage for no apparent reason.
Avatar n tn Hello. I'm 36 and I am almost 9 weeks pregnant. I have Graves' disease and had radiation treatment back in 2009. I hadn't been taking my thyroxine constantly for a few months as I was super stressed and now that I am pregnant haven't missed a dose. My thyroid levels are still very high and I'm worried that this will affect my baby's brain development/IQ levels. Has anyone else had similar experiences? I'm scared and worried.
Avatar f tn my sister has hd graves disease for about a year she does not take med. right she has not gotten blood work for about four months she just keeps taking med because she has refills she is getting really crazy she thinks people are trying to kill her coul this be from graves disease This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/658154'>TSH Levels at 3.75</a>.
Avatar n tn Graves is an autoimmune disease and unfortunately for life. Controlling whether they raise or suppress is key to beating the symptoms of the disease. If you are on Levo now - your labs must be abnormal and now lean towards hypoT levels. You would feel like [email protected] right now with the swinging patterns you have been on. "Once Graves.... always Graves" is the saying here. But I am positive your endo or ???
199177 tn?1490498534 My husband was diagnosed with graves disease this last week .He sees the endocrinologist Monday is there anybody that can help me understand this and are the partiular questions he needs to be asking the doctor .
Avatar f tn hi i'm a 28 yr old woman and have suffered badly with symptoms from graves disease for 3yrs i've been on propylthiouracil for a year now as i had a severe allergic reaction to carbimazole! my symptoms include insomnia,severe fatigue,anxiety,bouts of depression,poor concentration,memory loss,bruising easily,dizziness,nausea and graves rage and weakened immune system (sick often). the problem is that i've recently had a blood test that read normal at 5.
Avatar f tn I also have Graves disease and from my understanding you are never "cured", but, once your thyroid is either dead or you have it removed you should no longer be suffering from the symptoms. Except the protruding eyes, that is the only symptom that they can't reverse. That you are going to have to live with for the rest of your life. That's why it's so important to get treated before that happens. I would say that your tiredness is from being perimenopausal.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Graves disease 11 years ago. My endo prescribed Methimazole, which I was allergic to, so he told me he didn't want to prescribe me anything else because sometimes the allergy kills the thyroid. It apparently did, because all of a sudden I was hypo and I had to go on synthroid. Since then, I lost my health insurance and got handled by my PCP instead of the endo (cheaper).
Avatar f tn Is drinking alchol really dangerous with Graves Disease? Would I ever be able to drink?
Avatar n tn I have had steroids for my eyes and and tapazole nothing has worked. I have toxic nodoles along with Graves disease. I have changed my diet and tried different things what do you suggest. I'm not sleeping, I have gained most of my weight back with increased heart beat. What can I do.