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1576249 tn?1296090802 About a year ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism caused by graves disease(which causes metabolic problems, mood, anxiousness, insomnia, fast heart rate), in the last few months my thyroid is in remission so I was taken off anti-thyroid medications. Within the last month or so my depression has become unbearable but im still having maniac episodes, which can range from panic attacks to irrational behavior. Two weeks ago my family doctor said I am bipolar.
346355 tn?1219858547 Dont ignore ANY symptoms when you have Graves and Hyperthyroidism. I still have Graves, I always will have BUT I am now happy and now have a beautiful life ...compared to 2007 when I was first diagnosed. To all the guys and women here who have partners with heart goes out to you as I was one he// of a nasty p=iece of work BEFORE treatment.
Avatar f tn Now we get to see a pediatric endocranologist on Monday and there is already talk of Graves disease. I'll admit - I am scared as heck. First - at this point I believe that immunological issue she had at almost five probably is what caused her thyroid to do this - which means that she has probably had some level of hyperthyroidism for three years that we just never caught. From what I have been reading - all of these ADD/ADHD like symptoms could be caused by her thyroid.
Avatar m tn I am lucky my husband did not leave me!!! I was diagnosed within the first year of my marriage and I was horrible. I would cry everyday and the mood swings were almost unbearable for my whole family. I almost lost my job as a waitress because I could not control my temper.
346355 tn?1219858547 I have a partner, he has graves disease. We have been together about 2 and a half years and it has been mostly good. We have had two blow ups they went into a Graves Rage, they later apologized. He couldn't even remember what he had said to me. I know they care about me, and i them but they can really blow things out of portion, then blow up and become very toxic or rude. Hang up the phone, start cursing, lack empathy be so hurtful, when their levels are normal they are so sweet, and loving.
Avatar n tn Your TSI antibodies say Grave's, and the TPOab could back that up, but your symptoms are not Grave's symptoms. Right now with your TSH going up and down, there is not much they can do. If you go into a hypo phase you will get hypo meds. If you go into a hyper phase, you will get hyper meds. You are early on in the disease and your thyroid hasn't gone to pot yet.
Avatar f tn He sweats a lot at night. There is a strong history of Graves' disease in my family (I had it when I was 29, my dad had it when he was 40, and my brother was born with it and went into thyroid storm when he was around 13, then was diagnosed finally). One of my brother's early symptoms was tics, although he always ate a ton and never gained weight. My son's doctor thinks this may be strep-related tics or possibly Graves' or Tourettes. The tics are not that severe though--they come and go.
Avatar n tn Have you had your thyroid checked. I had many of your symptoms & I too thought I was dying. I thought I had many different ailments including a brain tumor. But after seeing a Dr. I was found to have high thyroid caused by Graves Disease & Low B-12 which is causing me numbness & tingling of my extremities & face. The symptoms were awful & I too was originally treated for depression. Well who wouldn't feel depressed when they feel this crappy? :-) Good Luck to You...
147426 tn?1317269232 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE OLD MRI's AND THE NEW 3T MRI? I came across a good back-to-back comparision of the 1.5T MRI versus the 3T MRI on MS patients with known multiple brain lesions without enhancement. They did an MRI using the MS protocol of thin slices. The neuroradiologists reading the films were not told which machine they werE done on. The 3T machine consistently picked up more lesions - on average 25% more.
Avatar n tn it's always been my heart. Never a panic attack but the heart symptoms from the graves disease. Interesting! I only want to take Ativan to be knocked out to get through a day so it will pass so I do not have to be part of a day or decisions or anything. It's dangerous to take Ativan - but I have been told to take it by more than one doctor to bring down my heart rate when a BP med doesn't work fast enough, etc. so yes, I have it. Here I rattle on and on...
Avatar n tn then last year I was treated for hyperthyroidism due to Graves. Until the symptoms got so pronounced, that they almost stopped me in my tracks, it was hard for me to differentiate hypo from hyper.. Yes their are some suttle differences, but many symptoms are alike, i.e. generalized weakness, muscle aches, brain fog, breathlessness, hair loss, ridges on fingernails, palpitations, goiter, just to name a few. Also I had low blood pressure when I was hyper., not everyone has the same symptoms.
Avatar m tn I'm very concerned since this affects him so negatively. Does anyone else face horrible symptoms like these?? I read a thyroid disease can even mimic schizophrenia? Should I talk to the doctor about other forms of anxiety, mood stabilizers while his levels are getting back to normal?
Avatar f tn this could be a symptom of Graves' disease or the combination of the medication and the Graves' disease.
Avatar m tn Mainstream medicine tends to not treat adrenal problems well unless you have full-blown Addison's disease. As a result, symptoms also seem somewhat ill-defined. The symptoms you posted in your original question: -mood swings -always nervous -can't put on weight (fat or muscle - I'm 6' and 135) -always thirsty with dry mouth (I drink about 128oz water per day) -shaky hands seem to be consistent with AF. You can goole the long list to see if anything else applies.
Avatar m tn Hi my daughter is 7 and her pediatrician believes she has graves disease we go to the endo on Monday but her goiter has became bigger should I take her t the e.r.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease. I am experiencing a variety of symptoms related to this. It is affecting my day to day life. My physician doubled my dose of the medication I am taking. At first I felt a difference in how I was feeling. Now, I feel like my body is used to the medication and my symptoms are back again. My symptoms are constantly feeling irritated, depressed, lack of energy, lack of caring about anything.
1817410 tn?1325473253 When he was 17 yrs old, his eyes bulged out so much that when he looked down at his plate at dinner, I thought they were going to fall out. Yes, graves disease! He had RI and now takes a thyroid supplement. His grandmother (my mother in law) had overactive thyroid at some time in her life and her thyroid was taken out.. Now, my daughter has a son with all the same symptoms as my son had. Sometimes he is very uncontrollable because of his energy.
1518151 tn?1320452547 Did you have a TSI antibody test that ruled Graves disease. You dont have Hashimoto. And very few have both. Re-post you question since you are on hypEr thyrtoid meds (Graves disease). There is nothing in your resluts that indicate hypo - you are hyper. I am not 'studied' in hyper thyroid or the meds for it, since I have and know about Hashimoto. Re-post your question since you are on hypEr thyrtoid meds, leave the Hashimoto out of it.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and they told me I had graves disease and I laughed... you silly doctor, I have hashimoto's! They took me off my meds and did the idodine uptake and sure enough now I have graves and have been fighting hyper symptoms for about a year on methimazole. I think I liked being hypo better if I had to choose the less of two evils.... My thyroid is tender on and off, but I have no nodules or goiters.
Avatar f tn She says she hasn't been able to take ANY meds due to lack of insurance, so I don't know if her behavior is from using (if she is) or lack of using meds for the Graves disease. I want to help her, but I don't want her to lose her license. She knows she can't practice and she has agreed not to. The other issue is that since she has given up practicing, she doesn't have insurance. I don't know where to turn to for help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn I actually haven't noticed any symptoms outside of her normal behavior. If it wasn't for the doctor saying her thyroid felt enlarged there would be no indication of anything! All she really said is that there was no big rush and that she just wanted to get it checked to see what was going on. She said people can live with this for years without problems but when the thyroid gives out then they have to be medicated. She mentioned something about it being autoimmuned. But that's about it.
Avatar f tn My son is now 7, he has been diagnosed with adhd an extreme case along with a behavior problem. His grandfather and a few yrs ago now his father have thyroid in the eye. I read about a woman whose son was like mine always very hyper, sometimes too hyper and also with behavioral problems and and always ate alot and developed the thyroid in the eye @ 17 yrs old and now she has a grandson who is 4 and the same way.
Avatar n tn Margaret, Hi, I have tachyacardia but also have Grave's disease. Before being diagnosed with graves I had a lot of the same symptoms you are having. Have you had your thyroid checked? If it hasn't been recently you should maybe have it checked. Mine was way out of wack and was missed by several doctors. Let me know how you're doing. Good luck.
Avatar f tn nothing referring to weight gain...except water weight...hope this helps..... Low Potassium Symptoms Usually symptoms of low potassium are mild. At times they can be vague. You may have more than one symptom involving the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, kidneys, muscles, heart, and nerves.
Avatar f tn The literature also states that before hyperthyroidism was recognized as a disease, many patients with Graves' disease spent their days in asylums. Emotional changes in Graves' disease are primarily caused by the effects of excess thyroid hormone on thyroid receptors in the brain. Emotional disturbances may also result from nutrient deficiencies and exhaustion. Cognitive changes in GD caused by hormonal imbalances also weaken the ability to cope with stress.
463897 tn?1468017350 Nicolson will also be answering questions on the role infections play and various treatments for ADD/ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, ALS, Asperger's Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Hashimoto's, Sjogren's Syndrome, Reiter's Syndrome, Graves Disease, Gulf War Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease and cancer metastasis. Dr.
Avatar f tn Here is a very similar case (case report by Balmes E, Burcea A, Belgun M, Alexandrescu D, Badiu C) “Gravesdisease and toxic nodular goiter both cause thyrotoxicosis by different pathophysiological mechanisms. Rare cases associates both etiologies are undertaken by the diagnosis of Marine-Lenhart syndrome. A woman aged 38, with Graves’ unilateral and a solitary, echo-dense thyroid nodule, developed thyrotoxicosis within the following 3 months.
Avatar f tn I guess I just thought my symptoms would not be that bad and I hope these mood swings are due to the thyroid disease. I am shaking and stressed one minute and crying the next. Does anyone else have this kind of anxiety? Would the hormone still be spilling into my bloodstream?I go back in one week for my levels and I am afraid he is going to tell me I am in normal range.
1971551 tn?1325926011 They should also have done antibody tests to determine if your daughter has an autoimmune thyroid disease, such as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis or Graves Disease. Hashimoto's is most commonly associated with being hypo, but patients often have periods of hyper, along with it. Graves is most often associated with hyper.
Avatar m tn You can't just take your son off the medications without his doctor's okay. Yes, Graves Disease can cause his symptoms, but you need to work on this with his doctors, not just taking the meds away. Many times, these types of medication are necessary to help keep things under control until the thyroid can be adequately regulated. A PERSON MUST BE PROPERLY WEANED FROM THAT TYPE OF MEDICATION. DO NOT JUST STOP IT.