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Avatar f tn My Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies are 441 the should be below 35 my Thyroid Antibodies are 91 the norm is below 20 My TSH and Free T4 and T3 are normal I am having all the symptoms of graves disease My thyroid ultrasound showed a goiter and some small nodules. I am having sinus tachycardia which a cardiologist gave me Cardizem to keep my heart rate down. I am having all the symptoms of Grave's disease but the endocrinologist thinks I am having mental problems.
Avatar f tn So based on this info, I was told I had graves. I made the decsion to have a tt in june of last year. I have been gaining weight like crazy and feel kind of crappy. My first tsh two months after surgery was .10 and the last one in november was 50.81. Yikes! So while I am trying to get straightened out, I have a couple of questions. I never had any type of antibody tests...ever. I hear people talk about them and don't know what to ask the endo for.
Avatar n tn Graves disease does affect the eyes, Has she had any further symptoms? Is there a family history of Glaucoma? She should see an ophthamologist, to determine if there is any underlying problem. Also, what kind of operation did she have?
877337 tn?1249848050 Regarding the eye problems often associated with Graves - only about 10% of Graves/Thyroid patients develop Graves Eye Disease. The eye disease is actually caused by different antibodies than the ones that cause the thyroid problems. Some people have the eye problems without ever having thyroid problems. Most have thyroid problems an no eye problems. The eye problems usually start with a lot (almost constant) tearing and a dry, gritty feeling on they eye surface.
Avatar n tn Thyroid problems, sinus problems, Graves disease, diabetes, and glaucoma are a few reasons.
Avatar n tn It usually subsides. Graves' disease does not cause eye disease. Its antibodies that attack the eyes that is the cause. Different antibodies than Graves' antibodies. Due to being different antibodies, none of the treatment options will save us from the eye disease if we are going to get it, as well as Hashi, Armour and other autoimmun people.
Avatar f tn Also, I have read somewhere that thyriod dysfunction can make your eye pressure higher, is that true? I have Graves disease. Great grandmother possibly had glaucoma, but Im not sure if she really did. Plase help, hopefully there is a doctor out there who can answer.
Avatar f tn I was advised to go to an endocrinologist. She asked me lots of questions and was pretty sure I have graves disease. She ran bloodwork and I tested negative. She advised me to go see an eye specialist. I tested negative for any kind of I disease including glaucoma. I had an MRI done of my brain and Orbitz. Results were negative for tumors and there was no evidence of inflammation of my eyes. My right eye was slightly proptosis when compared to my left.
Avatar n tn I had Graves Disease and they killed off my thryoid gland with radioactive iodine. I take meds which seems to control it. About a yr later I developed eye problems and had to have decompression surgery on both eyes. I have also developed Glaucoma from this problem. My thyroid levels and been good, but I just had a blood test and the thryoid levels were fine, but my anitbodies were very high, and they are sending me back to the specialist.
1279667 tn?1271219235 I've also had laser eye surgery to poke holes in my eys to releave presser to avoid glaucoma. (Remember Marty Feldmn? He died of complications from Graves Disease). Scarey!
Avatar n tn I have Graves disease with Hashimotos- with TED I had an eye appt -where I had glaucoma test --Iodine My eyes swelled up --my sinuses below my eyes Is this an allergy to Iodine or because of my thyroid?
Avatar f tn I've recently tested positive for allergies to wheat, barley, cows milk, cheese, eggs, chocolate, mustard, night shades, blueberries, clams, haddock and a host of other wonderful foods. Graves disease, diabetes, glaucoma and osteoarthritis all run in my family~ every generation but, they seem to hit harder every other generation. I am now fat bald AND have a bad do! Can it get worse? I'm miserable and desperate. Can you help me? Tell me where to go?
Avatar n tn Elginx, Graves Disease people can be positive for Anti-Thyroglobulin ABs and Anti-ThroidPeroxidase ABs, but ones that are a little more specific to Grave's is the "Autoimmune Disease Virus Essay"(ADVA) and the "HIAP Antibodies". I may not have named these precisely but they would know EXACTLY what you are talking about if you request these in fact the company you go through will probably simply have them listed as "Graves Disease Antibodies Tests".
Avatar n tn ), female, and confused lol. I read something about graves eye disease? could this be it? I think that I do have a thyroid issue (I'm overweight, which is a cause, right?) as indicated by doctors in the past, and I know that plays some role in graves. Just in need of some help, here. Thanks!
Avatar n tn You said you are currently free of any thyroid problems, but then you say you "had" Graves Disease. Graves is an autoimmune disease and once you have it, you have it for life, though it can go into remission. Are you on any medication for Graves Disease, currently? Do you have any current thyroid blood test results that you could post, with references to give us a better of your thyroid status?
Avatar n tn I am planning to come to US early next year for an orbital rim implant and/or alloderm graft surgery to correct my problem of lower rid recession and before deciding whether to do this , I wish to find out if graves eye disease is my problem or not. I would like to mention as well that before all this started I had been applying a eye gel on my lids and first this cause my lower lids to flake and then got puffy undereyes and after the retraction....
Avatar f tn I am 48 y.o. female. I have Graves Disease and am in remission. I have borderlinge osteoporosis. I also have gastroparesis. For the past year I have been suffering with many symptoms. Recently however, I have had memory loss but also something very strange. I am NOT seeing things that ARE there. It's like a reverse hallucination. Have you ever heard of this?
Avatar n tn My mother had Graves disease. She did the radio active iodine treatment to try and normalize her hyper thyroid condition Since then she has not been outside in over a year because her allegeries started to overeact. About 24 weeks ago the allegeric reactions began to get more serious, she began to start choking on a daily basis. Currently she has choking episodes about 4 times a day on average.
Avatar m tn No CSF would not cause it. And it is very very rare for an eye in an addult to get larger or smaller. In almost all cases the eye is either being pushed out which makes it look bigger (thyroid Graves Disease" common cause) and the othr eye smaller. Or the upper lid droops Ptosis which makes that eye look smaller and the other larger. In your case it is very unlikely that either eye is changing size.
Avatar f tn I was dx'd with ischemic optic neuropathy in 2007. I also have had orbital decompression surgery due to Graves eye disease. Three to Four months following my orbital decomp. surgery, I had speech slurring for two weeks and then my right eye became very blurry. My eye test for my right eye was 20/70, 6 months later it was back to 20/40.
Avatar f tn Strabismus also can result from certain medical problems. Graves' disease (thyroid eye disease), diabetes, strokes, and trauma are some of the more common conditions that can lead to strabismus. Less common causes are diseases that affect the muscles such as myasthenia gravis, demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, or brain and orbit tumors. Occasionally strabismus can develop after eye surgery, such as cataract, retinal, refractive or glaucoma surgery.
Avatar f tn A few months ago I started showing signs of Graves disease with my right eye slightly bulging. I had lab work done through an endocrinologist wich results were negative for graves. I also saw an eye specialist that saw no sign of eye disease and tested negative for glaucoma. Here is a portion of my MRI report.
279234 tn?1363108849 So at this point, the docs are having a difficult time, (I am assuming) that they are not sure if this is caused by optic neuritis due to ms, or optic neuropathy due to Graves Eye Disease. I definatey think that this could be more evidence for you. My VEP being abnormal, is proving something to my endocrinologist, he is taking me serious now. (not my neuro) The prism takes time to get used to.
Avatar f tn How old were you at original diagnosis? 35yrs old 5. What is your diagnosis? Graves Disease 6. Have you had recurrence ever? If so, how many times? No, doing RAI this Tuesday 7. Where are you in treatment now? RAI Tuesday 8. What region or state are you in? I am in North Ga.
Avatar n tn but rather the hypo condition. Thyroid disease can play havoc with every part of the body, mind and emotions. Also exacerbate existing body, mind and emotion conditions. A lot of us are on either antidepressants or anxiety medication. And some times we have to try different ones or a combo of two, before finding the one that works for us. The natural course of hypothyroid is for the thyroid to eventually burn off. However, how long that would take is an individual matter.
Avatar n tn The opthamoligist that did the laser surgery sent me for a MRI on orbits and found that I have Thyroid Eye disease, possible graves disease. Now my problem is after seeing all these doctors I am still unable to do anything but lay resting most of the day, with short periods of moving about or getting on the computer in search of help, I have been given no medication or suggestions on how to releive the chronic headaches or pain in my neck and shoulders....
691983 tn?1266808432 well i have one diagnosis so far.fibromylgia thats all my mussel and joint pain.i got this diagnosis from a rheumatoloist to day!he gave a lot of info on it and says cause not known ,but linked to infections and other illnesses. he also totally agrees it is coming from my biofilm infection. he was inpressed with shelly info i took a long thank you shelly! he wants me to get in right away with physical therapy and do aqua therapy.
1563145 tn?1295359574 Among the most important was “Living Well With Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism” In Chapter 10, I read “The Johnson Nutritional Protocol” Reading this chapter was like a light bulb being switched on. I have believed that my thyroid disease was caused in large part, to various deficiencies and a poor diet full of nasty chemicals like brominated vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup and SOY to name just a few.
Avatar f tn I am in no means trying to discredit your work or your website but when someone goes through what many go through here...Graves Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism...
Avatar f tn That way when I meet someone suffering from what I believe is an iodine deficiency I can send them to it. I have many friends that suffer with fibromyalgia, graves, glaucoma, I suffer from ADD PCOS and Hypo my mother suffers from FBD adrenal fatigue, my husband has hyper, my sister has asthma, a friend from church is also suffering from cancer, and my friend of over 14 years has diabetes and just found out she has cervical cancer.