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Avatar f tn I have a question on the contrast that is used with CT Scans. I have/had ovarian cancer (OVCA) and typically have CT Scan's atleast annually. As I had tumours throughout my pelvis they use the IV contrast as well as the Barium gastro constrast. While talking with the endo's and being diagnosed with Graves disease they asked about any CT scans etc but I didn't think to ask them. Is the contrast used in the IV for CT Scans a problem for people with thyroid conditions?
Avatar n tn I have an ovarian cyst with a slightly elevated CA-125 of 52. I am booked in to have a laparascopic cystectomy in 3 weeks. There is a history of ovarian and breast cancer on my mother's side of the family. I have had two failed IVF attempts and this cyst was discovered during the 3rd IVF attempt which has now been abandoned. I have had no symptoms and would not have know about the cyst if it wasn't for the IVF down regulation scan.
Avatar n tn I have graves disease, but was in remission. Then I had cancer and chemotherapy. My TSH level is hyper again and my other tests normal. The doctors won't say if chemo can activate your graves disease. They do say that a physical or emotional change to my body can trigger it. My thoughts, Cancer and chemotherapy are big time physical and emotional changes.
Avatar f tn My mother was diagnosed in her early 40s with graves disease and her thyroid was removed, around the same time she was diagnosed with stage 3-4 colon cancer. I'm aware there are connections between autoimmune diseases and thyroid and intestinal diseases/conditions. As I'm getting older I'm noticing I'm following in the same physiological footsteps my mother did before she was diagnosed.
514523 tn?1215832667 Hi anyone with graves and nodules? I was put on antithyroid meds and its a wait and see if the nodules are cancerous. Was wondering how bad are the side effects from the meds and does RAI give you cancer late if you do have nodules? I thought i had hot nodules but it turned out to be graves and is it hereditary?
Avatar f tn I´ll certainly go to a good ophtalmologist and hope I have merely thyroid cancer and dry eye syndrome.
Avatar f tn I could be mistaken - but I have looked the evidence over and talked with people here and the theory of RAI and cancer you talk about is reversed. I as an RAI patients back in 2003 was recently informed by an ENT that people that do have RAI - that develop nodules are at a higher risk on the nodule being carcimona. That is not very enlightening for me b/c they found I do have a solid nodule now. I am on Armour - no there is no blood. //// yuckie..... Graves speeds up your body.
Avatar f tn Hi, I would love to hear from anyone here who has been in remission with Graves disease, and is currently Not taking any meds. Stupid question I know, if you are, you're probaly not on here...I think I must be a "rare breed", I can't seem to find too many people who have successfully beaten Graves disease. There is alot of speculation that when you carry the TSI antibody, which I have, there is chance Graves will reappear?
393685 tn?1425812522 6 years ago I was diagnoised with Graves Disease off a TSI lab and an uptake scan indicating autoimmune Graves. I had RAI done 6 weeks after the DX due to a thyroid storm. In the years after RAI I was very hypothyroid but no other autoimmune tests were done and I gradually became extremely ill. I recently have found two wonderful doctors who have helped me in switching my medication and running appropriate lab work.
Avatar n tn My niece had Graves disease at age 12, which I understand is unusually and my Mother had Graves diseases and cancer of the uterus and lungs which she died from in her fifties. My sister has had ovarian cancer (at 48) Basal Carcinoma (which we were told is connected to ovarian cancer incidences somehow) and suffers from Celiac Sprue (gluten intolerance) and 2 of my six children have Crohn' moderate and one extremely severe. I have 'technically" only had Basal Cell carcinoma.
Avatar f tn You have hyperthyroidism. Most commonly this would be Graves' disease. The ultrasound did not show a nodule that would be "hot". The vascularity on the ultrasound was unremarkable, typically in thyroiditis this is a low. Classically in Graves' disease it is high but this does not exclude Graves' disease. The antibody you've had have been negative but these are nonspecific for Graves' disease.
Avatar f tn This is really confusing. If you have a tumor in your neck and they've biopsied it, and it shows ovarian cancer, then that is metastatic disease. Are they just guessing this tumor in your neck is related to the ovarian cancer? If so, find a doctor who doesn't guess.
Avatar m tn Hi. Breast cancer and ovarian cancer are two very different and distinct disease entities and are not really comparable even if they are of the same stage. This is because there are so many factors other than the stage, which determines severity and lethality in breast and ovarian cancer. For example, increased levels of the human epidermal growth factor receptor Her-2 is a big factor in determining a poorer prognosis and more severe disease in breast cancer.
Avatar n tn PCOS is a syndrome There is no obvious causal link between polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and ovarian cancer. Although it’s not known for sure whether benign ovarian cysts or polycystic ovaries develop into ovarian cancer, the vast majority of ovarian cysts appear to be unrelated. Women who have polycystic ovaries or ovarian cancer seldom have obvious symptoms early on. However, in both disorders, symptoms are noticed as the condition progresses.
Avatar f tn Similarly, sarcoidosis of the thyroid gland may develop in response to an established thyroid disorder including Gravesdisease, nodular goiter, and thyroid cancer. Patients with Gravesdisease may also have concomitant conditions of sarcoidosis affecting the lungs. Patients with systemic sarcoidosis may also develop sarcoid lesions in various organs including the thyroid gland.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been treated for the last 4 years for Graves Disease with block and replace here in the Netherlands. Now, in preparing for a thyroidectomy, I had a scan which revealed thyroiditis. As far as I can see, this is not a symptom of Graves Disease. Without medication I am still hyper. Any ideas what this could be?
Avatar f tn The levels that I was given (and other cancer patients) is so much higher than what is given for Graves. The reference materials I sent to you discuss I-131 but realize that some of it (especially on refers to the high doses given cancer patients. There are others with Graves on here who have had I-131.
Avatar f tn I am a 25 y/o female diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at 16 and later with Graves Disease and Goiter. I have been on Tapazol along with Atenelol (for the Tachacardia) off and on for the past 9 years with no results. Every doc I see wants to discuss nothing but RAI or surgery. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few years with no success. I finally found out that I was pregnant the beginning of last year and made it to 4 months and suffered a miscarriage for no apparent reason.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else been diagnosed with both Grave's Disease and Hashimoto's Disease? About 15 yrs ago I was put on thyroid meds, very low dose, but was never diagnosed with Hashimoto's. Took it for about 3 yrs and then my dr said my reading was fine and took me off of it. Now 15 yrs later everything is out a wack with EVERYTHING and I've been diagnosed with Grave's Disease. At this time the Grave's is winning out and messing with my heart.
Avatar n tn At present there is no test that detects ovarian cancer. The most important thing is to know your body and be aware of the symptoms (bloating, change in bowel and urination habits, indigestion, feeling of fullness, back pain, etc) is suggested that if these symptoms persist for more than two weeks you seek medical attention, preferably a gyncologist.
Avatar f tn hi everyone! I'm new to this experience of cysts and honestly quite scared. I'll tell you my story first. So Thursday night I had some pain in my pelvic area and just decided to sleep it off. Sleeping it off did not work and I went to work Friday with even more pain. The pain now hurts to change position (sitting to standing or lying to sitting) and has radiated to my hips and lower back. I'm a nurse so I was in agony. Saturday the pain is even worse.
Avatar n tn This might be a good question for the doctor. Go down to the right of this page under "Related Expert Forum" Ovarian Cancer. I also have acne and I'm 52. I've had it all my life. Not bad, but enough to use Retin-A. Have you tried that? If it were me, just reading the warning label would be the reason to stop! I don't know anything about Germ Cell Ovarian but this disease is a sneaky ugly disease and I wouldn't mess with it.
Avatar n tn I have stage 1C ovarian cancer. I had a hysterectomy and staging surgery on November 15, 2007, and am currently undergoing chemotherapy. I am 46 years old, and had normal levels of hormones prior to diagnosis. Following the surgery, my doctor put me on estrogen patches (HRT). It is his belief that the benefits of estrogen outweigh the risks at my age. My pathology report showed that my ovarian cancer was estrogen receptive/reactive. So why is HRT okay?
167426 tn?1254086235 Food and Drug Administration to initiate a Phase II clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of its drug candidate IT-101 in patients with ovarian cancer. In women who receive a 2nd course of chemotherapy, nearly 75% will achieve some degree of disease stabilization. However, most will experience a recurrence of their cancer within 9 to 12 months after treatment. For these women, the current standard care is to “watch and wait” until disease progression occurs.