Graves disease and breast cancer

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Avatar n tn I had Graves' disease and it my gland was ablated in November of 2003. At the time, I really wanted surgery and the doctor basically said "no." She told me that she would call in the order for ablation and told me it would be as fast as surgery. I have struggled for three years and am still not the same. I have seen that many on here have FMS, and I do as well. I also have restless legs syndrome.
Avatar n tn i have graves disease also because i have graves disease cannot get insurance they say its autoimmune and want cover me. my menstrual cycle is normal. this has been going on since december 2006. the tirdness seems to be getting worst i have got to the point where i have to take naps everyday now. i feel like my reflexs or getting worst little things seem to scare me i do not drive any more.
487969 tn?1249316891 Clinical Histroy of Episodic Bilateral Breast Tenderness with the Patient's Menstrual Cycle. The patient report breast paind has decreased since her initial physician visit. Findings: Bilaterial mammogram deminstrates extremely dense breast tissue. There is asymmetrically dense breast tissue in the 12:00 o'clock position of the breast. No spiculated masses, architectural distortion or clustered pleomorphic microcalcifications are identified.
1425146 tn?1282765484 That's when it's important to go on and do the testing for antibodies for both Hashi's (TPOab and TGab) and Graves (TSI). There are some people who have both. However, when the basic panel comes back normal, this is generally when the doctor says "there's nothing wrong with you". In addition to the blood work, I'm sure that none of us, either, would argue the point over whether or not an ultra sound is useful.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and the doctor stressed, and I mean stressed, DO NOT EAT ANY GRAIN!!!. That means no wheat, rice, corn, etc...NO GRAIN. Why? Grain causes the cell and the cell membrane to inflame and when you have inflamation you have disease. If you avoid all grain you will immediately see results in size, besides weight. Within 3 months I went from an extra large to a small, loosing approximately 10 lbs a month.
Avatar f tn My Thyroid was removed many years ago, because of cancer and I had the radioactive iodine treatment, and the cancer has came back two more times after my thyroidectomy, both times that the cancer came back was around three years after treatment both times and was given the iodine treatment both times.
Avatar f tn Actually, compared to me and this Graves' mess, he's like a healthy teenager. I knew a woman who fought cancer in every part of her body for about twenty years until she succumbed to it. I also know a few who had it come back a few times and finally they are cancer free. I guess today is all any of us really have, but I hope and pray you do day at a time. I love you, even though I don't know you.
Avatar f tn 1 really bad). One doctor said fibromyalgia or CFS, and I insisted on an MRI! (Yes I had a lot of demylination.) Then he said MS! At UC Davis I was found to be positive for LYME- met the CDC parameters-but was told "the chemo killed it". Whatever this is, it's long term and chronic with no cure. I have almost all the symtons for MS, Lyme, etc. and occasionally end up in the hospital, but I concentrate on my good days.
Avatar m tn I am a 27-year-old female with a recent history of Graves disease; my father has prostate cancer at 72, but the rest of the family is in good health. A few weeks ago I noticed a dimple over the skin in my left breast that did not disappear following when I watched it over the course of my menstrual period. When I showed it to my PCP last week, she ordered an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn I dont have Hashi's but do have Graves Disease and at diagnosis my antibodies were over 4000 (yes four thousand)....12 months after RAI and TT my antibodies were <30 ..basically in remission. Sometimes people confuse 'wellness and feeling good' as the antibodies being in remission...this is not always the case. I have researched and found that Selenium is 'supposed' to lower antibody levels in Hashi's and I say 'supposed' as there are yet no 100% foolproof studies to prove that.
572651 tn?1333939396 Six times as many women die from Heart Disease each year than from Breast Cancer. Where are the ribbons and walks and fundraisers you ask? A very wise survivor once pointed out you don't hear the voices of people in their graves, and women heart victims are usually unable to speak for themselves. Those of us who survive carry that responsibility with us to spread awareness of this killer.
Avatar f tn The stress of these treatments and the cancer can trigger Graves disease in patients pre-disposed to it (ie, already have the genes for Graves) --- any form of hyperthyroidism, if severe and untreated, can cause storm and death but this is very uncommon.
541431 tn?1225897960 My grandmother died of Lung cancer. My aunt has Thyroiditis, Graves Disease. My other aunt had Hashimoto's Disease. My uncle died of Liver cancer. My 1st cousin has Chrones Disease. My Uncle has Lung Cancer and Skin Cancer. My other aunt has COPD, and emphesyma.
694885 tn?1232653548 I'm not a Dr but suffocation isn't the way I opt to go and neither is Cancer. Suffocation probably would happen LONG before any cancer takes over, so I would be more concerned about every breath I take instead of the Big C word. I don't know if this is the right community for you to gain suppport.
Avatar f tn I think it should be out there and discussed just as much as breast cancer, or any other well known disease. Maybe if everyone was more educated on the subject everyone would undertand us better and how hard it can be sometimes to live day to day with these symptoms, and have your live turned upside down.
177486 tn?1192161447 I had major weight loss before diagnosis...(was to thin) but once treatment for Hyperthyroid/Graves started I haver never been slim since. My weight is well above what I am happy with. I eat a healthy diet, not too mauch that puts on weight etc. I know its part of this disease & thyroid levels and I have to put up with it...but I dont have to like it & I dont. Some days I feel not only overweight but bloated & look it...thats the worse.
Avatar m tn a year, maybe a bit longer prior to finding the mass in my thyroid I was labeled as subclinical hyperthyroid due to a suppressed TSH and normal T3 and T4 thyroid hormones. I did not have thyroid disease and was not taking any thyroid medications. I had no visual or palpable nodules or a goiter. Blood tests revealed the suppressed TSH initially, prompting other tests to determine a cause.
Avatar f tn I did all my homework prior to RAI and TT (dx Graves and Hyper and then Thyca). I learnt all I could about Graves, hyper, RAI, TT< Thyca THEN learned the other side of the fence (so to speak) HYPO. 6.Research and my Medhelp Family here.
Avatar f tn antibodies. But all I see is technical jargon, patent info, breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. I'll have to read a bit more. I don't have clue about your second topic, but I suppose they are related somehow. Hope you figure it out. Thanks for introducing the subjects. I hope someone else will post their thoughts.
Avatar n tn You are right that links exist between iodine and other health issues such as fibrocystic breast disease and others. But as far as I know the jury is not in yet. Numerous scientifically based studies on large numbers of people must tell the story. I won't be a guinea pig for any kind of iodine trial (nor would I let anyone I cared about). The risks are too great when you have thyroid disease, (and especially when you have a family history of it as I have) as I have previously explained.
Avatar f tn I had vision correction surgery 6 years prior and had perfect 20/20 vision until this quack - I was fine even w/ hashi prior to this staying on a lower dose - this jerk wanted me less than 2 tsh - I was bedridden for days, sick in many ways and lost my great vision in a matter of months - anyhow - after 6 years of egotistical doctors I now have a wonderful internist who is very knowledgable about all forms of thyroid disease and attends conferences frequently about these issues - I stay on the
Avatar n tn as i said in the other post, i need to go in for cortisol testing this week and i also plan on asking my GI doctor to test me for celiac disease as well. whatever it takes to figure out what's wrong and why it happened in the first place. like you, i am unhappy and unsatisfied with an "i don't know" answer and push to figure it out at all costs.
Avatar n tn I found it interesting that you had breast cancer after being on a T4 med only. Since low T3 has been associated with breast cancer (and T4 med folks often have low T3), I would want them to be checking my Free T3. There is some evidence that low T3 levels may be associated with breast cancer. A study in Molecular Carcinogenesis (Gonzalez-Sancho et al. 2002) stated that T3 down-regulated the expression of T1, a gene that is over-expressed in human breast adenocarcinomas.
Avatar f tn I have a family history of breast and ovarian cancer and I'm worried that it will increase my all ready high risk of these cancers. Any thoughts?? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn Signs and Symptoms: Adrenal Fatigue vs. Low Thyroid Function Normal morning cortisol, followed by low levels throughout remainder of day indicate adrenal imbalance and low adrenal reserve. Overall, low adrenal cortisol production contributes to symptoms of fatigue, allergies, chemical sensitivity, and sugar craving. Low cortisol can also exacerbate symptoms of low thyroid. http://www.
Avatar n tn I'm not the expert on this, and hopefully you will hear from some of them on this forum soon, but from what I've read nodules and thyroid levels have little, if anything, to do with each other. Now having a thyroid disease like Hashi's or Graves may lead to some tissue changes and, as many know, you can have BOTH thyroid nodules and a thyroid disease at the same time. Nodules are usually only found on a scan/x-ray or, if large enough, can be seen/felt on an exam.
Avatar n tn Metformin short circuits to some degree insulin's negative role. Metformin also reduces lipids (cholesterol) and so has very positive effects to preventing heart disease and reducing blood pressure. Google any of these terms in relation to Metformin and you will see. If you are a person who has tried to lose weight though calorie control and exercise, but have failed, you should try Metformin.