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Avatar n tn I spotted on and off til 8wks 4days pregnant my test came back as faint positive started bleeding clot so I rushed to ER to make sure everything was ok
Avatar f tn but 15th day of my cycle itself i'm started to get spotting... some time bleeding (not much) but i'm getting period on 28th day of my cycle... whats the reason for spotting...
Avatar f tn If you already had a positive pregnancy test and know your pregnant then no it is not implantation bleeding that happens 4 to 7 days before your missed period before you even get a positive pregnancy test so since you are having spotting I suggest getting checked out let your doctor decide if it is normal or not it's always better to be safe than sorry
Avatar f tn We have been having intercourse at least once a day, sometimes even twice a day. Could I be pregnant this soon after getting off BC? Been off since end of December. Or could it be my cycles changing?
Avatar f tn Pregnancy is always a possibility but I wouldn't say that you are just based on those two things. When is your period due?
Avatar f tn If you continue to have sex (I did when I was young so again, I'm not trying to harp on you just trying to offer advice) you need to realize there is ALWAYS a chance of getting someone pregnant
Avatar f tn I'm 24 years old. In October i found out i was pregnant. i started having spotting a couple weeks later and the doctor found that the baby stopped growing at 5 weeks 1 day. At 7 weeks (11/16/11) i miscarried naturally. we've had sex unprotected since the miscarriage and i feel like i may be pregnant again. My breasts are sore again, not as bad as before but they are still sore and swollen and I've had mild cramping for over a week now. i also have been urinating more often again.
Avatar n tn I feel pregnant,upper belly is getting bigger. Pregnancy test came out negative.Could this be a possible miscarriage or where I'm trying to conceive, could this be a pregancy ?
Avatar n tn ive been getting alot of symptoms of being pregnant i dont know for sure yet if i am or not. If i am pregnant im 3 weeks today.But as of yesterday around noon i started spotting then it just got heavier almost like im on my period but im not and im still bleeding I also started cramping i layed down for awhile and it went away..But then later on last night the cramps came back and they kinda hurt. i took a test and it came out negative.
1294748 tn?1350615001 Test again it's the only way to know or you can wait to see if your period comes on full blown.
Avatar f tn I suggest getting checked out what's normal for one woman and pregnancy is not normal for another in my case when I had spotting while pregnant it wasn't a good sign and I miscarried any bleeding or spotting should always be checked out by a doctor let them decide if it is normal it's always better to be safe than sorry
Avatar f tn Iys been about 2 1/2 weeks and about 3 days ago ive been spotting very very lighty. My period was due 2 days ago and never came...but now i have no spotting and my period hasnt came. Ive had bad heart burns and been very tired and getting lower back cramps and leg cramps and breast are somewhat tender! Any thoughts? Anybody else had this and actually been pregnant? I havent took a test yet!
Avatar n tn Now, I am spotting a week before my period is due, and I also have this odd headache that won't go away. But I had sex 2 days after my period, that chances of me getting pregnant were very very low, right? I also re-started my pills the day before I had sex (so they might not have started working yet) after a 2 month break. I know this wasn't the best move I've made, but I would be be ok with it if I was pregnant. But would prefer not to be :) Any advice.
525501 tn?1212435817 i had two periods, then none for 3 months, then 2 months apart, then 1 month, so i figured it's slowly getting back to normal. Pregnant? Weird body? Normal? Help! Any advice please!
Avatar f tn So I wiped and had a little spotting is that bad it was like little dots of blood not much
Avatar f tn if it was less than a week before you missed your pills then you could be pregnant and the dark brown bleeding could be old blood that ur body is getting rid of... but since you did miss 4 pills it is also normal that your period becomes irregular... so i would get a check up just in case...
Avatar n tn I starting spotting yesterday instead of getting my period. I have always been very regular and have never spotted before. Last time my husband and I had intercourse my nipples were really sore and I made him stop sucking on them. I have been extremely tired with no energy what so ever. I have also been having slight headaches. I had my tubes tied years ago. Whats wrong?
Avatar n tn So I am about a week late on my period and i've been spotting brown for two days now. It's very light, not heavy enough for me to use a liner. I also took a pregnancy test yesterday an it came out neg. I had cramping a week ago that felt like i was getting my period. I'm not sure if i should buy another test and keep testing or is this something other than a possible pregnancy. I've never been pregnant before so i'm not sure at all. If anyone has experienced anything similar please let me know.
6504284 tn?1405491707 I just found out I am pregnant but have been spotting a lot . I had a miscarriage in May and have has real heavy periods since the. Last month it was real shortand this month I didn't get one I have just been spotting but it seems to be getting worse. I took 2 pregnancy tests both were positive. Has anybody else had this happen and be ok?
Avatar f tn It's kinda weird for me coz I always have my menstruation every month. Could I be pregnant? Or coz I'm just getting at the age that may change my menstruation cycle. Thanks for all the people who's going to answer this. Just worried.
Avatar f tn Feel It, This Will B My 3 Child. I Made 10 weeks Today But Is It Normal To B Spotting./ Color Brown wit light Cramps? Help!!!!!
Avatar f tn I spotted thinkin it was cuz I got off bc but turned out I was pregnant. spotting was on and off for a month and stopped when I turned 8wks 4 days pregnant. ...
Avatar f tn So I am barely 6 wks and waiting for medicaid to get apprvd but just recently I am spotting well a little more spotting but not bleeding alot and it's dark brownish. Should I worry?
Avatar n tn I'm expecting my period in about 4 days, but I've been spotting a little here and there today with some cramps off and on, too. I feel like I'm pregnant, but so far have gotten negatives. I'm not sure if this is pregnancy symptoms or if I'm really just starting my period.. The bleeding has stopped as of right now, including cramps. From your expierince does this sound like pregnancy or period?
Avatar n tn Anyway, a week or two ago I started feeling like I might be pregnant again. I am having the same feelings in my uterus that I had with the first one. I knew I was pregnant with her way before a test confirmed it. Then, a few days ago I started spotting (very light and brownish in color). I didn't do that with my first and I haven't ever spotted before. I went ahead and took a home test, it was negative. I have been spotting for 3 days now. My period is due tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Although I must say that before we got pregnant I have some sort of cyst in my left ovary that was previously causing spotting especially after intercourse so now I dont know what to think. Any thoughts or similar situations. Thanks so much. I have a history of high risk pregnancies and so I get scared easily.