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Avatar f tn m really worried about this type of paci giving her buck teeth. I can already tell she has a bit of an overbite, but I THINK (from looking at pictures) I had this too when I was a baby and I never took a paci of any sort. I now have perfectly straight teeth, with no help from braces, etc... What do you think? Would this type of paci cause buck teeth? Should I take it away now, even though it is going to be a LONG, HARD process?
8854858 tn?1400901001 My partner was a ugly kid, he had buck teeth and so many freckles thank god his teeth straightened and his freckles faded but it still worries me my son will get them from him, but my family has very straight teeth so who knows.
Avatar f tn Hi, teeth aren't really the concern. Her teeth now are the baby teeth and yes, they can become crooked. But she has adult teeth growing under her gums that won't come in until she is 5 to 7. I was a thumb sucker way back when and it was a big trick at family events to show how I could slip my thumb under my front teeth without opening my jaw (I know . . .YUCK! but I was a kid and thought that was cool!) Anyway, my permanent teeth came in straight and I have never needed braces.
Avatar n tn I have white spots on my teeth and purchased some MI paste and a niqhtguard. However, they didn't tell me that most dentists 'etch' the teeth first (putting an acid on to make teeth accept MI paste better). Is this step neccesary? My teeth only got the white spots since I started drinking a lot of acidic drinks so it's funny that I need to add more acids to my teeth for them to accept this MI paste but...
184342 tn?1282588750 The dentist did warn us that when her teeth did come in, she would most likely push them out (buck-teeth) since she wouldn't be used to having a barrier for her tongue. Sure enough, they stick forward now and she won't bite with them. I thought it was because she wasn't used to them, but I guess it is hard to bite with teeth in this position. Hmm...she is just starting orthodontia work at age maintainers. Nice! I'm glad both kids are doing well today!
393685 tn?1425812522 HAHAaaaa! Great pictures..a fine way to wake up laughing. I didn't know hens had teeth! "Like pulling hens teeth" joke.
Avatar m tn In the last few days iv been getting this really weird taste in my mouth, its kinda like metallicy and i can taste a sulphur kinda taste, i keep brushing my teeth but it wont go. Iv tried to find out from various different places if this could be a symptom of anything but i havent had much luck. I dont have bad breath ( i asked my children and my husband and they would tell me) and i dont have any fillings (as i have pretty good teeth).
Avatar n tn When my son gets here I was considering giving him a Binky because baby's seem to love them and they are life savers! But I've heard the cause buck teeth, or rotted teeth and its very hard to get them off of it. Any opinions?
Avatar n tn i have been having a funny taste in my mouth for the last two days, it's awful. been having g cramp in my abdomen n terrible wind swelled tum too. my period is due next week 7th Jan'. I have done two tests which are negative, is it too early to be positive? could the symptoms be a sign?
Avatar m tn I have almost no permanant teeth. Not sure if this is true but I had a full mouth x-ray and I had only 3 roots. I did however, save my teeth that fell out when I was little and supposely gave way to permanant teeth. It's strange though since I saved 9 teeth and I only have 3 teeth with roots. Does this mean that I have permanent teeth without roots? If not then what pushed my teeth out then?
787406 tn?1339203183 Well, first------------ it doesn't make kids teeth permanently buck. Um . . . those baby teeth fall out, remember? And not usually until age 5.5 or 6 does the average first lower tooth fall out. The structure of the jaw is not affected by a pacifier. Now, the soft palate, on the other hand is. And early on---------- the use of a pacifier is actually beneficial for this. Soothing and self soothing is really important for children psychologically.
10203682 tn?1418693754 S ucked my thumb and could actually put my thumb UNDER my two buck teeth. ha ha. So pretty!! You should see the pictures. Teeth fell out. Teeth came in straight. Now, had I continued to s uck my thumb as my permanent teeth were coming in? I don't know. I will tell you that teeth are always moving. That is why so many kiddos need spacers and then a second set of braces after the first that straightened their teeth. Ha, I didn't use a pacifier.
Avatar f tn my lil girl is 11 mos and only has 4 teeth - so cute!
Avatar f tn Lol, Im probably bad too, so in not one for advice, but I was the complete opposite, I didnt want my son to look like my mom or my nephew(he looks like a redneckwith red hair and buck teeth, jsut like his farmer daddy lol... I hoped and prayed that my son would look like his dad. my DB looks just like his dad, and his dad looks just like his dad. they have really strong genes.. thank god, Cole was a spitting image of DB when he was born.
519661 tn?1264516208 i am going to put up some new pics of gracie and the kids now.... she isn't rolling over yet, but has been working real hard on sitting up!! :) and believe it or not she just got TWO teeth!! is anyone else going through teething yet?!? everyone tells me how young she is to teeth, but my older daughter teethed at the same son didn't get teeth until he was one i am so happy to hear that everyone is doing well!!!
Avatar m tn d really be like something straight out of Monty Python like that skit where the director had the buck teeth going down to his waist and everyone in his films had huge buck teeth like that.
2006473 tn?1422033301 I am about 4 or 5 weeks according to the doc and this morning I woke up with a funny taste in my mouth. it taste like it does after you accidently bit your lip and the blood is in your mouth. I know but it is hard to explain, it is kind of a metallic taste I guess. Does anyone else know what I am talking about?
Avatar f tn Happy Mother's Day! Mikayla has started laughing and it is so cute!! She is also smiling on her own (without us trying to get her to smile). She is now drinking 6oz and has about 5-6 bottles a day. She goes to bed around 930-1030 and wakes up anywhere from 630-900 (its like she knows when I work and when I'm off, weird). Mikayla is getting stronger and stronger everyday, she can sit up on her own for like 5 seconds and then becomes the leaning tower of pisa.
Avatar f tn Man they have a wicked bite! Sharp sharp teeth! Is there any special toys that are safe to allow them to play with-teething toys? They chase the older boys around and pounce on them. The boys are so patient and they just sit there and allow them to attack them-sometimes the boys extend a paw-thump on their heads when they get a little outta line.
Avatar n tn I have just been through my first permanent dental bridge session for my lowering teeth. During his prepping my "anchor" teeth for dental bridge placement, my dentist found 2 of my teeth were abscessed and required emergency root canals,which he immediately performed. After this, his assistant worked on and installed my temporary crown. Since, my mouth was still completely numb from the Novocain injections I was unable to feel the temporary crown.
Avatar f tn's my 1st pregnancy. I'm 2.5 months. I've noticed that I've developed a funny taste in my mouth, almost like a tart yucky taste. I have to chew gum. Has this ever happened to anyone?
Avatar f tn m in recovery and I had done a large amount of research before the surgery and have seen many pictures of the recovery stage of a penis and fully recovered after circumcision. The problem I am having now is that my penis doesnt look like the pictures I've seen at all. The head of my penis is exposed but to see the stitches and where the foreskin was cut I have to pullback the skin of my penis.
143123 tn?1274300825 He has cut two teeth (bottom two front teeth) and has #3 and #4 on the way. My chunky monkey is just getting ready for some real food, haha! We've gone through 2 illnesses. First was a sinus cold that ended up in his ears and then the last was a stomach bug, which he passed to me, my husband and my mom (who was keeping him). That was fun! I guess that's about all for us. How is everyone else and theirs babies doing???