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Avatar n tn When my son gets here I was considering giving him a Binky because baby's seem to love them and they are life savers! But I've heard the cause buck teeth, or rotted teeth and its very hard to get them off of it. Any opinions?
Avatar f tn Hi, teeth aren't really the concern. Her teeth now are the baby teeth and yes, they can become crooked. But she has adult teeth growing under her gums that won't come in until she is 5 to 7. I was a thumb sucker way back when and it was a big trick at family events to show how I could slip my thumb under my front teeth without opening my jaw (I know . . .YUCK! but I was a kid and thought that was cool!) Anyway, my permanent teeth came in straight and I have never needed braces.
Avatar m tn I have almost no permanant teeth. Not sure if this is true but I had a full mouth x-ray and I had only 3 roots. I did however, save my teeth that fell out when I was little and supposely gave way to permanant teeth. It's strange though since I saved 9 teeth and I only have 3 teeth with roots. Does this mean that I have permanent teeth without roots? If not then what pushed my teeth out then?
Avatar f tn m really worried about this type of paci giving her buck teeth. I can already tell she has a bit of an overbite, but I THINK (from looking at pictures) I had this too when I was a baby and I never took a paci of any sort. I now have perfectly straight teeth, with no help from braces, etc... What do you think? Would this type of paci cause buck teeth? Should I take it away now, even though it is going to be a LONG, HARD process?
Avatar f tn They can be "teething" early but they might not actually have any teeth come through for several months.
Avatar m tn d really be like something straight out of Monty Python like that skit where the director had the buck teeth going down to his waist and everyone in his films had huge buck teeth like that.
Avatar n tn I have just been through my first permanent dental bridge session for my lowering teeth. During his prepping my "anchor" teeth for dental bridge placement, my dentist found 2 of my teeth were abscessed and required emergency root canals,which he immediately performed. After this, his assistant worked on and installed my temporary crown. Since, my mouth was still completely numb from the Novocain injections I was unable to feel the temporary crown.
505857 tn?1329681517 Hi there, i swear by ovulation test i used clearblue digital, it gives you a smiley face when it time to go. I have fallen pregnant more or less everytime ive used them (had 4 m/c) this month i used them and got pregnant again!! Good luck.
Avatar f tn I finally have my smiley face on my test. I've been testing for 8 months now and haven't had any positive result before. I think this got to do with the HSG. HSG was normal: normal uterine cavity and open tubes and I think it cleared my blockaged. Anyways...so when is the best time to BD now that I have positive surge? Thanks!
Avatar f tn OK Ladies..I'm on cd13 and started taking my opk's on cd11. Today I got my SMILEY FACE!!!! Yea for me!! Please keep your fingers crossed and pray for me. I'm feeling really good about this and I need all the positive energy I can get!!!! I used the other kinds of opk's before and they were always so hard to read so I'm sure I missed my best shots then. We BD last night for good measure...LOL!
1884694 tn?1320984455 I missed my period in November and I was kinda worried I wouldn't ovulate for the month of December but this morning I got up and peed on my little stick and wouldn't ya know it there was a smiley face!!:) we will certainly be BDing today!!
1875504 tn?1321793788 And the same day and day after igot my first smiley we had intercourse as well. Well last month the smiley went away within two days. And this time its not going away. I've got my fourth smiley face today. What does that mean????
Avatar f tn Today is day two of my smiley face, will tomorrow be my peak fertility then? And has clear blue actually helped people with pregnancy?
Avatar f tn A Tea Party-backed Senate candidate in Colorado was caught on tape Friday referring to 'birthers' who question President Obama's citizenship as "dumbasses." Republican Ken Buck, who has harnessed Tea Party support to become the front-runner for the GOP Senate nomination, made the comment unsolicited to a Democratic staffer after an event in Pueblo, Colorado. He was unaware that the conversation was being recorded.
Avatar n tn I took 2 Clearblue Digitals - one yesterday and one today. Yesterday (Thursday) I received a solid smiley face indicating it was my peak fertility time. Today (Friday) another Clearblue Digital showed a blinking smiley indicating high but not peak fertility. A First Response Ovulationtest showed me a dark pink test line. So I am comfused. Am I ovulating now? Have I ovulated already? Or not ovulated yet?
Avatar f tn hello my fiancé and I are TTC I used the clearlye digital ovulation predictor and on the 14 of April I got the smiley face so I followed the instructions and we had intercourse 24/48 hrs so the 14&15 could there be a chance I got pregnant if I pinpointed ovulation and got the smiley face??????
10203682 tn?1418693754 S ucked my thumb and could actually put my thumb UNDER my two buck teeth. ha ha. So pretty!! You should see the pictures. Teeth fell out. Teeth came in straight. Now, had I continued to s uck my thumb as my permanent teeth were coming in? I don't know. I will tell you that teeth are always moving. That is why so many kiddos need spacers and then a second set of braces after the first that straightened their teeth. Ha, I didn't use a pacifier.
Avatar f tn Im going to start testing today to see when im going to ovulate and for the rest of the week. My question is when i get the smiley face when should me and my Husband start to have intercourse ? We are both healthy as per the fertility Doc. We are TTC # 1.
787406 tn?1339203183 Well, first------------ it doesn't make kids teeth permanently buck. Um . . . those baby teeth fall out, remember? And not usually until age 5.5 or 6 does the average first lower tooth fall out. The structure of the jaw is not affected by a pacifier. Now, the soft palate, on the other hand is. And early on---------- the use of a pacifier is actually beneficial for this. Soothing and self soothing is really important for children psychologically.
Avatar f tn ( I love the clear blue digital with the smiley face though...it makes me want to poas everyday...LOL!! I even took a picture of the smiley face, how crazy is that, LOL!! Thanks again!
Avatar f tn I had a very severe case of GERD caused by an injury to the LES valve plus a long-standing issue with a Hiatel Hernia, and the problems were were noted immediately. My vocal chords were burned to the point that speaking became very difficult, and in a matter of days, the enamel on my teeth eroded and started turning black (I was becoming a male Halloween Witch!). I did not experience the sores like you are experiencing.
Avatar f tn Started Clearblue OPK last week. Thursday I got a blinking smiley & Friday a solid smiley. My husband & I had sex Friday morning & have held off since because we are attempting a girl .. today the solid smiley went away on the test so I tested again just to be sure I ovulated and the solid smiley face came back!!! I am so confused. Did I not ovulate yet? Or is this a test malfunction? Has anyone experienced this before?
Avatar f tn hi,had my period on 24 may which was my first day,i have got a digtal ovulation kit (clear blue)did a test on 3rd june and was no smiley face,did one on the 9th june and got a smiley face,does that mean i was ovulating them,because did one on 10th june no smiley face
Avatar f tn Do I count the dpo from the day I got my smiley face on the opk? If so I was 11dpo today. The smiley face is the indicator that within 24 - 48 hours is ovulation? How do you count?
Avatar n tn I had scleral buck operation four weeks ago for my right eye. The docotr said everything is all right after checking. However I can feel the flash around the right corner of the right eye ( where the problem was before). The doctor said it may due to the retina is still under recovery. May I ask did any anyone have this experience before or does anyone know why? Will the flash go when the retina is fully recovery?
Avatar m tn Hi! I hope there's any one can answer me, i have been taking ovulation test since on my 11-14days & my kit result was flushing smiley face ( high) then had my IUI on my 14days which still flushing smiley face result & the next day morning took another ovulation test & it was peak which is steady or solid smiley face now my question is if there's any one can tell me the IUI that i had on my 14days (high) result & had peak on my 15 days is was a successful???