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Avatar n tn Hi Vaibhav, The ingredients of the supplement seem ok, except for the vitamin C. Vitamin C supplements may cause irritation to the prostate especially if it has already been inflammed. Natural sources of vitamin C would help more. Also Saw Palmetto is an over-the-counter agent that has been used in prostatitis with variable results.
Avatar n tn Nature Made Multi For Her 50+. The Equate vitamin caused frequent urination every 25-35 minutes. I also noticed lower back pain when I walk. Now taking the Nature Made Multi... and it appears that I urinate maybe every hour but have noticed that after urinating, I feel like I will be going again very soon. I also notice while taking this vitamin I experience lower back discomfort.
Avatar n tn For the last 8 months or so, i have been recurring symptoms of either frequent urination, feeling of not having voided, or both. It all started initially with frequent urination for which my primary care physician put me on a dose of Vesicare (Solifenacin). I took it for about a week, and was fine for few days, but then the symptoms again showed up. In the meantime, he had me take urine culture tests, blood tests, and a did a physical exam of my prostate. They all seemed to be normal.
Avatar n tn I immediately stopped riding the bike, started drinking cranberry juice, and a saw palmetto/nettle supplement. Since then, all the symptoms have gone except the more frequent than usual urination especially after drinking wine and possibly tea. I never had a problem with wine before. In addition to more frequent urination at night, I also feel drier and more thirsty. My GP ruled out diabetes and did not find any indication of a UTI, even though I was sure that I had one.
1216899 tn?1288573925 With all the sites out there that have info on Vitamin D, their just doesn't seem to be one that has all the symptoms that can accompany vitamin d deficiency. I'm going to list my symptoms, so that others may have some insight, in layman's terms. I hope anyone else with the deficiency would also post theirs.
Avatar n tn The doctor would like for me to start taking a Vitamin D supplement and needs the number to my pharmacy. Hence, I began searching the internet for causes of vitamin D deficiency and located this forum. Sorry, my message is so long but I needed to vent.
Avatar f tn I'll go from feeling hypercalcemic (muscle spasms, twitches, frequent urination, heartburn, heart palpitations, hot flashes, blood pressure rise) to hypocalcemic (muscle and joint pain, all-over tingles, tired, etc.). What do you guys think? Has anyone experienced this sort of thing? I tried to reason with my Dr that one lab test doesn't always tell all, but she blew me off. I'll see my endo in November, but until then...
Avatar f tn I've been suffering since 2007 with nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, insomnia, severe chills, pain in the middle of the back, and funny taste in the mouth, especially after eating chocolate does anyone know what this is? I've been to several doctors that at first think I just have an infection. I also was ruled out for thyroid issues. I just had an adrenal stress gland test done and am awaiting the results.
Avatar m tn I disagree with des900 because thyroid hormone deficiency itself is a frequent cause for low Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin due to the effect of low stomach acid from the hypothyroidism, resulting in oor absorption of vitamins and nutrients. So if anything is to deferred, it is the D, B12 and ferritin supplementation; however, there is no reason to address these actions sequentially. that only delays getting symptom relief for the patient.
Avatar f tn However, this winter I had fevers each day I took a vitamin D supplement. A week later I ended up with pneumonia. I immediately suspected the vitamin D, but was quickly written off by doctors. Then, as I started using a tanning bed, I started having awful joint pain. It started in my feet and worked it's way up into every joint. I stopped tanning, but found myself swelling even in the sun. So, I started avoiding the sun and the symptoms went away.
867582 tn?1311630997 heart palpitations, nausea, diarrhea, frequent urination, joint/muscle aches (worsening my back problem). Other older friends of mine also report intolerance typically muscle aches, particularly in the shoulders) and frequent urination. I should add here that I'm being worked up for an endocrine disorder (however, thus far my labs have been normal but I do have tiny benign colloid nodules on my thyroid) so the d might simply have exacerbated the symptoms of an underlying problem.
Avatar f tn I'm tired a lot and have frequent urination with urgency. My lastest blood work= HDL 39, Vitamin D low less than 20 and also B12 on the low side. My doctor was not alarmed and recommended vitamin supplement and excerise. I am so upset can someone please tell me how these results relate?
1414724 tn?1283234845 This bigeminy and trigeminy always occurs in the evening, sometime around 7 or 8 as I'm settling down from dinner and a trip to the gym. As I let my mind and body relax, the PVCs get more frequent and eventually as I lay down to get to sleep the PVCs occur at nearly every other beat. Lately, I haven't been able to take this at night, so I will jump out of bed and furiously pump out about 50 push-ups without stopping. This gets my heart rate up quite a bit, maybe around 80 or 90 bpm.
Avatar f tn For several years I have battled unexplained severe fatigue, cognitive/memory issues, periods extreme weakness of muscles (without exertion) - especially upper arms and upper legs, unexplained frequent urination, etc. In addition, my hair has been thinning for almost a year now. All my tests come back okay. My thyroid tests have been normal from what I'm told. Finally my GYN of all people tested my vitamin D and found it to be, as she called it, "very, very low.
Avatar n tn Hello! A calcium overdose may cause frequent urination, constipation, or kidney stones. The body has a natural mechanism for protecting against calcium overdose. For your age you can safely take doses between 1200mg-1500mg. Women who are already at risk for developing kidney stones should take caution about taking supplements. They can contribute to stone formation.
Avatar n tn , then in June 6 started neuropathy then fatigue, malaise and frequent urination 15 times. June 13 check for other STD negative.. June 24 lower B12 238, , Liver functions normal. HIV neg after 65 days 8.5 weeks. July 2nd dr visit Blood sugar okay. NEW CBC showed high WBC 13.2 normal below 10. Gran-H 9.4 Normal 8 everything else was normal. Dr. general did prostate check and said prostitus? The issue is after 9 days on ciproflaxin 500mg twice daily.
Avatar f tn .My 7 year old son has recently developed frequent headaches. He has been having severe headaches about two or three times a month that leave him not wanting to do anything but cry in pain and lay down. He has come home from school early several times due to the pain. The last time his teacher said that he was also feeling clammy like a cold sweat, but was not running a fever.
Avatar m tn normal, but you may want to try a cautious gradual increase of your D3, constantly monitoring your symptoms, to see if you experience any improvement at higher levels, but also watching out for any signs of D3 toxicity, such as G/I, digestive, nervousness, frequent urination and other related symptoms. You did not mention any investigation for underlying causes for D3 resistance, so assume there was none.
363281 tn?1518219421 Tingling sensations, anywhere on the body, including the hands, feet, legs, arms, head, mouth, chest, groin area Throat or mouth clicking or grating sound/noise when you move your mouth or jaw, such as when talking TMJ Trembling or shaking Twitching Unsteadiness, dizziness, feeling dizzy or lightheaded Urgency to urinate, frequent urination, sudden urge to go to the washroom (similar to urinary tract or prostate infection symptoms) Warm spells Weak - feel weak, weakness, low energy, li
502686 tn?1210503477 I am sure this is NOT a UTI, because I'm pretty sure I would have burning or itching or a weird smell along with frequent urination. Any pressure on my lower pelvis creates or increases urges. I know it's not because I'm well-hydrated because I usually don't drink water (or anything else for that matter). I've looked on WebMD and other related websites, but anything with these symptoms has pain or something along with it.
7760770 tn?1435121789 I'm wondering what would be a good supplement otc that could help with her frequent urination, straining to pee, and crystals in urine. I saw cranberry supplemnts and "natural pet urine irritation" that claims to help with the symptoms. Also, vet said the cat has abnormal ph levels. She was given fluids and antibiotics at the vets and she mentioned using an otv joint medication that may help with inflammation (glucosemine) which I have not found for cats yet.
Avatar f tn He is a contractor and is generally out in the sun 8-10 hours daily however he was recently told that his Vitamin D were drastically low and he began taking a Vitamin D supplement daily. My husband was also diagnosed with a mitochondrial myopathy approximately 9 years ago and underwent a muscle biospy because he had CPK levels in the 1200 range, he currently undergoes no treatment for this.
Avatar f tn I also see a stool color change from what I would call normal to a light color brown that seems to correlate with days of feeling very bad I take high doses of vitamin C (Lipospheric Vit C) due to recurrent Epstein Barr infections, and I've found I feel so much better when I take vitamin C and if I happen to run out before I get more, I begin getting feeling very ill, like I am going to be very sick but when I get back on the vitamin C, that feeling goes away.
Avatar n tn My Chiropractor and Pharmacist recomended an over the counter Progesterone cream and a vitamin supplement, the cream can only be used at certain times during the cycle so I'll update you on that one. I have noticed that I have had frequent urination and read that estrogen can cause water retention so it's not uncommon for someone to loose weight after getting off of the pill. I haven't weighed myself yet but i'm hoping that's the case for me.
Avatar m tn Be sure to take the liquid citrate type calcium (not calcium carbonate which doesn't absorb as easily) and don't exceed the daily recommended amount. Take this along with your usual multi-vitamin and make sure to take vitamins with food, not on an empty stomach. Some people's PVC's may be caused by other stuff, but I and many people I know have gotten very good relief from mineral supplements.
Avatar n tn Anxiety, depression, muscle/bone pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, muscle twitches, dizziness, unbalanced, restless legs, frequent urination, rapid heartbeat, headaches/migraines, insomnia, tremors, brain fog, tingling, pressure in head/eyes/ears, light/sound sensitivity, irregular menstrual cycles, panic attacks... D should be at least 40-60ng/mL (above 50 is best) B12 anything below 500 is bad. You need to be closer to 1,000 You also need magnesium.
Avatar m tn Diarrhea, Constipation and Flat Stools (occasionally they will go normal for a day or two) Loud stomach noises (like waterfalls and/or a thunderstorm in my stomach) Left Sided dull stomach pain (constant) General Stomach Discomfort Foul Smelling Gas (Eggy, Sulfuric and Sour) Orange and Yellow Stool Possible Fatty Stool (Not sure exactly what it looks like, but my stools do stick to the side of the bowl often) Frequent Urination Back Pain Skin Boils Fatigue Anxiety Nightime Tremors White Spots o
Avatar f tn I had a whole constellation of symptoms (see symptom thread) but the ones suggestive of what was believed to be an anxiety disorder were weight loss, heart palpitations, sleep problems (possibly due to frequent urination)...I never believed for one second I had an anxiety disorder and sought out further tests. In addition to D deficiency I also have nodules on my thyroid. BTW, I had to refer myself to the thyroid specialist.
Avatar f tn particularly on my upper left thigh (not hives and not raised rashes, just splotchy redness that usually appears after a shower) hair thinning excessive water retention, especially in ankles burning sensation on bottoms of feet (esp at night) frequent urination Also, it may be insignificant, but in the last few months I've noticed an extreme amount of vertical, textured ridging on my fingernails - the nails are very pale and have a dark pink rim just under the white nail tip (not sure if it wou
Avatar m tn The anxiety of it is driving me crazy and seems to be manifesting other STD symptoms that weren't present prior to cryo (burring around pubic area, penis and urethra and frequent urination. So.... 1. What do you make of my description and his opinion? Is it likely warts/HPV or could it be something else? (Skin tag etc) Should it have been biopsied before cryo? 2. What can I expect with a bump of that size after cryo? Could it be gone forever with that one treatment? 3.