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Avatar m tn (I am copying this from an email for my Mother (78 yrs - very active (still works teaching speech, never smoked, never a drinker) The specialist arranged a MRI (brain scan) and a scan of sinus passages – and reported no irregularities. On my request my Doctor gave me a 10 day trial of a common allergy tablet – to no effect.
Avatar n tn Can't afford Fosamax. Should I take something now in the herbal department now? hope you do well with the herbal route. God Bless you.
Avatar n tn He gave me muscle relexants and said to take ibuprofen. That has helped, but the pain flared again today. I also take Fosamax (or the generic equivalent) for bone density, and found the comments about calcium helpful. I often forget to take the right amount of calcium, and I do knw the doctor has warned me about it. He said the Fosamax will take the calcium from my bloodstream and make sure the bones get enough, but that other ares of the body will be lacking and there will be problems.