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Avatar n tn On July 1, I posted a question to Dr Tsang with regard to bone graft/implant (one already done and another to be done later in this month). The two being eye teeth (upper left and right). So far, as of this date, I have not had a reply. I would like to know if the Fosamax has any bearing on why my teeth are getting loose.
Avatar n tn She suffers from paresihrsia of the left jaw and loss of five teeth which cannot be repjaced with implants. My question ;did the prolonged use of fosamax cause and exacerbate the osteonecrosis ?
Avatar m tn The last thing the periodontist said to us was if we had to choose between the periodontal and orthodontist was to get the teeth straightened and if there was problem we could then address that problem.The last thing the orthodontist said to us was we should have a strong foundation to start the straightening process. We are now so confused we do not know which way to proceed. Should the periodontal work be completed prior to the braces or what???????
Avatar f tn I tried fosamax but it made me sick. Have you had a bone density scan of your pelvis and hip? The bone scan of my wrist showed ostepenia and I started fosamax, but the better scan showed normal bones. I take calcium, a multivitamis and eat dairy foods a lot. I work with too many little old ladies with broken hips and forward heads not to be scared, but I can't take the fosamax.
Avatar m tn So I told my doctor that I wanted to increase my intake of calcium and do a wait and see on the Fosamax. She told me that she's not worried about me for now but for what may happen to me in 20 years. The scenario sounded horrible--breaking a hip and dying--if I didn't start treatment now. But she conceded and we agreed that I would be screened again in a couple of years. I am amazed at how the pharmaceutical companies drive diagnosis.
Avatar f tn My Mother was put on this drug and after a few years lost some teeth and had bone loss, but that was several years ago and she was in her 90's in a nursing home and the statue of limitations has run out.
Avatar f tn Look up Fosamax and joint pain, etc. STOP the drug and do not go back on it no matter what the ignorant doctors tell you. The doctors ignor all the patient complaints and only believe the chart the drug company gives them. Fosamax can cause dead jaw, severe bone/joint pain, broken bones, arthritus, teeth problems, retial problems/bleeding including blindness and of coarse acid reflux.
Avatar m tn she strated taking Evista but this medicine had some serious side affects on her; specially she felt some kind of pressure and pain in her jaw and teeth. so after she stopped taking them; the problems disappeared. but now the question is what other drugs can she take without affecting her jaw & teeth?
Avatar n tn Could taking the bone strengthening pill, Fosamax, be the cause of loosening teeth and rupturing of roots ? Had to have two implants done on teeth that were capped about 4-5 years ago. I am a 74 year old female and was taking Fosamax for over a period of 5-6 years. Had to have bone grafting done on gums prior to the implants. Please let me know if taking the Fosamax had any bearing.
Avatar n tn I also do upper body strength training and walk a lot. (and I eat and drink tons of yogurt, take calcium, etc.) In the 8 years I've been treating I have completely reversed the situation, and moved from osteoporosis to osteopaenia to green on the dexxa scan in some sections of my spine and hips.
Avatar n tn When I asked her if the Fosomax could be causing the problem she said absolutely not. She asked if I grind my teeth at night and told me that I may not know that I'm doing it. I really don't think that I am. She said that I could go to a Dentist and have a mouthpiece made to correct it. I remember after leaving, i thought that I should have made her right it down. I'm not sure if she did or not because she didn't seem to think it was a big deal.
Avatar n tn Are you asking me if fosamax causes jaw bone loss or are you asking me if it'll be an option to prevent it? I don't deal specifically with osteoporosis but as far as I know, there is no jaw bone loss associated with fosamax usage. There is some concern about possible delayed healing or risk of infection after removing teeth with patients using fosamax though.
Avatar n tn now i have an infection from 2 bad teeth and need 2 extractions. but i haven't taken fosamax for 1 1/2 months. i have an antibiotic but i need the extractions what would be advised?
Avatar f tn Now I have Thinning of the bone, Osteoporosis, From taking Pednison, Now My bone break. My wrist my Teeth has had to be pulled, my humilyis bone broken and now Avascul Necrosis of the hip, And no one wants to ad mitt that the fosamax has caused this in my body. What can I do? They all say's My Lups is the reason.
Avatar n tn Many thanks for your reply. I am going to go on that web right away. I posted a very long message this afternoon that never got posted...I twitched all day, with numbness in my tongue, feet, and spasms in my fingers! I went out to dinner, had two glasses of wine, and of course feel better, but STILL feel the twitching in my legs. It is non stop. I have been taking valium, and someone has said that it may be the problem! I also am on estrogen and fosamax!
Avatar m tn I had fractured teeth before tx, and several cavities, got more fractures and cavities that needed tending to during tx plus a bridge and some crowns and a teeth cleaning or two. No one advised me not to. I was always on antibiotics after major stuff anyways. If you can wait for the cleaning, do it if your WBC is lower than normal. Mine was not too bad, low normal.
Avatar m tn 5 centimeter supra-orbital bone tumor that has been completely stable on scans since 3 and 1/2 years ago. I have had a continuous intractable headache behind my forehead which has not responded to the usual headache therapy regimen. It is believed to be monostotic fibrous dysplasia of the skull. I have found articles to suggest that high-dose bisphosphonate therapy (40 mg/day for 6 months) offers a significant improvement in patients with fibrous dysplasia of the skull.
Avatar m tn While we are the topic of bones and teeth....TRY THIS OUT just after brushing and flossing your teeth...take a dental cleaning tool and gently go arond each tooth ,between the tooth and gum will be amazed what you will see...if you dont have a dentist tool...use the very small scewdriver,the type you use on fixing watches denist kept saing i have the cleanest teeth she has ever seen between visits...i told her what ive been doing....she saiid i was putiing her out of a job...
119874 tn?1189759429 algernon, I was put on Fosamax shortly before starting tx and was glad for it. I too have read of bone loss for women on tx. A bone density test after treatment would be interesting to see - I think I am due for it anyway. Another thing I am going to ask my internist after tx -- I have read that the tx for hepatitis C can actually help COPD. It is thought that hepatitis C causes inflammation in the lungs just as it inflames the liver.
Avatar n tn If the rate of bone breakdown exceeds bone building, you will end up with less bone over time, and osteoporosis. Fosamax slows the rate of BOTH of these cells, but it slows the osteoclast (bone breakdown) cells to a much greater degree. So while there is less exchange of old for new bone, the rate of new bone being formed exceeds bone breakdown-- allowing for bone density to increase and bones to strengthen. Fosamax has been shown to decrease the risk of fractures by 50%.
Avatar f tn I have taken fosamax and actonel and have had stomach problems and aching bones. My doctor is thinking about the yearly injection of reclast. How safe is it and will I have more problems with my bones aching - I can't sleep at night a lot from the pain. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/868004'>Atrial Fibulation / Multi-Infarct Dimentia</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi all. New to this. I am a 44 year old woman who is physically fit (gym 5 days a week) and eats pretty well. Approx 5 weeks ago I developed veins showing on both hands. They have not gone away and infact they are bulging most times, and I can "feel them". They have increased and I can see some starting to climb up my forearm now. Before this, my veins barely ever showed.
Avatar f tn My wife has been suffering with excess saliva for 3 years and needs help. Her symptoms are: around 10am each day excess salvia begins - just pooring out - which she is required to swallow continuously. Around 2-3pm she begins to become nausious. Gets so bad she has to go to bed and drug herself to sleep around 7 or 8 pm. Upon waking she is fine. Next day starts all over again.
Avatar n tn Here is an abstract on a study that says Fosomax may prove beneficial for bone loss around teeth. However, my google search turned out a lot of info on a problem called jaw death and Fosomax. Evidently bisphosphonates (of which Fosomax is one) have been known to cause jaw death in patients who have had oral surgery while on Fosomax. The bisphosphonates stay in the bone and do not allow it to heal.
Avatar f tn I was dx with osteopenia a month before I started treatment for C and began taking fosamax weekly - the low dose 35 mg per week. Before tx for C my hip T score was -1.7. After treatment my T score was -1.3, so it did improve. The lumbar spine T score imporved during that time too. I continued to take the fosamax thoughout my tx and did not clear the virus, so would surmise the improvement was from the fosamax and not anything else.
Avatar f tn With ice, tapping and examination, my teeth (he checked upper and lower all teeth) are not particularly sensitive, individually. Throughout I have had mild lower jaw and ear radiating pain. He now says he has no idea why I feel this way and sent me to my doctor for blood tests. Although he did say there is a small possibility I have a tooth fracture. He cannot see that on xray, and said when he was in the tooth did not see any evidence of crack.
Avatar n tn dental work - there are blackbox warnings about osteonecrosis of the jaw (bone death) The mother of a woman that I worked with took Fosamax for a few months and her teeth began to loosen - an oral surgeon had to pull teeth from a quadrant of her mouth and add some sort of bone replacement. The oral surgeon who did my root canal 2 years ago told me (reluctantly) agreed that the bone drugs are becoming controversial.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Studies have yielded conflicting results about their use, with some observational studies suggesting that high calcium intake is protective against vascular disease, and others showing that calcium supplements speed vascular calcification and increase mortality in patients with kidney failure and increase cardiovascular events and MI in women.
Avatar n tn Now, after having a root canal done on another front tooth (eye tooth on right side) this being about 3 years ago, it also had to have an implant with bone grafting/membrane as it loosened. I am a 74 year old female and am in basically good health. I have taken FOSAMAX medication for over 4-5 years for treating Osteopenia. Do you think that this medication might have something to do with my teeth loosening?
Avatar n tn You could try weraring a bite guard at night to prevent teeth grinding and the resulting headaches, sore jaw and damaging your teeth. It is not required to spend a fortune on a teeth guard if you can get relief from a plastic hockey or sports device that is comfortable or even a less bulky teeth whitener appliance. (As long as you find one that prevents the teeth from rubbing and clenching while allowing you to breathe when needed.) Here is a link..